Gilbert caught with a very filthy lie!

Thanks to a very diligent reader and participant of the Vårt Land debate forum , I can now share with you the very filthy lies Mads Gilbert is spreading about Israel.

The reader, a Mr.Gunnar Søyland, has managed to retrieve an interview the newspaper iTromsø conducted with Gilbert, where Gilbert claims to have proof that Israel was using nail bombs in Gaza.

lifted from itromsø.no (google translate and I have highlighted the section where the allegations about use of nail bombs is found)

– This is a last desperate attempt to get protection
Mads Gilbert sent a desperate SMS to healthcare minister Bent Høie. He asks for protection.
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Mads Gilbert sent this morning a desperate SMS to healthcare minister Bent Høie:

URGENT! Dear Health and Human Services Bent Høie. Hospitals in Gaza are now subjected to extensive Israeli military attacks with loss of life, buildings, function and capacity. We ask you, as our superiors, and your government to take immediate measures to establish a physical, uniformed international presence (UN, ICRC) 24/7 at the remaining hospitals in Gaza. Both patients and staff now risk being killed in the Israeli attacks, as recently happened yesterday evening when the children’s hospital in Gaza was bombed. We ask you urgently to contribute to the Palestinian hospitals, patients and employees immediately receive protection under international law and international law. SITUATION IS CRITICAL AND WE CALL YOU AND YOUR GOVERNMENT IMMEDIATELY TAKE NECESSARY ACTION INTERNATIONAL.

Hospitals under attack

Gilbert says that this is a last desperate attempt to obtain international protection. The last few days have been hard Gaza attacked by Israeli forces.

– Both hospitals and ambulances are under direct and indirect bombing. Currently, 30 health and ambulances have been destroyed. Three hospitals have been under direct shelling, one of the children’s hospital which is totally destroyed. I was there just now. A child of two and a half years died there.

In addition, several ambulances, clinics and health center have been under attack. Gilbert says that he has previously requested a permanent presence of the UN or the Red Cross, but that the requests have not been met.

Desperate plea for help

– So as a last attempt I sent now message to my boss, who is the Minister of Health. I had an immediate answer that he had forwarded the message to the foreign minister, which the formally correct thing to do

Gilbert says he has a hope that Norway as an important international voice can end what is happening in Gaza.

– What happens now it just do not go. It does not belong anywhere.

According to the doctor’s Gaza currently under intense bombing. He also states that they have radiographs indicating use of nail bombs, which are illegal.

– Israel commits war crimes. You can say you want to have that there are two parties that wars, but see the conditions. Two Israeli civilians have died so far. Several hundred civilians Palestinians have been killed, including 195 children.


As Mr. Søyland very correctly points out, the hitch with Mr. Gilbert’s allegations is that Israel does not use nail bombs. Then Mr. Søyland makes the very interesting, and obvious! observation: If it isn’t Israel who is using this sort of ammunition, then it can only be Hamas. According to Mr. Søyland (excerpt from link referred to at the start of story)

It remains to see if Gilbert will stand by his statements about these radiographic findings, or whether he will go back on them. If he goes back on this, he will emerge as one who has lied about Israel. But if he stands by his allegations, he can come to fall out of favor with his task masters for this disclosure.

Well done Mr. Søyland, for digging up this material.

To Mr. Gilbert: can we please see the alleged X-rays?

1 comment for “Gilbert caught with a very filthy lie!

  1. motti
    January 5, 2015 at 4:34 am

    Hamas only copied the practice of nail bombs from the PLO and other terrorist organisation.

    By the way, the Sovietiesed Russian RT (Russia Today) programme on satellite interviewed this Nazi doctor, in addition to the many Jew/Israel hating “personalities” we have in the UK. This includes the former Labour Party Mayor of London, Red Ken Livingstone, George Galloway the Respect MP, former Labour party member. Both are renowned for their hatred and have no effect on life here as they are both discredited by their own lies and innuendos.

    Poor Mads Gilbert, has he been or is he at present on Skunk, as this drug does make people paranoid? Many of the offenders when I worked with the Probation Service told me that this drug has this effect

    To think that he is also against the very worthy and non political Medecins sans Frontieres

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