the Cristallnacht, no longer in commemoration of Jews?

The Church of Norway has long profiled itself as being staunchly against Israel, but now we also start to see their deep dislike of Jews and all matters Jewish. Including on the Cristallnacht commemoration

Also, self labeled anti racists have a difficult time internalising that on the Cristallnacht we commemorate Jews and the destruction of Jews in Europe. Luckily, for this time, the new SOS Racism’s proposal to ban “Zionists” from the event.

lifted from Vårt Land, google translate

The church apologies for scrapping  Muslim critic
Vebjørn Selbekk was invited to talk about persecuted Christians, but the Church of Norrway turned him down.
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The Provost Kari Mangrud Alvsvåg in Sarpsborg accepts criticism following her efforts to shut Dagen editor  Vebjørn Selbekk out of a rally for persecuted Christians. Today, she will be chairing the Christian Leadership Council in a new bid to decide whether Selbekk still can hold his appeal.

This year too, many towns in Norway rally for the persecuted Christians. The Christian daily, Dagen is among those who closely follow the events, and the trouble started when a shared church committee in Sarpsborg invitedthe editor of Dagen, Vebjørn Selbekk to hold an appeal. The event in Sarpsborg will be on Sunday 9 November.


But The Church of Norway was among a small minority in the Christian Leadership Council (see fact box) who do not wish to see the participationthe Dagen editor in the event. In an extraordinary meeting of the common council lasted he was therefore removed from the program.

– The program in total was such that the Church of Norway could not support it, the provost Kari Mangrud Alvsvåg told Vårt Land last week.

-Selbekk had already agreed to speak about the persecuted Christian’s situation. The feedback to him after this was that he could be seen as a bit of a provocationfor Imams and other Muslims in Sarpsborg. The Church of Norway has had cooperation and dialogue with this group and feared that the good relations would be harmed. Mr. Selbekk published Mohammed caricatures in 2006, something which angered many Muslims.


– A few members of the Christian Leadership Council, reacted negatively to Selbekk holding an appeal appeal, therefore have we, as a council chosen to take this into consideration said Siv Joensen leader of the Salvation Army in Sarpsborg last wick.

She sits on the committee that invited the speakers and explained the move was made to preserve unity.

– We had to do it so to not split the council. The Council gathered for an extraordinary meeting to discuss the matter and decided that Selbekk should not be allowed  to participate, she said, adding that she self had wanted to get Selbekk to the event.

Kicked the editor out

Before the invitations for today’s meeting in the Christian Leadership Council were sent out, the Provost Kari Mangrud Alvsvåg explained :

The event this year is the same date as Kristallnacht. The night between the 9th and 10th November 1938 a dramatic escalation of the persecution of Jews took place in Germany. Therefore the situation of Jews will also be highlighted during the event. In the Provost’s opinion, when the situation of Jews and Christians were highlighted, then also persecuted Muslims’s situation also should be highlighted. As a compromise, the Kristallnacht could be commemorated, but then Selbekk had to be dropped from the program.

– Would really inviting Selbekk have hurt the religious dialogue with imams and other Muslims in Sarpsborg?

– This is not the issue. We are, moreover, fully aware that he is a member of the Church of Norway and cooperates with us in other areas. Also, we felt that the program was a bit too loaded, we wanted a simpler program.


– -Selbekk was to talk about persecuted Christian’s situation. How is it outwith your program?

– I am unfamiliar with the details of Selbekk’s invitation. In reality the matter is more about who was invited to start with, the Foreign Minister Brende, but when he couldn’t come, Selbekk was invited, which was something we didn’t want.

– Do you think the Muslims in Sarpsborg would be provoked if Selbekk held an appeal?

– No. I would assume that many would not know who he is. Many of them are also new comers to the new country, the Provost said last week and regretted the outcome of the case.

– It has been a very bad process, and we accept the criticism.

– Do you think that the Church of Norway have been to considerate of the Muslim sensitivities compared to the faith communities who wanted Selbekk to hold an appeal?

– This is a strange question. In this type of joint arrangement, we must agree on who to invite.

Can’t see the link

“Unfortunate political correctness” was Selbekk’s response when he was requested to not participate anyway.

– This year we have had massive prosecution of Christians from Islamic extremists such as in Iraq and Syria. I myself as a Norwegian, have experienced a little of what it feels like to be threatened by such forces. That I cannot hold an appeal at such an event, is veryunusual, he told Vårt Land.

He says that he does not see the link to the Mohammed cartoons:

– The event in Sarpsborg is about something else. That an editor of a Christian newspaper cannot carry a torch and hold an appeal about persecuted Christians, I just cannot understand.

Must mention Muslims

If Selbekk now gets to hold his appeal, he must have a broader approach than only to highlight the persecuted Christian’s situation.

– I’m interested in lifting the right to free worship in general, also for Muslims who are persecuted for their faith. Eg have a big commitment for all groups who are denied the right to free worship, therefore this is not a problem for me, Selbekk told Vårt Land.

As if this is not enough… In Bergen the “new” SOS racism (the old one was closed down due to massive fraud) refused to participate in the Cristallnacht commemoration since a representative from the Mosaic Congregation was invited, yes, they balked at a Jew participating. If possibly even worse, then the Labour party politician who invited Mrs. Sender, then went on to say that “it is no problem that there will be held two different commemorative events, each one complementing the other, and that there is no conflict in participating in both”. Really?

lifted from google translate (a really bad one!)

