Church of Norway, priest from Hell

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Jews in Israel today denounced the priest as “Jesus killers”

Follow link faximile of parish magazine to Arna church in the Norwegian Church.
The pastor Olav Vikse Arna thinks “it’s a shame that we let Christians down as we defend Jesus killers”.
Conrad Myrland
12/08/2014 1:12 p.m.

In the latest edition of the parish magazine to Arna church in the Church of Norway, the priest Olav Vikse has written an article titled “Christmas in Palestine.”
In line with the millennium long Christian tradition in Europe, he lets the Christmas festival be an additional pretext for anti-Semitic attacks. Vikse starts off with a frontal assault on the Jewish people. He takes the Old Testament as evidence that the people never did as God wanted. And it gets worse. “They danced around the golden calf, the combined injustice and worship, they trod poor people down, cheated on target. And killed the son of God. ”
It need not be any doubt that the Church of Norway ordained priest holds today’s Jews collectively responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus. In response to a reader who responds to the article, the priest writes:
“I want to draw attention to Christian sisters and brothers who often have more Jewish blood than the Jews. Did you really not know? I think it is a shame that we let Christians down while we defend Jesus’ killers. ”
The priest writes in the email to reader:
“I wish you a happy Christmas. If you want a future exchange of views with me, I will not oblige. This will be my only answer to you because I do not believe in this kind of exchange. ”
The priest insists on his right to defame Jews in peace. He breaks with one of the clear instructions of Seelisberg conference in 1947:

“Avoid presenting the Passion [Jesus] in such a way that the  blame for killing Jesus laid on all Jews or Jews alone. There was only one group among the Jews in Jerusalem who demanded that Jesus should die, and the Christian message has always been that it was the sins of mankind as expressed by these Jews, and all the sins that brought Jesus to the cross. ”
The rest of the Christmas Story to parishoners in Arna is a description of how allegedly bad it is for Christian Palestinians. Pressure from local Islamists or the Palestinian Authority is not mentioned a word. The Israeli security measures are gloomy described, without even one mention of all the terror incidents that provoked these measures.
Vikse quotes a Christian Palestinian who he claims is “64 percent Jewish.” “In Israel, the average genetic percent to 50 percent a Jew,” he continues. It is very unclear what the priest means, but it’s hard not to get associations to Nazi racial theories about Jews. We know these race theories fell on very fertile ground in the Arab world through intense Nazi propaganda in the 1930s and 1940s.
After the priest has concluded his description of Palestinian Christians suffering, he writes. “In many Middle Eastern countries Christians suffer the same fate.” He finds no apparent reason to mention that far over one million Christians have been forced to flee Iraq in just the past few years. If only Israel and Jews today can smeared, it helps if relatively few Palestinian Christians choose to move to their relatives abroad.
Olav Vikse is an ordained priest, and from time to time locum priest in Arna Parish and other churches in the Church of Norway.

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  1. motti
    December 10, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    What’s new, just another Norwegian Nazi?

  2. motti
    December 16, 2014 at 4:49 am

    Perhaps a Norwegian might explain what help the Church gave to the Jews prior to their being expelled and placed on-board the Donau. From where they were taken to the death camps.

    Yes, the good church of Norway, part and parcel of the World Council of Churches feels that the Holocaust is over and done with and it is back to business as normal. HATE THE JEWS WHO KILLED THE LORD JESUS. Usually one heard this on BBC radio during Easter week. Christmas time was different. That was a time for love not hate. Of course, love for all mankind except the Jews. How obscene these people are blinded by their own hate. It is pleasing to know that the church pews are empty, there is enough hate from the establishments hold on the media.

  3. Eric R.
    December 20, 2014 at 4:18 pm

    Just one minor point – assuming this Nazi is the Church of Norway – that is, Lutheran – then I believe he is a minister, not a priest. Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Episcopals have priests.

    All other Protestant churches have ministers.

    Apart from that, yes, the guy – whatever his title, is a filthy POS. I think the Mossad should target him along with that writer of kid’s novels that called for a second Holocaust – I forget his name.

  4. December 21, 2014 at 1:28 am

    hahahah, well you seem to have a better grasp of churchey matters than me. I tend to look to BBC radio 4 funny lady Sandy Toksvig. Her definition more or less goes along these lines: Men in shiny dresses! Anyway, whats a POS? With respect to Mossad, not sure if you’ve read the news, but apparently they have been busy with a somewhat more interesting target than a locum priest (or whatchamacallit) in a literally godforsaken outpost in Norway. Hint, hint, Diaperhead in bunker in Beirut might be one bodyguard short right now…

  5. Eric R.
    December 22, 2014 at 4:18 am

    “Anyway, whats a POS?”

    Piece of sh*t

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