The Norwegian “new” SOS Racism attacked by anti-racist organisations in Europe for banning Jews from Kristallnacht commemoration

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My translation of an article in, about how the “new” SOS racism wanted to ban Anne Sender from addressing the Kristallnacht commemorative event in Bergen, caused a ripple effect and eventually was picked up by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, who condemned Norway in the strongest possible terms. Now, the leaders of European anti-Racist organisations condemn it for spreading Jew hatred and labels the Jewish community as ‘Nazi’.


The image that creates rage in Europe – New SOS Racism spreads anti-Semitism and Nazi stamps the Jewish community
French SOS Racism and the European anti-racists requires that the Norwegian branch was put down, and stop the use of the yellow hand.
Eiliv Frichs Flydal
Wednesday 19 November 2014, kl.07: 41
Statement of SOS Racisme France:

It is with amazement that SOS Racisme France learns that the Norwegian organization known as  “New SOS Racism” has decided to boycott the ceremony commemorating Kristallnacht in Bergen due to the presence of representatives of the Jewish community in Norway.     

The organization – which claims to work in the field of antiracism – has clearly betrayed its cause. Betrayal which stems from revelling in an act of thinly disguised anti-Semitism, expressed through the accusation that Jewish people, wherever they are and whatever their political opinions may be, are responsible for the Middle East conflict; an ethnic interpretation which we refuse to accept.   

Furthermore, the procedure used by the organization is marked by malice, having taken advantage of a ceremony aimed at reflecting on the deadly consequences of the logic of hatred which lead to the destruction of 2/3 of Jews in Europe.    

Above all, this unhealthy and symbolically violent action, is, as with all modern anti-Semitic rhetoric, wanting to systematically “Nazify” the Jewish community.   

Our astonishment is even greater as “New SOS Racism” takes its name in reference to our organization, SOS Racisme, established in 1984 in France. Yet SOS Racisme France, as with all the SOS Racism associations created across Europe following 1984 (Spain, Italy, Austria…), has always displayed the greatest level of clarity on questions concerning Anti-Semitism. Because at SOS racism, we believe that you cannot maintain to be an antiracist if you are not clear about your fight against anti-semitism    

The Norwegian organisation has usurped and soiled the identity of the SOS Racism community by contributing to the wave of hatred and which ought to be at the heart of their fight.    

After already having polluted the name SOS Racism due to fraud, which lead to its original dissolution, the organization has once again tarnished the name in implicating itself with anti-Semitism.      

If the leaders of the Norwegian organisation had the smallest shred of decency, they would hasten to change their name. A name that reminds us that the historic French branch, which is very much active today, was created thanks to the support of the Union of Jewish Students in France and with whom we have maintained strong links over the years.

New SOS Racism is trying to position itself as a new, nationwide organization in Norway, with local branches and cafes for young people in several large cities.

Now the organization harsh criticism from European anti-racists, for an event to commemorate Kristallnacht and violence against Jews on 9 November.

The French SOS Racisme and the European anti-racist umbrella Egames, asking the Norwegian organization New SOS Racism rename, stop using the yellow hand as a symbol – and ultimately put down.

– It is with amazement that France SOS Racisme hear that New SOS Racism has decided to boycott the ceremony to commemorate Kristallnacht in Bergen, due to the presence of members of the Jewish community in Norway, says the head Dominique Sopo said in a statement.

According to the organizers asked New SOS Racism in place up and shouted slogans against the event in Bergen.

– Zionism is racism
The background is a dispute between New SOS Racism and other organizations about how the markup to commemorate the persecution of the Jews to be liquidated in Norwegian cities.

According to the organizers pulled New SOS Racism in Bergen from the event when it became clear that Anne Sender, Residential word winner and former leader of the Jewish community (DMT), would hold appeal.

DMT serves as the denomination for many Jews in Eastern Norway.

No Dagbladet has contacted the New SOS Racism has refused comment on the matter. In a post on the organization’s website, they establish that it is problematic that the Jews are Zionists will hold talks on Kristallnacht.

“To accept Zionism in the commemoration is to accept racism,” says the statement, which also draws parallels between Nazism and Zionism.

