Norwegian media agog over St. Gilbert ban

Oh, haven’t we got furious little writers sitting in their cushioned offices hammering on their key boards with well polished nails.

Israel’s decision that for the time being, the security situation in Israel and Gaza is such that we don’t need more troubles or adding more situations that can spin out of control. Therefore, just as also Egypt has decided, borders are closed.

But Norwegian media and other pundits have of course a better understanding of the fraught times we live in here in Israel (it was only two days ago a Druze police officer coming to get my statement for a horrific car accident that took place nearby where I live, gave us the unfiltered version of how Druze – muslim Israeli tensions are being deliberately stoked by, well, by careless muslim leaders who take great delight in sticking it to the Druze), and of course in Oslo and in Tromsø they don’t have to (yet, it seems appropriate to add) to look out for knife wielding, blood thirsty maniacs who shame their Allah into shocked silence. However, according to news reports from Norway, we now have our own homebred monsters, only they have come to murder and maim in Syria and Iraq. Which reminds me of the absolutely  infuriating claim from the Norwegian Red Cross, who liken Norwegians with dual Israeli nationality who are conscripted soldiers in the IDF with IS terrorists (do google translate this article to read how the Norwegian PalCom says that there is no difference between Israel and the IS since neither have recognised borders

This is the crazy climate that has been created by journalists and pundits who have one stated agenda: Stick it to Israel.

One particularly fanciful editorial is from Nordlys, a shitty little rag manned by writers who barely make it to the 11 o’clock beer if we are to judge by their quality of writing, not to mention applied rationality and fact checking:

lifted from (bad google translate)

Mads Gilbert threatens Israel. He saves children from death.
Now Israel will erase all tracks, writes society editor Lasse Jangås.
Let’s not make this complicated. When Israel had banned the doctor from Gaza Gilbert lifetime, exclude the vital assistance to the innocent victims they have inflicted untold suffering. Israel closes the outdoors and blocks the Palestinians inside with death.

– But the bombs dropped by Israel’s military. To claim otherwise is semantics.
But just as important – and dangerous: Israel go now for curtains horror cabinet in Gaza.

It is of course Gilberts strong testimony that plagues the Israeli authorities. The truth.

This is about the Israeli government no longer content to bomb into pieces small children and innocent adults in civilian homes, schools and children’s hospitals.

Now they will also erase all traces.

They refuse him therefore not to enter Israel, but Israel refuses to get into Palestine, which is recognized as an independent state by 135 countries, or 80 percent of the world’s population.

There must be an acknowledgment of guilt in this, because Israeli authorities have been able to account for their actions, they would never denied the world to see the consequences of them. There is no doctor Mads Gilbert the fear, the fear that the truth will one day.

I’ve seen pictures from there so horrendous that they are impossible to forget. Remains of adults, half of the children. And casualties facial expressions; extreme fear frozen in the moment of death.

It is this reality Mads Gilbert has traveled to for decades and which he repeatedly risking his life to get to – and show off. He will arm himself with nothing but a stethoscope, camera and a notebook. Plus a huge amount of solidarity, dignity and courage.

Mads Gilbert was not content to believe in human dignity and justice – he is also. He stands shoulder to shoulder with their colleagues at the hospitals in Gaza, and literally wading in blood. Where are they and operate those who might be saved, to shake Israeli bombing raids that take even more lives.

No water and electricity, it lacks medical equipment, the lack of beds and space, but they do what they can.

There is no doctor Mads Gilbert the fear, the fear that the truth will one day.
“Gaza is a source of shame for the international community,” said UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon when he visited Gaza on October 14 this year.

Time and again tells Gilbert world about the injustice that is condemned, but not acted upon.

We must therefore put more pressure on our own government, as opposed to Sweden will not accept Palestine as an independent state. They must speak clearly to the Israeli authorities. Chance has never been better for impact. More and more critical of the Israeli government’s behavior, even within the country.

The Israeli people are not synonymous with the Israeli government’s actions. Remember that. There exist a number of organizations in Israel working for peace and Palestinian human rights. In July, thousands of Israelis demonstrated in Tel Aviv against the Gaza War.

The relationship between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama has also cooled, and now facing American youth also against the Israeli government. Only 25 percent of youth in the United States supported Israel’s actions during the Gaza War. The number is dramatically lower than for the general population, where 42 percent were positive, according to the Jerusalem Post now.

