The NRK, the continued onslaught against Israel

Anything that possibly can be invented about Israel PM Netanyahu or Israel policies in general appears to be kosher by the NRK.

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Sidsel Wolds “but”

Once again revealed Sidsel Wold its partiality on the evening news Tuesday night. She completely ignores how Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah movement incited hatred and violence through official and social media.
Conrad Myrland
11/19/2014 11:11

NRK presenter Jon Gelius placed reporter Sidsel Wold on the usual NRK-track during the evening news on 18 November. Four Israelis were killed in a brutal terrorist attack on a synagogue – the fifth victim died Tuesday night – and Gelius ask ift terror attack will lead to the escalation. Anyone who looks at the matter without NRK glasses on, will understand that the terrorist attack itself was a sharp escalation.

Wolds explanation on terror
But Sidsel Wold makes no attempt to answer the question to his colleague. She begins instead to create his own explanation of why the Palestinians carry out terror.
The backdrop is that the Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem due, beginning Wold.
She knows that the terror group that terrorists come from, PFLP, is opposed to any two-state solution. In negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians both in 2000/2001 and in 2008, it has been quite clear that the Arab neighborhoods of East Jerusalem would become part of a Palestinian state. The Palestinians have finally rejected the offers. But it will not Wold tell their viewers. Then they might understand better the Jerusalem municipality does so relatively large investments there. She says neither the PFLP decades have aimed to create a Marxist state through armed revolution.
The Palestinians can not build houses in East Jerusalem, continued Wold. A large-scale illegal Palestinian construction in the area, in addition to the legal. In 2010, said Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat that there were about 20,000 illegal buildings put up in the municipality. Almost all of these are in East Jerusalem. No later than 24 September did Jerusalem municipality known building plans for over a thousand new Arab homes in Givat Hamato southeast of Jerusalem. It’s not just residents who are building in East Jerusalem, such Wold claims. From 1995 to 2011, the number of Muslim Arabs in the city of 100,000, an increase of 54 percent.
The last argument for Palestinian terror, which Wold lists, the absence of hope for peace negotiations and that “Jews are pressing to be” on Temple Square. She does not mention that Hamas, which celebrated the terrorist attacks on the Gaza Strip, is in the Palestinian government.
The Temple Mount is equal to ca. 14 football fields in the maximum size, approximately 150,000 square feet. Jews are refusing to pray even in the smallest corner of the square, but that some Jews are so brazen that they still express a desire to ask, is said to be argument for Palestinians to kill Jews pray somewhere else.

Sidsel Wold’s “but”
How should we interpret that Mahmoud Abbas condemns today’s terrorist attack, wondering Gelius.
Abbas has renounced the sharpest way, but Netanyahu blames Abbas “that he has driven a mood that led to this heinous attack, responding Wold. “But it is the Israelis who have full control over East Jerusalem, and Jerusalem, and not Abbas – he has no control over this town.”
During the war this summer was Sidsel Wold’s “but” praised by media commentator Svein Egil Omdal in Stavanger Aftenblad. “In this little word gather all journalism,” wrote Omdal.
It used Wold two “but”, but the result is more propaganda than journalism. Examples of how Mahmoud Abbas and representatives of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah have encouraged violence in recent weeks is plenty. Here are just a few examples from the last few months.(go to miff page to check the links)
Fatah leader: – Who stocks you from slaughtering settlers?
Fatah leader: – In the moment of truth, we all fight together
Fatah terrorist shelves and mobilizes the “day of wrath”
Fatah terrorist shelves as “martyr” and “peace of Jerusalem”
Palestinian official newspaper makes stone throwing to religious act
Fatah condemns one heavy, and lauds the terrorists with another
Palestinians upper sharia judge encouraged religious struggle on behalf of Abbas
But Wold denies this, and uses that argument that Abbas has no control of East Jerusalem. Abbas has no police force in the city, but the Palestinian media Fatah movement and Abbas great influence. The major Palestinian political movements have also much activity in the area, and apparently many dormant terror cells.
When will NRK start making critical journalism on Fatah?