Modern Zionism emerged in the late 1800s. The core is the idea that Jews are a nation with the right to own land.

Anne Sender’s self-proclaimed Zionist, while she has gone public and criticized the Israeli settlement policy and the treatment of Palestinians in the West Bank. Afterwards she got a security alarm by the police because of threats. Sender has requested a larger room for Israel debate in the Jewish community.

– Cover for anti-Semitism
Now awaken new SOS Racism conduct rage among anti-racist organizations in other European countries.

– New SOS Racism has betrayed the anti-racist struggle and urgently need to rename or discontinue their activity. Their arguments are used as a cover for spreading hatred of Jews, says Benjamin Abtan, president of the European grassroots network against racism (Egames) to Dagbladet.

Egames has 35 member organizations in 30 European countries. Egames jobs locally and regionally against racism and hatred of Muslims, Jews and Roma people in Europe. SOS Racism movement in Italy, Denmark and France are members. The same British Hope not hate.

Compared to Nazis
New SOS Racism also draws parallels between Nazis and Jews are Zionists.

“Just as the Nazis did not want the nation would become impure and corrupted by Jews, the Zionists do not want the state to be corrupted by Palestinians.”

– As with all modern anti-Semitic rhetoric, one tries to stamp systematically the Jewish community as “Nazis,” said Sopo in French SOS Racisme.

– Calling Jews racists because they are Zionists, are part of a well-known mechanism to discredit Jews and eventually legitimerere assaults against Jews. By declaring them racists, so one can lower their value as human beings and easier excuse that they were and are displaced and killed. In the story we see how this has helped individuals, groups or states that have committed atrocities against Jews exempted from liability, says Abtan.

Dagbladet has tried to reach tens spokespersons, offices, representatives and campaigners in New SOS Racism via telephone, e-mail and social media for a comment. Criticism directed against them in this matter are sent via email and received.

Jan Erik Skretteberg (33), Chairman and contact person for New SOS Racism has not answered Dagbladet inquiries.

The same applies Asmund Klokk Eide Hatlestad (25), Chairman of Hordaland and a director of Bergen New SOS Racism,.

The organization has in place for updated its website with an English article. Two people have answered the inquiries, but without answering criticism.

– No one has anything to comment, says Jon Kristian Saks Trøen Grønli (28), which holds a number of positions in several local chapters and is a key player in the organization.

– I have no comment to Dagbladet, says Hanne Höglind (25), which is listed as a deputy in New SOS Racism.

– It crashed
New SOS Racism was the original part of the organizing committee for Kristallnacht in Bergen until the transmitter was proposed in favor of the selection.

– When it crashed for New SOS Racism said Reber Roald Iversen, chairman of the Norwegian People’s Aid Solidarity Youth Bergen.

Iversen was responsible for coordinating the Crystal Night ceremony in the city along with 14 organizations. Sender is also a member of the Supervisory Board of “Help the Jews Home,” but it was clear that she would represent DMT during the event.

– New SOS Racism argued that “Help the Jews home” is a Zionist and thus racist organization. The rest of us, who constituted a democratic majority of the organizers, said that the TX was the best representative of the Jewish community we could get. Recent SOS Racism withdrew thus out of the collaboration to arrange Kristallnacht commemoration in Bergen, says Iversen.

The other three speakers at the event were Daniel Mekki from LLH Bergen and Hordaland, dean Jan Otto Myrseth and SV politician Oddny Miljeteig. The 14 organizations that participated ranged from Palestine Committee and Red, the Young Liberals and KrFU.

– It is tragic that the new SOS Racism wonder young people who are genuinely concerned about anti-racism. There are older people with totalitarian attitudes behind the organization. They should know better, says Anne Sender to Dagbladet.

New SOS Racism is the successor for the scandalized and member collusion sentenced SOS Racism, which for years poured governmental support for over 15 million using fake membership. Seven people have been charged by police in the case. Both organizations aimed at youth, and has close ties to the Communist group Serve the People.

– Yelled slogans against Zionism
New SOS Racism organized their own demonstration, but still came back event where Sends held appeal.