Demanded commemoration without Zionists
Friday 07 November 2014, kl. 8:00 p.m. Updated: Friday 07 November 2014, kl. 8:02 p.m.
John Ek Reindal
Kristallnacht New SOS Racism will not be involved in joint commemoration of Kristallnacht. They did not get the sting against Israel as they wanted.
New SOS Racism is the remains of the wrecked SOS Racism. They break this year out of the annual commemoration of Kristallnacht in Bergen. They will either be collected in a special train under slogans such as “Zionism is racism” and “Solidarity with Kurdish fighters.” It is not known if they want banners in any way show the Jewish connection for days.

The day has for several days been trying to get the organization in speech, but it has not succeeded.

On their website they argue for why they can not stand behind the specific data event:

“Kristallnacht marks the opposition to racism, harassment and genocide. We celebrate the day because we will never let this happen again. But it happens in front of our eyes. Israel is a racist state. A state built on Zionism. Zionism says Jews have their own state, where they will be in the majority and have more basic rights than others. This has led and leads to displacement of people, war, harassment and genocide. Just as the Nazis did not want the nation would become impure and corrupted by Jews, the Zionists do not want the state to be corrupted by Palestinians “, writes New SOS Racism on their websites.

Problem Child
In Oslo’s Anti-Racist Center along with including the Jewish community for the torchlight procession to mark Kristallnacht. The train going through some more of the stumbling blocks, which are laid down in front of homes where Jews were taken and deported. Earlier in the day it’s seminars at Kulturhuset in Oslo, including Marte Michelet.

Anti-Racist Centre has no group in Bergen, so they are not included in the official event there. But the head of the organization, Rune Berglund Steen, said there was a need for a restoration of the Crystal Night markings.

– The whole scheme had collapsed. At SOS Racism played a central role in organizing the selection, was part of the problem. The combination of Stalinism and economic cheating is not so good, he says.

SOS Racism was in 2013 declared bankrupt after being convicted for extensive membership cheating.

For Anti-Racist Center was obvious that the current focus should be to commemorate pogroms and Nazi genocide.

– We’re talking about one of the most horrific events in human history. The incident began on 9 November. Little is more important than having a day where memories victims, but also reflects that what happened was a hundred percent man-made. It is more important than political disagreements. It is wrong to limit such a day out from other political considerations, he says the next day.

Berglund Steen adds that he also has a commitment to the Palestinian cause.

– But it should not be used to devalue what Kristallnacht is about.

He adds that just Israeli-Palestinian conflict was what made the breach between organizers in Bergen. Now he says there is agreement among the organizers that the conflict should not overshadow.

– But others believe therefore that it should be. Prejudice and hatred are not scarce in the world. Anti-Semitism decreases not, it grows.

In Bergen makes most political parties, Palestine Committee, Norwegian People’s Aid, Queer Youth and LLH behind the slogans of the original torchlight. Anne Sender, former leader of the Jewish community (DMT), to keep the appeal.

Ingvild Jacobsen Roald from Norwegian People’s Solidarity Youth, stands behind the information about the event. She says the day that DMTs participation was something new SOS Racism could not accept.

– They have criticized us for having people from DMT. We have decided to invite them, and we are lucky to have Anne Sender to ask. This is a historic celebration. A whole group of people were persecuted. Anne Sender representing them, says Roald.

She says that New SOS Racism wanted a more targeted style aimed at specific conflicts today. Roald says there is no problem that there are two markings.

– The two complement each other. They do not go at once, so it is possible to attend both.

On his Facebook page explaining the new SOS Racism that they also could not accept that israel friendly organizations were invited to the mark.

– Since we believe that Israel’s actions in Gaza has too many features in common with the actions we saw 9 November 1938, we believe it is important to take away from this policy reads the page.

– We do not arrange this in a protest against Crystal Night marking, but because we want a strong grassroots celebration of this important day that is opposed to all fascism and Nazism, it added.

Among the affiliated organizations are Boycott Israel initiative, Serve the People and their youth Revolutionary Communist Youth, Palestine Society, Communist platform and some Kurdish and Tamil organizations.


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  1. motti
    November 9, 2014 at 11:35 am

    The sickness and putrid hate continues. These people are not for to commemorate anything to do with the Jewish people. Their hatred blinds them to the reality of life.

    I am totally bewildered how Jews will remain or even want to remain in Norway.
    I suppose this is another example of inviting Jew haters to commemorate Holocaust Day.

    Israel needs to totally block Norway out of diplomatic and cultural assemblies. At threw same time ensures that Norway does not profit from the Gas/oil fields offshore.

    What a despicable country. I wish was able to shite all over the country. The smell would be nicer than what smells now in Bergen and elsewhere.

  2. motti
    November 11, 2014 at 5:39 am

    Well this explains it all. Norway is one of only two European countries that (ex)Nazis cannot be charged

    Socialism hates the Jewish people because they are at odds with each other.
    Judaism helped to give the world knowledge, justice and law and formed the cornerstone of so called western civilisation. What has Socialism offered Europe? Bankruptcy, corruption and dismantling of real democracy

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