Norwegian Jews are scared

While I am trying to catch my breath after the horrible, painful and devastating events that unfolded in Paris last week. While I try to block the piercing glance of Stephane Charbonnier from tormenting my mind, or the softness of Yohan Cohen’s eyes. While I remember my toing and froing, the heart wrenching moment I picked up my bits and bobs and got on that plane, excising from within me Europe to try to embrace the mouthful that is being a Middle Eastern. However, any of the inconveniences my process to rebuild my life here are minuscule, I dont need to feel like an unprotected prey. The sight of the 4 coffins en route to Israel for a tragic and untimely burial, weighs upon me like a very heavy stone.

In another part of the world, in Norway, fellow Jews are scared and beg for more police protection so that they can safely come to worship or just go about their regular lives in peace and without fear of being butchered. Monica Csango has a very good way with her words:

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Monica Csango: I am a Jew – I’m Charlie
Why is it not safe to be a Jew in Europe? What have we done? Why do we not alone?
Debate Monica Csango journalist and director

I was born and raised here in Norway. Raised secular. When I was 6-7 years, I learned that I was Jewish. The attacks and killings in Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish store in France has once again caused me to ask the question:

Why is it not safe to be a Jew in Europe? What have we done? Why do we not alone?

When terrorists in France goes straight from attacking an editorial to pick out a Jewish targets, I can not help but think that this is pure hatred and pure anti-Semitism.
Monica Csango
I get hit by a bottomless despair. What has the French Jews made that makes terrorists think it is quite natural to attack Jews?
A year of antisemitism
Terrorists are not alone. A review featured in The International Business Times shows that 40 percent of all hate crimes in France in 2013 was aimed at French Jews. And in a summary of the anti-Jewish incidents in 2014 concludes website follows:

The frightening reality for France’s Jews: A year of anti-Semitism, violence and provocations in France.

The French Jews counts around 500,000 people of an overall French population of around 65 million.

Only in 2014 chose 7,000 French Jews to leave the country because of increasingly difficult conditions. After the last day events, there is reason to believe that this figure is multiplied.

The relatives after the killings in koscherbutikken have chosen not to bury the dead in France, but in Israel. Only there is a crystal clear message to the French authorities: “We do not feel welcome here.”

“Jew” is used as an insult in line with “whore”
But what about Norway? The Norwegian Jewish community counts only around 1,500 people. But neither the Norwegian Jews get to be at peace. To freshen up a little memory:

In 2006 it was fired at the synagogue in Oslo.
Jewish children in the schools are regularly harassed.
The Jewish cemetery in Oslo is regularly soiled by swastikas and epithets.
“Jew” is in Norwegian schoolyards an insult used on a par with “whore.”
What about me? I’ve decided that I should stop being afraid, I can not allow me. But I have experienced interviewing people being answered in the islands when the word Jew is mentioned. Last year, long before I became active in the public debate, I considered taking my name down from my door bell.

It is such thoughts I have. And I would be a liar if I said that these thoughts have not swept my head again. But how shall we proceed, Norway?

# I’maJew
This year has started very dark, both for Europe and for me as a Jew. What do you think we should do?

Shall we pretend nothing and hope that it goes away if we do not say anything? Pretend it has not happened?

Or are you together me Youngsroget one day in February and cry with me:

#JeSuisJuif – # I’maJew?


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  1. motti
    January 13, 2015 at 4:14 am

    Well put as usual, Prof and a fine piece by Monica Scango. However, unlike her, anyone and everyone I meet are instantly aware I am Jewish while retaining the Hebrew name for priest.

    I am more than prepared to argue the case for Israel, using facts and not lying propaganda, and I never lost an argument.

    Prof very kindly printed my own message under “JE suis Charlie ” and asked whether the new Norwegian government is prepared to offer it’s Jewish citizens proper protection, because the extreme left wing government before refused to do so. In fact that lot of fascists were a major reason for the Jew/Israel hate campaign that has reigned for so long in Norway.

    It is accepted that the Jews are like the canaries in the coal mine. When the Jew begins to be uncomfortable and complains at being fearful for their lives, that is when most responsible governments sit up and take notice. It took the French socialist government a long time to accept the fact, only because of the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices and co-incidentally the Kosher supermarket. Not forgetting the number of Jews who have been murdered by hardcore Nazi Islamists.

    The British government has too, realised that conditions absolutely favouring the Muslims can continue and slowly are making some comments. unlike the free press here which has been reporting the excesses shown by the Islamonazi regime in the UK. Quite honestly, the French show they have balls more than the British.

    So where does all this leave the Jewish community in Norway? Is the new government going to act against the establishment or will it remain part of it? Surely the Jews in Norway have reached the crossroads that they will need to make a decision. Do they consider that they can continue living like western “Dhimmis” in the Muslim/Arab loving and Jew hating country they live in? Do they believe that this present government has acted to strengthen their beliefs that the situation will improve? Or do they believe like the 7000 Jews who have left their country of birth to live in the Jewish homeland? Others have also left for Canada, the USA, the UK etc. When the last Jew leaves Norway never for Jews later on to return (regardless of any pleadings) the loss will be Norways and serve it right. The Jews are too good for this Nazi acting monarchy.

    It has been 15 years since I last visited my wife’s family in Norway and as my favourite inlaws are no longer able to travel to the uK, I have said that I will visit them this coming spring. All I can says is, heaven help any Norwegian fascists that decides to insult me, regardless of my age.

  2. motti
    January 18, 2015 at 5:05 am

    Just a thought Prof, to help the poor scared Norwegian Jews. I understand that Krav Maga operates in Norway, as well as other countries. Perhaps the fine stalwart Mr Kohn, might address his community to start looking after themselves physically.
    One thing I learned a long time ago and that is, if one looks nervous, that person will be picked upon. Look confident and usually one is left alone

    Years ago, my 2 daughters who were still young faced the usual business of Jews and money. Some of their school colleagues would throw a penny to the ground and say; Here you are Jew, there’s a penny for you.” I told my girls to answer, “As a Jew, there’s no need. You need it far more than I do.”

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