The bloody cheek of the BBC

What a shame!

I do hope friends in the UK will take the BBC to task for this unparalleled relativism and attempt at faulting Jews for the persecution they suffer in France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, UK, to mention but a few places in Europe it is uncomfortable to identify as a Jew.

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  1. motti
    January 13, 2015 at 3:52 am

    This is not the first time this Jew hater has been caught out decrying the Jews are responsible etc etc etc. He offered an apology, but the BBC thought his reporting was acceptable. Well, of course the BBC would. After all the BBC has spent £1000;s withholding the Balen Report. A private Jewish man, sadly since passed away managed through the Freedom of Information Act to secure sufficient coverage of the BBC’s coverage of Israel to prove just how biased this publicly funded extreme left wing organisation is.
    There again the Chilcott report is still being withheld, too.

    The BBC employs a few high ranking public Jews involved in various aspect of reporting, arts, etc. However, when it comes to Israel, they employ real Jew haters, who see no difference between being an American, British, Indian Jew and the Jews od Israel when they report on the “massacres” of the poor Palestinians.

    The reported has been slammed in most of the news media with the probable exception (along with the BBC) by the extreme left rags like the Guardian.

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