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That Aftenposten has a very troubled relationship with Israel is very well known (although presumably nobody in Israel could care less), but even compared with their own low standards, the oped on how Norway helped supply Israel with heavy water, penned by its political editor, Harald Stanghelle, marks a new low low.

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The story of when Aftenposten and Harald Stanghelle made Norway a more dangerous place
Hans Rustad

Editor Harald Stanghelle can not blame that he was born too late to understand what it is about, as Helmut Kohl once claimed about the Third Reich crimes. He knows what he’s talking about. When he therefore contrasts the “The Heavy Water War” ( a current TV drama series in Norway, based on the true story of the Heavy Water War)  against Norwegian deliveries of heavy water to Israel, then ignores the first, but says the other brought shame over Norway, there is a message we must take seriously.

Saturday’s comment “The history of Norway made Israel to nuclear power and the world a more dangerous place” is one of the most shameful that have been written in a long time in the Norwegian press. That Stanghelle has the nerve  to put such opinions to paper is incredible. It says something about what goes on inside the heads of Norwegian journalists.

Yes, there is a correlation between Rjukan and Dimona, but it is  entirely different from what Stanghelle imagines. There is as much reason to be proud of the latter as the first one. Without Dimona, the state of Israel would perhaps not have existed.

How an experienced journalist at all can construct the perspective that there would be something shameful by having delivered heavy water to Israel, says something about leftist premises under the guise of humanitarianism, finds justification in arguments that strengthen Israel’s enemies.

There is no other word for it. In the current situation in the Middle East, where Israel is threatened by an ideology which seeks destroy the state and exterminate the Jews, Stanghelle choses to regret that Norway helped Israel with heavy water.

A sensible stance would have been the opposite: From regret to realize that this aid was in its place.

I cannot see Stanghelle`s view as anything other than revisionism. What purports to be prudence and reason is in reality a handshake to Israel’s enemies. Stanghelle establishes where Norway belongs. It is a perspective that makes my hair stand on end. We have sunk so low that a leading political editor feels free to lament that the only Jewish state can defend itself. Stanghelle manages to say that the bomb made the Middle East a dangerous place.

Stanghelle has just made Norway a dangerous place. It tells me that we are not on the same page. It tells me that Stanghelle and his newspaper have allied themselves with forces that are completely foreign to me, and that seek to destroy the values I consider inalienable.

Is this to take it too far? Absolutely not.

Israel is strong but threatened. But the difference from the past is that now also Europe is threatened. By the same forces that seek to destroy the Jewish state and exterminate the Jews.
Stanghelle`s comment show that he does not see it that way. He compares Hydro`s deliveries to Nazi Germany with Noratoms deliveries to Israel and call it a boundless “lack of principle”. In my world, it is helping the Jewish state to survive ten years after the crematoria were cold an expression of the opposite: firmness of principle. That Stanghelle fails to have such a perspective tells me that we might not be on the same page.

“the embarrassing fact that peace nation Norway was responsible for the Middle East also had nuclear weapons in addition to its many other ailments.”

Let me see, what other ailments is it that Stanghelle has in mind?Could it be the revelations in newly discovered papers by  Adolf Eichmann’s hand, where it appeared that the Nazi big wigs who survived the war hoped that the Arabs would complete “work” they had begun? The Jews knew of such `ailments`. This is why they wanted the atomic bomb.


Stanghelle is more concerned with the reputation of the peace nation Norway. Norwegian Hydro did not initially supply heavy water to Israel for the sake of relations with Arab countries. Doesn’t this resemble collaboration with Nazi Germany? Not according Stanghelle. It was fact that finally they did help the Jewish state to survive that he calls “Norsk Hydro`s boundless lack of principle .”

Stanghelle concludes:

“The Vemork action has once and for all etched the sinister possibilities of heavy eater on our consciousness.

And this is where the history of heavy water sales to Israel belongs. This is the history of how Norway made the world a more dangerous place. We failed as a peace nation because someone put their private cynicism higher than the nation’s obligations. And Norway failed because no one had the courage and strength to stop this expansion of the world’s nuclear club.”