It is essential that the American and Israeli people react to the 1.7 million Palestinians, where 43 percent are children under 15 years, has been trapped by Israeli authorities in the world’s biggest prison since 2007. Blocked and besieged and in need.

2133 Palestinians were killed in the period 7 July to 28 August this year. 1489 is assumed civilians, including 187 girl children, 313 male children and 257 women. The figures are horrendous, and the world must know about them. But what is now the next, Gilbert case? The journalists denied entry to report?

Mads Gilbert also contributed anything important on their trips to Gaza. He also comes with a message of friendship town Tromsø, Northern Norway and Norway supplied and supported the civilian population in Gaza. I’ve even heard the leader of prosthetic workshop in Gaza, Hazem Shawwa, tell what solidarity means. The same is said medics in Gaza when Gilbert comes down.

“It inspires us and strengthens us in our work. We are not alone when you come, “they say in the extremely strong book” Night in Gaza, “as Gilbert presented in Oslo today.

But now they are thus left alone. No one should hear from them and no one will see what people are exposed. Now they lose their voice. Now they are left to themselves.

Also Aftenposten editor Stanghelle seems to have been sniffing his ink-pot a little too much:

lifted from (bad google translate)

Israel Gilbert bluff
Strategy Deny. Mads Gilbert pose no security risk. There is an Israeli bluff, but part of a long-term strategy.

Harald Stanghelle

With all wrested due respect: It is simply nonsense when Israel now refuses Mads Gilbert access to Gaza because he is a danger to Israel’s security.

It is not Mads Gilbert. He is a doctor and has of course held off everything with the Palestinian armed struggle or conspiratorial mission to do. It is in his own interest and the Palestinians.

We know this simply because Israel with great fanfare would published such activity from Gilbert’s side. It would have discredited him completely. Something that would look excellent Israel.

When Israel still using security as an argument against Gilbert’s presence, that with an extended concept of security to do.

For Israel feels increasingly pressured by the international community. Netanyahu government has no plans to enter into any peace agreement with the Palestinians. Rather, the way is now shorter and shorter from a two-state solution to a enstatsproblem. Once this is now going up for more and more, even so increases the risk that more and more countries boycotting Israel and recognize Palestine.

As recently as Saturday Dagsavisen takes Kåre Willoch strong and clear voice to advocate for the latter.

growing fear
Many wise Israeli voices warn their government about how wrong it is now about to go, but speaks tragically deaf ears. Within Israel, there is growing fear of a future proofing precisely because the country is not willing to give up the occupied land.

It is in this long-term perspective Mads Gilbert is important. Together with Erik Fosse, he has both at home and abroad has been an immensely important israel critical voice. The Israelis claim he demonizes the country by displaying the unimaginable suffering of Gaza wars cause.

Mads Gilbert knows better than most how today’s media society can be used in a political struggle. He is listened to because he is present. Therefore, it is his presence that now defined as dangerous for Israel.

A magical words
“What danger is, we can not say there is security information,” commented George Deek at the Israeli embassy to Our Country.

Therefore, probably not the State Department get specific answers to their questions about the reason for Gaza refused based. The magic word “safety” trumps everything. Especially when there is every reason to believe that there is clearly a very specific definition of the word behind.

Foreign Minister Børge Brende should call in Israel brand new ambassador on the carpet to clarify that it is completely unacceptable to deny a Norwegian doctor and Palestinian activist entry on such a basis.

Gilberts silence
Mads Gilbert is a brave and excellent emergency physician and a sparkling activist. The latter also means that his task is not to see that the conflict has two sides. Mads Gilbert grower eyed privilege.

Therefore, his moral outrage directed at an Israel he calls for a “terrorist state”, while hardly a word about fighting against Hamas Board brutal persecution of the many Palestinians who have a different opinion than the fundamentalists.

In the face of the Reign of Terror Hamas has introduced the Gaza Strip, is Mads Gilbert silent. It is indeed the only silent about him. Such, however, is his democratic right. And it does not make him a danger to Israel’s security in the generally accepted sense of the word.

So, it is Gilberts democratic right to be silent about Hamas’s terror reign in Gaza, but not for Israel to make independent decisions about domestic matters? Not so good at thinking on your feet, Stanghelle?