Church of Norway, an enemy of Israel

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Reacting to criticism of Israel at confirmation camp
Monday 27 October 2014, kl. 7:39 Updated: Monday 27 October 2014, kl. 7:45
Ove Eikje
ISRAEL CRITICISM A father reacted strongly to the pastor Tor Øystein Vaaland (pictured) brought strong criticism of Israel for a confirmation camp. The priest believes he spoke the oppressed.
– Pastor used a confirmation camp arena to agitate for one side of the conflict in the Middle East. This is done in an official capacity, says Dag Ousdal Asker Dagen.

He has written an article about the case, published on the debate pages of the Day today.

Ousdal is the father of one of the young people who attended the camp, and learned afterwards that the conflict was brought up as a topic of Pastor Tor Øystein Vaaland. The context was the Gaza War, and the message was clear: Israel was the scapegoat.

Serious infringement

– I as a parent sending my child off in the belief that it should be taught in the Christian faith. At the well should be agitated for political views, I sensed nothing of. To send their children on outings under other management, involves showing confidence in those responsible. When this trust is misused, it is a serious infringement, according Ousdal.

When he learned of the parish priest political statements, he contacted Asker church for more clarity in the matter. The priest sent him a response by mail.

– The answer I got confirmed my suspicions. Here was no apology, just a confirmation and legitimization of what was done, says Dag Ousdal.

criticized Israel
Pastor Vaaland believe that he came with strong political views about the conflict in the Middle East at confirmation camp, but criticized Israel’s attack on Gaza.

– In addition, I criticized policy of occupation and blockade of the Gaza Strip. This summer the painful pressure against the Palestinians further grew. I believe that I as a minister did and am doing the right when I speak the oppressed. I live well with the way this was going on during camp, says Tor Øystein Vaaland the day.

He sees nothing wrong in using a confirmation camp to talk about current events in the world.

– It is time to look ahead with young enthusiastic people to an area of the world where people suffer while the conflict is ongoing and the blood flows, such as in summer, and in my view timely, adding Vaaland to.

Israel’s friends
Pastor believes that he argued for specific policy solutions.

– There is currently little hope among Palestinians, and a key reason for this is that the world community just do not challenge Israel sufficient for the occupation policy forced to cease, says Vaaland.

He added that Israel’s friends have a big responsibility when you do not help Israel to deal with its repressive policies.

No “solo initiatives»
PASTOR OF Asker reject in its response to Ousdal that his views are a “solo initiative” from his side.

“The profile was firmly rooted in the Norwegian Church’s official stance on the conflict. Among other things, I can see the Inter-Church Council (MKR) guidance document on the Middle East for 2012-2014, adopted two years ago, where the principal attitudes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the same as I measurable at confirmation camp, “writes Tor Øystein Vaaland.

– Sensational
Day Ousdal is unhappy about these signals coming from the parish priest.

– If he is right in this, anyone who supports Israel’s side in the conflict must consider  whether they can send their children to this type of events, he said.

Ousdal shows that many these days have become aware of the Islamic State (IS) brutality in Iraq and Syria.

– It may be worth noting that Hamas uses the same ideology. That parish priest finds it appropriate to use a Christian confirmation camp to criticize the country which is leading to combat these forces, is, to put it mildly, surprising.

No less serious
He adds that the case is no less serious when it comes to young and impressionable people.

– The way this is presented,  the candidates for confirmation are easily led to believe that there is a connection between Christianity and animosity against Israel.

7 comments for “Church of Norway, an enemy of Israel

  1. motti
    October 31, 2014 at 3:38 am

    To the father concerned about his children. Never mind, Norway and much of Europe will have given up the Judeo Christian values, the bedrock of western civilisation in order to embrace Islam.
    The Church shows it has a greater hate of Israel and the Jews than a love for all mankind. Is this pastor a closet Muslim I wonder? Think I am joking? The previous head of the church of England wanted the UK to embrace Sharia law.
    I foresee Europe as being under the cloak of Islam within a short hundred years fro now. Maximum time, unless this shitty little area west of Asia decided to re-embrace it’s traditional values. all except one of course. To end it’s traditional hate for the Jews. Naa, that ain’t about to happen at any time. Children are fed Jew hate from their mothers breasts.

  2. PeaceKeeper
    October 31, 2014 at 9:58 am

    Don’t forget you are dealing with the Norwegian National Church which is Lutheran protestants. Read what Martin Luther wrote about the Jewish people and see what the doctrine is. Anti-Semitism was not brought to Norway by the Nazis, it was there already for a long time ago. Read up on the discussions in regards to the “Jew” paragraph in the constitution. All the crap that actually the founding fathers of Norway had to say about it. Plain and simple Norway is as anti-Semitist as is possible – and nothing changed after WWII – it just slowed down a little.

  3. Eric R.
    October 31, 2014 at 2:53 pm

    It is about time that Israel do to Norway what it just did to Sweden, and recall its ambassador.

