Norway is Palestine?

A veritable bomb, but media is very unhappy to write about it. It has been revealed that at around 800 Palestinians have received Norwegian citizenship on false grounds, and that they in reality are Jordanian citizens. This tidbit (or lack of media interest) comes at a time when the Minister of Justice has been trying to enforce a law to expel asylum seekers who do not qualify for asylum on humanitarian grounds. This obviously has an enormous political cost and the Minister Anders Anundsen (progressive party)has been summoned to Parliament to give his explanations (something the former minister of Foreign Affairs and likely future Prime Minister of Norway never had to do, even when it was revealed that he had conducted talks with Hamas directly. The entire press, plus miniature parties who just cannot accept that they barely have votes enough to scrape above the threshold of 4% of the votes to gain representation in Parliament, refuse to accept that we now have a center-right coalition in government (what they cannot accept is that the Progressive Party now is in a position of power, somehow this left of Tory party is portrayed as Nazis, racists, destroyers of the welfare state). Whereas the Labour Party and its Lilliput red-green partners with absolute majority in Parliament could get away with giving lavish gifts from the public purse to favored friends, fail to expel dangerous terrorists, the current government gets into troubles for trying to actually enforce the law.

While the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and the Immigration Appeals Board are trying to uphold the decision to expel a Jordanian family who came to Norway posing as Palestinian refugees from Iraq in 2003, more news about how at least 800 other Jordanians have come here under false pretenses receive exactly 0 attention from media and pundits.

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400 “stateless Palestinians” revealed in asylum cheating – just a beginning
By Hege Storhaug
In a comprehensive project that has been taking place in around two years, the immigration police preliminary revealed that about 400 alleged stateless Palestinians are citizens of Jordan. Immigration has given them permanent residence and Norwegian citizenship. The political bomb is a legacy of the coalition government, can reveal today.
Police Immigration Service (PU) suspect so far that around 800 so-called “stateless Palestinians” with residence in Norway, have been granted residence under false pretenses. Police may so far demonstrate that 400 of these are citizens of Jordan, which also has lied to permanent residence and / or Norwegian citizenship.

In the ongoing project within the police are further 400 “stateless Palestinians” with stays of investigation list. Key sources confirmed to HRS that there are “many more (people) on the list” than the around 800 already rolled-in project.

Now the possibility of withdrawing both residence permits and citizenship.

Unknown to the political leadership?

It may look like the political leadership of the Ministry of Justice is not aware of the extensive asylum cheated they have inherited from the coalition government. Undersecretary in the Ministry of Justice, Joran Kallemyr will not comment on the case to us after two inquiries by SMS.

HRS has received confirmation from sources in the immigration administration that both the Public Prosecutor and the Police Directorate is on the case.

“Violent operation”

Sources tell HRS that PU is “in the middle of an analysis phase” of the comprehensive asylum cheated, where the internal project termed as a “violent operation”. Most of the 800 cases that the project includes, came on the agenda to the police last year. It states that “the scope only increases.”

Head of Police Immigration, Kristin Kvigne, will not comment on the case.

HRS are familiar with the main method that police have used to trace the identity of the current, but will in the interests of ongoing and further investigation not reveal what this method entails.

Asylum policy out of control

This disclosure joins the ranks of examples that testify asylum policy out of control, such as Tormod Strands disclosure NRK recently witnessed. At least 100 Somalis living in countries around Somalia, has lied to stay in Norway as refugees from Somalia. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

Must be exercised, says Sandberg

Former head of the Justice Committee of the Parliament, deputy FRP Per Sandberg, says that police disclosure of asylum cheated is a result of bipartisan consensus when it comes to the desire to combat identity fraud.

-Police have therefore received extra resources to uncover identity cheating, says Sandberg HRS.

Sandberg believes disclosure must allow those wrongfully granted residency and Norwegian citizenship must be deprived of granted rights.

-This Means that we must enter with even more resources to law enforcement authorities to implement this.

Sandberg is clear: “Those who have cheated should be exercised.”

– This will hopefully not at least have a preventive effect.

Sandberg says that both the current and previous government has given guidance to the police to prioritize identity cheating.

That’s why the ID Center, NID (National Identity and Documentation Centre) was established in 2010 by a unanimous Parliament, says Sandberg.

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  1. motti
    February 11, 2015 at 3:10 am

    Excellent news. This is what the Norwegian wants, needs and welcomes. What it has sown, it has reaped!

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