The NRK and their continued onslaught against Israel

In spite of repeated critical reports, followed by equally sanctimonious promises to improve, the NRK continues its hate campaign against Israel, if possible with more venom.

In July/August, at the height of the last cycle of violence between Hamas and Israel, the NRK USA correspondent Gro Holm wrote that the reason why North Americans are not sufficiently critical of Israel is due to Jewish dominance in the US media. The sources she cited for this claim were neo-nazi web sites, well known for their conspiracy theories.

About 10 days ago, Hilde Henriksen Waage was allowed, on the NRK flagship radio program, The news at 6 PM to claim, without any critical questions, that the latest cycle of violence between Hamas and Israel was caused by the killing of Muhammad Abu-Khdeir. There was no mention of the equally brutal and heinous murders of Gil’ad Sha’ar, Naftali Frankel and Eyal Yifrach, nor for that matter, the fact that Hamas was afraid of being sidelined by Fatah and angry that Hamas employees in Gaza had not received their salaries after the PA-Hamas unity government.

Not satisfied by this, the NRK then overdoes it and invites Jewish anti-Semite Max Blumenthal to give his “verdict” over Israel. According to MIFF, in sharp contrast to a mere 2 months ago, when Benny Morris was given the rough treatment (its really well worth going to these MIFF articles and read the google translate, which is as always imprecise, but good enough to get the gist of it), Max Blumenthal was given free reins to present a number of outright lies, among them that Israel is like the ISIL. has documented how Blumenthal was rejected in Germany as an anti-Semite, but nevertheless invited to NRK with no difficult questions asked. I think this, on the surface of it is on par with how TV2 invited and paid for Holocaust denier David Irving back in 2009. But in fact inviting Blumenthal is far worse since the NRK must have been well aware that Blumenthals recent visit to the German Reichstag was not only scandalous, but violent as well, and resulted in Blumenthal and his fellow thug, David Sheen being banned from the Reichstag for life (do follow the link, you can see how Blumenthal is chasing Mr. Gysi in retribution for him cancelling an event with them!). This is how desperate the NRK is to get a story that confirms their own world view, in this case that young US Jews are dropping their support for Israel like never before. Never mind that the Pew report actually concludes with the opposite, but that apparently is an irritating detail that must be made away with.



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  1. motti
    November 15, 2014 at 6:39 am

    Never mind all this. The NRK will have a field day, as Israel has barred entry into Gaza the Mad Gilbert, Norwegian Jew and Israel hating communist. At last. At the same time, they should bar entry to all those Jew hating Norwegians and cease political co operation with them. Israel does not need Norway for anything at all.

    Israel, keep the trash out of the Holy Land and send them back to their Islamic friends.
    or push them over the border with Syria where I am sure they could do far more beneficial work

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