Full transcript of the element with Sidsel Wold on 18 November 2014.
Presenter Jon Gelius: Yes, reporter, Sidsel Wold in Jerusalem, what will today’s terrorist attack lead to the escalation between Israelis and Palestinians?
Report Sidsel Wold: Yes, we heard it has simmered under the surface here in many months. The backdrop is that the Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem due. The Israeli municipality does not invest there. The Palestinians can not build houses in East Jerusalem, it is only settlers who gets it. And in addition, it is therefore no hope of any peace negotiations forward, and it is thus a pressure on the Haram al-Sharif, the Temple Mount, where Palestinians have limited access, but Jews pushing for asking. This is the backdrop for today’s horrific terrorist attacks.
Jon Gelius: Yes, as we saw in the weft, so therefore condemns the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas today’s terrorist act. How should we interpret it?
Sidsel Wold: He has renounced this in the clearest way, but Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel also strong politician, Naftali Bennett, blames Abbas for having driven a mood that led to this heinous attack. But it is the Israelis who have full control over East Jerusalem, and Jerusalem, and not Abbas – he has no control over this town.
Jon Gelius: Yes, Jerusalem is a popular tourist destination, and here also live Israelis and Palestinians without walls and barbed wire between them. What kind of security situation will now be able to be in Jerusalem?
Sidsel Wold: The city is very excited, and just down the street here now so I heard just shot. I saw several police officers in groups of several street corners here where I stand in East Jerusalem. It’s very tense. And I was right here a week ago a little, and then there were the more of these car-attacks carried out by Palestinians against Jews, and we were’re all afraid to go over the zebra crossing. And at every workplace in Jerusalem – in West Jerusalem – so work the Palestinians and Jews together. So everyone is very scared, and I know many who do not dare to let their children go there now.
Jon Gelius: When we say thank you, Sidsel Wold, from Jerusalem.

As if this was not enough, the NRK news also subtly changed the meaning of Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement that Israel will apply the full weight of the Law to punish the perpetrators, to insinuate that we Jews now are going to take revenge:

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Does the NRK resort to spin to suggest Jewish leader’s vengeance?

Israeli Prime Minister “promises revenge with full strength”, reported NRK 1 news broadcast at. 12.00. But Benjamin Netanyahu has not talked about revenge.
Conrad Myrland
11.18.2014 2:11 p.m.

This is the statement that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu published after the terrorist attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem on Tuesday 11 November.
“This [the attack] is a direct result of the incitement which is led by Hamas and Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas], sedition that the international community is irresponsible to ignore. We will reply with a heavy hand [reply powerful] in the brutal murders of Jews who came to pray and was met by reprehensible murderers, “said Netanyahu.
Not a word about revenge.
Nevertheless, when NRK three hours later, made the news coverage of the terrorist attack in 12.00 consignment, it was Netanyahu’s warning of revenge that was mainly.
Israeli Prime Minister “promises revenge with full strength”, initiated presenter Jarle Roheim Håkonsen. Later he repeats, but moderating: When laws Netanyahu just “powerful revenge”.
Reporter Kristian Aanensen reiterated the same. Shortly Having summarized some of what happened during the attack, he continued.
“The attack can now be consequences. For now warns Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revenge and laws over for the Israeli media that the attack should be reciprocated. ”
Three times mentions NRK people revenge. Netanyahu has not talked about revenge or retribution, but an answer in response.
Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon explains more what that response will be to: “We will hunt them conducting attacks and those who send them. The hunt will take place everywhere and in every way, within Israel’s borders and outside them, “said Ya’alon.
The answer will give Israel a hunt for terrorists to prevent new attacks, not revenge. The answer is an anti-terror efforts like other countries operate.
“The attack can now be consequences,” said NRK journalist. As if it had not already been tragic consequences – the murder of four Jews and many more injured.

Dagsavisen is also bending over backwards to suggest that it is Netanyahu who is responsible for the murders, with this sordid front page (go to miff link to see screen shot, huge picture of PM Netanyahu) and caption: Will he ignite the fire?

Such were the reactions and responses to this hideous slaughtering of Jewish men armed only with their prayer shawls, their tefillin and the silence of the morning prayers.

To complete the picture of utter stupidity, the Norwegian FM, in his statement to condemn these murders states that there have been worrying attacks also on Mosques in Israel? Oh yes? Stupid spray painting of Muslim prayer houses now equals hacking to death Jewish men at prayer?

lifted from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

‘I condemn today’s terrorist attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem in the strongest possible terms,’ said Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.

On Tuesday 18 November, two terrorists attacked a synagogue in Har Nof in West Jerusalem during morning prayers. According to reports, at least four Israelis were killed and several others injured. The suspects were shot and killed at the scene. Last week two other Israelis – one civilian and one soldier – were stabbed to death in attacks in the West Bank and Tel Aviv.

‘I would like to express my deepest sympathy with the families of the victims and with those who are injured,’ said Foreign Minister Brende. ‘It is tragic when people who are praying peacefully are attacked and killed.’

This attack further intensifies the already highly volatile situation in Jerusalem, where there have been a number of serious incidents recently, including attacks on both mosques and synagogues.

‘I urge all parties to do their utmost to ease tensions and prevent the use of violence,’ said Mr Brende.

Foreign Minister Børge Brende spoke to Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman this morning and expressed his sympathy.

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    November 22, 2014 at 5:58 am

    Brende, keep your crocodile tears to your self.
    The day Norway stops friendly relations with Hamas, I might be prepared to offer you the opportunity of any response. Until then, we don’t need your sympathy.

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