– New SOS Racism took up some yards away with slogans and cried a little just before our event was to start. There were about fifteen people. It was a little hard to hear the slogan, but including “Zionism is racism” was shouted repeatedly. So they went when we started, says Iversen.

The wide selection drew around 120 people.

– I think it was a great night. Crystal Night marking is incredibly demanding, because it is so powerful political divides. But I think we got it good this year, says Iversen.

Iversen understand that conflicts around Crystal Night commemoration evokes reactions.

– I understand well their reactions, but probably had not expected that this got attention beyond the borders.

– Who were the victims?
– New SOS Racism writes that the distinction between Jews and Jews are Zionists are relevant when choosing partners for such a celebration?

– They are wrong. Their rhetoric is already used by the extreme right and the Jew haters in Europe long. Jews are both for and against Zionism, like all other people and groups have different political opinions internally. But this is an attempt to force Jews out of the Crystal Night-mark, says Abtan.

– Cover for anti-Semitism
– They promote rhetoric that previously ended in genocide. Arguments that Jews are racists and not just my worth, is an excuse for anti-Semitism. Most of us see this, but unfortunately not all. I hope Norwegians see through it, says Abtan.

– And who were the victims of Kristallnacht? The victims were Jews in Norway and Europe, not this bunch of new or old SOS Racism in Norway. What they are trying to do with Kristallnacht is anti-Semitic. New SOS Racism is not for anti-racism and democratic struggle, says Abtan.

Scientist disagree
Postdoctoral Vibeke Kieding Banik at the University of Oslo is not surprised by the criticism.

– As a researcher, I disagree that Zionism is racism. The statement is the story resolved and characterized by strong simplification. Although Israel is clearly to be a Jewish state, it is not a requirement to be a citizen. Both Christians and Muslims in Israel, says Banik Dagbladet.

– It is also obvious that the individuals of Jewish background and non-Jews are treated differently in today’s Israel, says Banik.

Banik has written a pamphlet for the Centre for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities titled “Zionism. Ideology, organization and practice. ”

– Israel and Zionism are topics that are strong political disagreement about. I see Israel as a Jewish state has a character that not many other states. Israel is a product of exceptional circumstances, and has worked as a free state for persecuted Jews after World War II, says Banik.

She has followed the debate about Sender’s participation at the event in Bergen.

– Both as an individual and professional, I believe that to exclude a Jewish speeches from a Crystal Night Celebration, because she has shown support for Israel, is directly unpalatable, says Banik.

– Disaster for anti racism
The collaboration between Norwegian Jews and the environment around old and new SOS Racism has carved out several times before. In 2011 moved the then leader of the Jewish community out and explained that they cut all cooperation.

Subsequently, the Anti-Racist Center in Oslo teamed up with the Jewish community to mark the day.

– SOS Racism has been a disaster for Norwegian anti-racism. Stalinism and financial fraud are a bad mix. New SOS Racism risks becoming a new disaster. We therefore warn that helps them build up again. This environment has destroyed enough already and there is no reason to give them more chances, says Rune Berglund Steen in Anti-Racist Center to Dagbladet.

The center is a member of Egames.

– When “New SOS Racism” is already in the charter denies all charges against old SOS Racism, demonstrates that the new does not mark any break with the old, says Steen.

The website of the New SOS Racism is one of the main links to the old SOS Racism sites.

Several of the old profiles from SOS Racism is active in New SOS Racism. Among them is the former CEO of SOS Racism, Kjell Gunnar Larsen (58). Larsen said police accused of embezzlement, money laundering, boforringelse and bounndragelse.

Larsen has many times denied all the points in the indictment, and that the organization has been engaged member cheating.

Six other persons who were key officers and employees of SOS Racism is also charged with aggravated fraud. SOS Racism is convicted of membership fraud and wrongful acquisition of several million from state funding. In conjunction with several claims for refund, the SOS Racism bankrupt last year.

– We believe that the accused has drained the system via remittances in millions, said police lawyer Halvard Gardshol Bjorndal Dagbladet, when Larsen was arrested earlier this year.