Mr. Gilbert serves filthy lies for holiday season

Mr. Gilbert must have felt that his efforts to tarnish Jews as killers somewhat paled in comparison with the horrid atrocities committed in Syria, Iraq, not to mention the tragic and recent bloodbath in Peshawar. So, to try to draw more attention to himself, he stated in an interview with Al-Jazeera that he had seen beheaded children in Gaza too.


Mr. Gilbert was recently named name of the year by the Norwegian newspaper VG. In stead of asking him hard questions on the situation in Gaza, they adulate him, and take his words as gospel. Mr. Gilbert has yet to answer some very simple questions posed to him by MIFF this summer, where they questioned his account of an alleged attack on a market in Gaza on January 3, 2009 (pictures that were circulated to “prove” the attack were from an unfortunate event when a Hamas bomb factory blew up and killed 19, injured 80 in 2005). Apparently. Mr. Gilbert thinks hissing like an angry cat when challenged constitutes an answer. Mr. Gilbert was recently denied entry to Gaza on account of his close contacts with terrorists, thus becoming a security risk for us ordinary people who live in Israel.

Unfazed by such a blemish on his reputation, he then awarded the price money he received from VG to a very violent group in the US, Students for Justice in Palestine, known for harassing Jewish students on US campuses, supporting terror, calling for the genocide of Jews.

But to outdo himself, frustrated that his campaign to tarnish Jews as much as he can, he went on Al-Jazeera with the following statements: I saw beheaded children in Gaza, I have pictures of it (never mind the egg on face situation after circulating the 2005 video).

Unfortunately for VG, they never bothered to bat an eye lid at such an outrageous claim, but the Christian daily Dagen did.

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Gilbert in the television interview: “I saw decapitated children in Gaza»
Saturday 20 December 2014, at. 11:39 p.m. Updated: Tuesday 23 December 2014, at. 1:43 p.m.
Svend Ole Kvilesjø
MIDDLE EAST Doctor Mads Gilbert comparing injuries during Gaza war with terrorist actions of ISIS and Boko Haram. “I saw decapitated children in Gaza,” he said to the TV channel Al-jazeera.
Mads Gilbert was recently interviewed by the Arab television station Al Jazeera. They have posted a short version of the interview, in English, on their websites.

Interviewed titled “I saw decapitated children in Gaza»

We quote from the interview:

“Now everybody is talking about Boko Haram and ISIL beheading people. I saw beheaded children in Gaza In havepictures. ”

The English word “beheaded” translated into Norwegian as “beheaded” by Google Translate and the other dictionaries day has checked on-line. We also spoke with an English teacher in Oslo, with English speaking background. She confirms that beheaded translates directly into beheaded.

Newspaper Day approached Mads Gilbert Thursday, to get him to comment on the strong statements in the interview. To set up, he demanded written questions – and that his answers were reproduced in its entirety. Responses from Gilbert received day by email Saturday.

– Mads Gilbert, in the interview first drag lines to the terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria. And ISIL, operating in Syria and Iraq. They are now best known as the Islamic State (IS) and it is in 2014 become widely known that they, among other uses beheading to execute people – and to spread fear. The English word “beheaded”, which you use in the interview with Al-Jazeera, also may be a general description of the head is separated from the body. You are trained anesthesiologist and has repeatedly worked in hospitals in Gaza where you have treated patients who have injuries as a result of hostilities. Are your kids you claim to have seen in Gaza – beheaded – in the same way as ISIL executes people? Or is it children with war injuries, where the head is separated from the body by explosions, bullet wounds or other?

– With the verb beheaded meant that I have seen killed Palestinian children fully and partially without heads after Israeli attacks on Gaza in the summer. I used deliberately not verb decapitated that best translates beheaded. I’ve obviously never intended or claimed that Israeli soldiers physically beheading children directly and with his own hands, says Gilbert.

He does not get support for his translation of the word from reputable Encycolopedia Britannica, which explains “beheading” as “a mode of executing capital punishment by the wooden head is severed from the body.”

“I do not show themselve (pictures, editor) Because They are simply too inhumane, but nobody is accusing Israel of a massacre of children. It is always directed to somebody else who is called under the general term of terrorists.

This, what we see in Gaza, ice city definition pure state terrorism. It is people defending themelves against attack from the occupant. How on earth can the occupant defendable themelves When they are bombing the occupied people? Even in a semantic world it does not make sense. ”

– You said in an interview with Al-Jazeera that no accuses Israel of massacring children. Argues that it is the Israeli actions, massacring children?

– The terrible experiences of killed and injured Palestinian children have scorched stuck in memory. I have already discussed this in my book Night in Gaza, writes Gilbert in his reply email to day. And elaborates:

– These kids were – like the total 521 Palestinian children who were killed or died of injuries after the Israeli attacks July-August 2014 – killed by Israeli weapons. It was human hands of the Israeli government forces that triggered the rockets, grenades, shots and bombs that killed the children.

– The physical damage and human losses are the same whether they are printed on one or the other. This is regardless of a deep moral questions about responsibility and decency. One Israeli child was killed, which I clearly condemns. The killing of 521 Palestinian children obviously requires a sincere condemnation, including from Norwegian friends of Israel, if they are to claim credibility.

– Near 3,500 Palestinian children were injured in the same Israeli attacks in the summer. Approximately 1000 of these children are expected to have lifelong disabilities as a result of the physical damage inflicted by Israeli weapons. For children who are killed and maimed, and their families, it is immaterial what the subject may be to those who perform crimes are.

– The result of warfare is the same whether children damage done by IS, Israelis, or Palestinians, says Mads Gilbert.

The Arabic television channel Al Jazeera published Saturday 20 December a 25 minute long TV interview with Mads Gilbert – in English – you can see the program by clicking here.

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  1. motti
    December 26, 2014 at 5:32 am

    Mad Gilbert was recently interviewed by another Israel, America, western democracies hating tv station Russia Today. I never really become involved with this Soviet propaganda machine and I was not prepared to do so at this time. So I continued flicking through stations, as do.

    Do you believe that Gilbert was once spurned by a Jewish female, or perhaps regardless of gender? Actually, it is time for the Norwegian elite to honour these Jew haters by endorsing their actions and strike a new medal of various distinctions according to merit. Iron Cross 1st, 2nd and 3rd class.

    International and national socialism are bed mates after all. Both share their love of hate towards the Jewish people. How would you rate the Ghoul (Gule)? He did after all, cowardly hand over weapons to murder Jews. He was not brave enough to do so himself.

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