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Pål Steigan is, for those unfamiliar with this character (which would be most people under the age of 50), Pål Steigan is a communist (a failed one), writer (well, judge for yourself), chef and photographer (bless). In other words, apart from for the most rabid of leftists and homeless neo-nazis, he’s a big nobody.

This does not stop him from slinging mud on Israel and Jews. Oh, he thinks he is being clever by saying that it is not the Jews who have done it, but the Israelis. As if the Israelis aren’t the Jews? The talk backs are scary, rabid antisemitism, mixed with crazy conspiracy theories. And again, its not the Jews, but the Israelis…

Nevertheless, for his status as a nobody, he has an admirable penetration in the extreme left movements, as well as far right neo-nazis, and offers a disgusting and fertile breeding ground for more of the antisemitic sentiments a large segment of the Norwegian population suffers from.

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There is something very strange with IS
by Pål Steigan • 7 January 2015 • 15 comments

There is something very strange with IS, or the Islamic state. The group emerged seemingly from nothing. Then suddenly they had a larger army which swept into Iraq with a column of white Toyota SUV and got the Iraqi army to disappear like water in the desert. And then the US and the Gulf States with gullible nations Norway in tow, started a war against those who do not seem to have neither tactic or strategy. At least if the purpose is to combat IS.

Isil toyota suv

Vietnam Veteran: – There is something strange with IS

Gordon Duff served as US Marine in the Vietnam War. He has worked for war veterans case in a generation and is the editor of Veterans Today, and he writes for New Eastern Outlook. “He was in Damascus at the end of 2014 and talked with several Syrian militia leaders. He writes that he already knew of the United States had trained at least 3000 ISIS cadres in camps in Jordan. But there he learned of militia leaders completed the picture.

They brought evidence. They had photographed fallen IS-soldiers and their ID papers. In a group of 74 killed from the fighting at Kobani there were 15 Ukrainians and 8 Chechens. The others were including from Saudi Arabia, Yemen and North Africa. Some of them had distinct European features. Gordon Doff writes that militia leaders not exulted in their fallen opponents, but treated with both respect, grief and earnest.

Duff, who had seen border controls in the region at close range, meant that there was no chance boe that all these soldiers had entered northern Syria of common borders, so he raises the question whether they can be flown in by unmarked CIA plane .

Based on an analysis of the tactical capabilities of IS, writes Duff after talks with Syrian authorities, it is clear that the IS has access to secure communication, as it would have been easy for the US to jam, if they wished. “To put it simply, not everyone can operate the complicated USA-artillery they have acquired or the armored vehicles. IS does not seem to have any problems with obtaining Stinger missiles or to use them to shoot down planes. ”

It was claimed that IS has missiles originating from Libya, and that they are smuggled through Sinai, but how they magically should have skipped Israel, it ineg who have answers. Duff also points out that IS obviously do not have big trouble crossing NATO country Turkey well guarded border. “Over the border flows the locusts lots of heavier trucks, engineers and technicians to join the IS. While refugees waiting for days to pass. ”

Collaboration between IS and Israel

As long as the IS does not threaten Israel, the country has obvious interests of the organization destroys Syria as much as possible. Warfare to IS injuries first and foremost two of Israel’s archenemies, namely Iraq and Syria.IS then has not made any political tirades against Israel.

Therefore it is not surprising when the Israeli newspaper Haaretz to announce that it has been obeservert several cases of contact informs the IDF, Israel’s army, and IS on the border at the Golan Heights. Avisa citing a report to the UN Security Council from UN obswrvatører. According the report, for example, a wounded soldier IS transferred to a civilian ambulance on the Israeli side who were escorted by the IDF.

confirms image

The report by Duff and UN observers complements and confirms the picture we have seen before. I write about this blog Who created the monster IS? There goes the blan another front:

Luftbru with weapons to Islamists in Syria

In a very well-informed article in The New York Times on 24 March 2013 there is a proven how weapons and equipment were flown in from Saudi Arabia and Qatar via Turkey, Jordan and Croatia (!). And we’re not talking about a small scale, but on a massive operation involving at least 160 flights operated by large transport aircraft. And the Times lets there be no doubt about the CIA’s role in this project:

From offices at a secret location, US intelligence officers helped Arab regjeringjer to buy weapons, including a massive order from Croatia and selected the opprørskommandantene and groups who would receive weapons upon arrival, according to US officials who speak out on the condition that they get remain anonymous.

“A conservative estimate of the load these flights had with them is about 3,500 tons of military equipment,” says Hugh Griffiths, from the Swedish peace institute SIPRI, and continues: “The scale and the frequency in question shows that it concerns a well planned and coordinated secret logistics operation. ”

Våpentrasporten was so enormous that a former US official mentioned it like a waterfall of weapons.

According to the New York Times was former CIA chief David H. Petraeus central in getting this network in place and he was also in several countries to get them to cooperate.

Then it does that Comical Kerrypåstår that America has no responsibility for what happens in Libya and Iraq.

Funded by Arab oil money

About CIA has been chief conductor of this huge operation to arm the Islamist opposition in Syria, so have the money come from the Arab oil dictatorships.

Günter Meyer, director of the Center for Research into the Arabic World at the University of Mainz says Deutsche Welle that he is not in doubt about how IS is financed:

The main source of funding for IS until today has been the support of the Gulf States, primarily Saudi Arabia, but also Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Gulf States motivation to fund groups that IS is to support their struggle against the regime of Bashar al Assad in Syria.