Norwegian media in shock: Gilbert denied entry to Israel to travel to Gaza

Way back in July, on July 28 (apparently), the IDF decided that Mads Gilbert represents a danger to the safety of us who live here in Israel. Whether this was communicated to him at the time is uncertain, but nevertheless, designed to make a lot of waves just before his launch of a new book about the hardships in Gaza, the good doctor decided this was the right time to let the world know about it. And we have the entire nation up in arms, with deputy minister Bård Glad Pedersen (who could not be bothered to show up at a seminar sponsored by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Embassy in Tel Aviv and the Israel-Norway chamber of commerce 2 weeks ago) calling on the Israeli Ambassador in Norway to reconsider the decision (which of course is the wrong address, the Ambassador in Oslo can decide who he wants to invite for canapés, but security measures relating to Israel is not a matter decided in Oslo. Glad Pedersen should learn how to use the phone book correctly…). Of course, Egypt barred the good Mr. Gilbert too, on the exact same grounds, yet we have not heard one critical word about it, nor has the easily excitable deputy foreign minister called the Egyptian embassy to demand that Cairo will reconsider their decision to keep Gilbert out of Gaza on security grounds. I wonder why?

Nevertheless, we now have a situation where the good doctor is angry like a lemming and is getting all the attention needed to market his new book. It shall be interesting to see if he has dedicated a chapter or two to the harassments, gender inequality, imposed Islamic sharia laws, arbitrary arrests of political opponents, dangerous bomb factories in private homes in the middle of busy neighbourhoods, use of child warriors and a host of many other difficulties the Hamas thugs submit their fellow Gazans to?

I am also curious to know if the good doctor has explained how Gazans can come over to Israel where they receive FREE medical treatment? Even Haniyehs daughter was treated for free in Tel Aviv a few weeks ago, after suffering complications of a routine procedure in Gaza. Talking of free medical treatment in Israel, while Norway cannot be bothered to receive or in any meaningful way help the millions of Syrians who flee for their lives as their nation crumbles, Israel has spent NIS 33 million on free medical treatment on Syrians who have been brought to the Israeli border to get medical help. This sum does not include triage or transport of the sick back and forth. I’m proud to live in a nation where enemies and even a Palestinian terrorist who has just murdered innocent civilians gets free state of the art medical help. I gladly pay my taxes for this!

If Dr. Gilbert is angry about the Israeli decision to deny entry until further notice (and not for life as Norwegian embassy workers in Tel Aviv and Norwegian journalists initially claimed, I am sure he is disappointed that his scandalous letter published in the Lancet during the Hamas war now has been recognised as wrong and grossly unfair to Israel. When the Lancet editor Richard Horton was invited to come to see the Israeli health system and how it works, he said it completely changed his view of Israel and that he would not publish similar letter in the future, stating that “I deeply, deeply regret the completely unnecessary polarization” caused by the letter. The white supremacist views sponsored by some of the letter’s authors was also condemned. 

lifted from Times of Israel

Israel bans co-author of Lancet letter from Gaza

Israel refuses entry to the Strip to Norwegian doctor who accused it of massacre, citing security reasons

 November 14, 2014, 11:27 am 80
Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert at Gaza's Shifa Hospital during 2014's Operation Protective Edge (screen capture: YouTube)

Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital during 2014’s Operation Protective Edge (screen capture: YouTube)

A Norwegian doctor who has been critical of Israel has been banned from entering the Gaza Strip for life, with Israeli officials citing security reasons, Norway’s Verdens Gang newspaper reported Friday.

Dr. Mads Gilbert has been treating patients at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital for 30 years, VG reported, but on his most recent trip in October, Israeli soldiers at the Erez Crossing told him he could not enter.

The Norwegian doctor himself believes the decision is punishment for his comments against Israel during the 50-day summer war in Gaza.

“I have never done anything wrong in Israel. I have never broken any Israeli laws or safety regulations,” he told VG. “This is not about me. It’s about the Palestinian population now being punished for my political views.”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry refused to comment, referring the newspaper to COGAT (The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories), which said it would look into the issue.

Gilbert was one of the authors of a letter published in the prominent medical journal Lancet during the recent Gaza conflict, which accused Israel of massacring Palestinians and overwhelmingly targeting women and children. The British journal’s editor Prof. Richard Horton later said — following a trip to Israel — that he regretted the letter and that it “did not convey the level of complexity that is the reality in Israel.”

In a 2001 interview with the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, Gilbert stated that 9/11 occurred because of Western foreign policy and that he supported terror attacks within the framework of that “context,” claiming that “the suppressed have a moral right to attack the United States.”

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  1. motti
    November 16, 2014 at 6:38 am

    Excellent news. Who cares what Norwegians think? They chose to be an Israeli and Jew hating society of their own choice.
    Israel does not require or ask for this piece of drit to continue his malicious, untruthful and outright lies about Israel to continue by passing through therir passage.

    It’s quite amazing that when it comes to Gaza, only Israel is singled out and Egypt is never mentioned. Not for nothing does Egypt now play the same game. The previous administration there so beloved by Obama and Europe was the Muslim Brotherhood..
    When terror strikes Israel, it is acceptable. when terror strikes Europe and in particular, never will it be acceptable while some of the morons blamed Israel for Beivik.

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