    For a start.

    Breaking diplomatic relations would be more appropriate.

  4. motti
    November 2, 2014 at 6:34 am

    Yes, good old Jew hate never disappeared anywhere in Europe after WW2. The feeling was to wait awhile for things to get back to normal. The Islamic swamping all over Europe brought the “dream” back again. They had the simple solution. Delegitimise Israel is such a way as to demonise the Jews and it worked.

    Too often one reads or hears of anti-Semitism. I always communicate the correction, it is nothing of the sort. It is Jew hate. Nothing more and nothing less.

    And yes EricR we both agree that Israel should have recalled its ambassadors long ago and broken off diplomatic relations. We do not need so called “Friendly ” relations with those countries that harbour comfort to our enemies..
    I squirm at this lack of fortitude by Israel.

    I belong to the liberal synagogue here in the UK which was to send a letter praising parliament for its decision to recognise the state of Palestine., I wrote a stinging rebuke to those heads responsible and to date, I have yet to receive a reply. Bloody leftwingers. They are so worried about being Jewish in Europe and a possible backlash. I remind them, we have today a backlash, simply because they ran shit scared from reality for many years. Strange isn’t it that when one responds back aggressively to naked aggression that the bully boys soon back down. As I always say, the bigger the bully, the bigger the coward.

    Peacekeepr, I shall take you word for it regarding the Constitution. I have read up on the admission to Jews to Norway which met a lot of opposition from society including the farmers.

  5. Eric R.
    November 3, 2014 at 6:40 am

    Motti: My understanding is that in the UK (as is happening here in the USA), liberal/secular Jews are diminishing in numbers and influence while Orthodox/Hasidic Jews are growing in number; in fact, in the UK the growth of the religious sector is such that the total UK Jewish population is growing again (at least until you all have to flee for your lives from the “Asians” trying to massacre you).

    The day of the Reform/Liberal Jew has passed (and I say this as somebody who is not very religious).

    As for standing up to the Jew-haters; unfortunately that will not work in Europe – the French Jews do stand up and it continues to get worse for them. Jew-hatred turns Muslims and Leftists into psychotic Nazi savages, so driven by their hatred for Jews that they lose all sense of reason, even all sense of self-preservation. Remember, the same Europeans that want Israel to get rid of its nukes also want to destroy it. What do these Nazi morons think Israel would do if destroyed? Do they think that Israel would not retaliate against Nazi Europe? Israel doesn’t need a lot of bombs to destroy Europe forever; she can do it with one or two detonated at about 30-40 km above the continent – the resulting EMP attack would send Europe back 500 years technologically, and within a year, 80% of Europeans would be dead. Yet so fanatic, so irrational is the European hatred of Jews that they would rather kill Jews even if it means the extinction of Europe.

  6. motti
    November 9, 2014 at 11:01 am

    Eric, I agree with you. In Europe we are commemorating the start of WW!, 70 years DDay and of course these day’s it covers Korea, Falkland, Afghanistan and Iraq..
    On the subject of France; The Dreyfus affair lasted till 1906, and the war started only 8 years later. All 4 major combatants were riddles with Jew hate; Great Britain, France, Germany and Russia.
    I went to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford today. The weather was beautiful, clear blue skies and not too cold. Saw a Spitfire flying around and to hear the Merlin engine was something. I felt so grateful especially towards those who flew in the Battle of Britain. If you ever saw the film “Battle of Britain, a very good film, it closes with a list and number of all the Allied pilots who flew in the RAF. At the end of the original film, it showed 1 Palestinian. Of course, these days, it has been altered to 1 Israeli. His name was Ezer Weitzman, former head of the IDF air force and later President. He was known to visit the IDF air bases in his black Spitfire.
    During independence, or in 1956, can’t remember which. Israeli piloted ME 109’s shot down 6 British piloted Spitfires

    In one of the workshops was a bomber, I can’t remember which one, which took part in many operations, including helping the Poles during the Warsaw Uprising. Strange that it was not a military object. Yet, the RAF, USAF and the Russkis were unable to bomb the railway lines into Auschwitz. RAF Mosquitos bombed a Gestapo prison in France as members of the French underground were to be executed. Strange that was not a military object neither.. There is no doubt whatsoever, the world could not care a fig for the deaths of Jews. That is why the world continually condemns Israel for disproportionate response to Hamas blitzing Israel with missiles.

  7. motti
    November 11, 2014 at 5:27 am

    Eric, I failed to mention something else regarding France and the WW1. So soon after Dreyfus, within 8 years France at war with Germany and Britain and Russia were involved, too. I visited Verdun war cemetery many years ago and saw many elderly men, German and French, with tears in the eyes.. Believe me, the French authorities removed all known Jewish and black fallen soldiers fighting in the French army to be relocated elsewhere. They simply were not good enough to lie in peace where they had fallen.

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