Oped in Dagbladet: We ought to be equally worried about those who volunteer for the IDF

An oft stated expression: Give them enough rope and they will eventually hang themselves, rings true here.

Nevertheless, this is the fundamental belief of the Norwegian Red Cross, the PalCom and other fringe outfits.

lifted from dagbladet.no (bad google translate)

What about those who volunteer for Israel?
We are concerned about Syria-farers. We should also be concerned for those who go to Israel.
Published on 18 November 2014, kl. 10:00 of
Anne Wenche Haland

Friday 14th November, Stavanger Aftenblad a great article about 60 volunteer men and women from Norway, who for years have traveled to Israel to report for duty for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) via the organization Sar-El.

Sar-El is a foundation that works closely with the Israeli army and recruit volunteers from many countries. They recruit young people down the age of 15. Many of the Norwegian volunteers belonging chapels and churches in Rogaland and Vest Agder.

The reason for the desire to support the Israeli army, the Christian faith, said one of the volunteers. I believe that religion and war can not be reconciled. Respect for all people is central to all religions.

As you know, Israel has occupied over 80 percent of Palestinian territory in the West Bank. They have gone far beyond the limits set by the UN in 1947. Israel is an occupying power. Something we often hear from Israeli sympathizers is that Israel is surrounded by enemies. Who is the enemy here? The Palestinians are totally inferior to Israel in terms of military equipment?

How Norwegians who have a Christian faith, support an occupying power by contributing actively in the army? An occupier who want full control over areas that they do not have rights to. The Israeli army kills both adults and children in the West Bank, they control the importation of, among other foods, which means that the Palestinians are living on starvation. Many children suffer. Little is being done to stop Israel.

Under Norwegian law, it is allowed to do service for Sar-El and Isil.

We are concerned that Norwegians travel to including Syria and supports Isil. It is fully understandable. But we should not be concerned that Norwegians support Israel in war against the Palestinians?

Both Israel and Isil wars in the name of religion. In both conflicts it is important to gain control over other countries.

Dear Anne Wenche…

I think there is a small but significant difference between peeling potatoes or doing the laundry as foreign volunteers get to do for the IDF, compared to blowing themselves up for the ISIL murdering and maiming innocent civilians in Syria and Iraq, like quite a few Norwegian ISIL fighters have honoured their Norwegian nationality.


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  1. motti
    November 22, 2014 at 6:07 am

    Her ignorance is paramount.
    Muslims join IS to murder and slaughter anyone and everyone who does not dance to their fanatical tune or ideology of fanatical Islam.
    Jews and Christians who volunteer with Sar El do not carry weapons, nor are they indoctrinated to murder anyone.
    How this pathetic creature and so many of her ilk can be considered experts or fit to contribute expressions to the Israel vs Arab debate is ridiculous. am led to believe that there is a dearth of these propagandists and non existence of people who really have an understanding.

    “Support Israel in war against the Palestinians.” Sadly, Israel does not consider herself at war with the West Bank Arabs. It is the West Bank Arab (excluding Druze and some Bedouin) who consider themselves at war against the Jews. Note, I use the term Jews and not Israelis

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