Picture of a hero. Zidan Saif. A Druze.

One man. He took the bullet. Paid with his life. We are grief stricken and overcome with gratitude for this immense sacrifice. We won’t forget.

Zidan Saif


picture lifted from timesofisrael.com




1 comment for “Picture of a hero. Zidan Saif. A Druze.

  1. motti
    November 21, 2014 at 6:11 am

    Yes may he rest in peace.
    The Druze and some sections of Bedouin are sincere and loyal to the state of Israel. Unlike the majority of Judean and Shomron Arab Christians and Muslims.
    Those who are protesting within Israel should depart to the so called Palestinian Territories or Jordan which of course already contains illegally 78% of the British mandate p[rior to the UK government giving it away to a charlatan Hashemite Arabian prince.

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