To help the Jewish state to survive is called “putting private cynicism higher than the nation’s commitments”. Excuse me, but I disagree with Stanghelle`s definition of national commitment. I do not want to be a part of this peace nation. It is the opposite of the fight against Nazism, and no one will tell otherwise.

Stanghelle shallow “humanism” is a poor disguise for a piece of revisionism that threatens Norway as much as Israel.


Here is Stanghelle`s editorial piece, lifted from (google translate)

The history of how Norway made Israel a nuclear power and the world a more dangerous place
IN the wake of the NRK series, every child knows what heavy water can be used for. Norwegian politicians who helped Israel to get heavy water from Rjukan also knew this. To develop their own nuclear weapons.
Harald Stanghelle

The brilliant television story of heavy water is the story of vision and fortitude, sacrifice and effort.

The story of Norway’s contribution to the development of Israel’s nuclear program is the opposite: It is the story of naivety and omissions, lies and repression. But precisely why we must endure to be reminded of it.

It was in the latter half of the 50th century that the fresh state of Israel began its systematic work to acquire nuclear weapons. The head of it all was a young social democrat, Shimon Peres, later both prime minister and president.

Peres and a small core men around him were commissioned to obtain what would that skilled Israeli scientists could develop nuclear weapons. It was not so easily. For example said US flatly refuse to sell the Israelis heavy water without the right to effective US control. Israel said no.

Optimism and naivety
Also there were also objections to a heavy water sales to the Middle East freshest nation. But objections were overcome by the effective lobbying war hero, Labor politician and the ubiquitous lawyer Jens Christian Hauge.

Among key Norwegians advised both nuclear optimism and political naivety. And among the very few politicians who knew about the trade, dominated a deep sympathy for the young Jewish state that one asked embarrassing questions. But as a small safety valve was in agreement with Israel entered a clause that Norway had the right to inspect the heavy water was used only for peaceful purposes.

Hydro of principle
Norwegian Hydro proved again from its most opportunistic side: In 1943 the industrial giant said enthusiastically agreed to sell heavy water to Nazi Germany. 15 years later said Norwegian Hydro refusal to sell to Israel. Not because they were worried about an Israeli nuclear bomb, but because Norwegian Hydro was terrified for their fertilizer customers in Arab countries.

But Norwegian Hydro lack of principle knew no bounds: they could deliver the heavy water only the parastatal Noratom would stand as the official seller. Norwegian Hydro covered their tracks.

Lies in their luggage
The Norwegian inspection court had probably no intend to use. But in 1961 asked a concerned United States that Norway now have to use the right to inspect heavy water usage. Then Jens Christian Hauge sent to Israel to find out how things stood with the Norwegian heavy water.

And Hauge came back with a report that made Israel happy and satisfied Norway: Heavy water was not adopted. But the secret nuclear facility in Dimona “I visited not,” he wrote in the report to the Foreign Ministry.

It was blank lie.

Fooled Norway
For Jens Christian Hauge was not the type who was fooled. Rather, it was him who tricked their principals in the Norwegian government. For when Olav Njølstad worked with his formidable Hauge biography, he came over private notes from Israel visit. They showed that Hauge had visited “the holy of holies. The new Ark of the Covenant, “which Hauge biographer puts it. So Dimona.

Hauge knew but Hauge kept quiet.

So no one thought of either heavy water or pre researcher Sverre Lodgaard in 1979 published an article about the Norwegian heavy water sales. The storm subsided quickly. Worse was when the US non-proliferation expert Gary Milhollin 80s began its ambitious work to reveal the Norwegian nuclear betrayal.

Not harass Israel
Then there was created a public pressure that the case did uncomfortable for Brundtland government. Pressed became even stronger when the renegade Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu in the Sunday Times autumn 1986 revealed the Israeli nuclear weapons program.

Vanunu was lured into a honey trap, kidnapped and later sentenced to solitary confinement in Israel, but the damage was done. Now knew the entire world that Israel was a nuclear power – and that Norway set with the key to a kind of inspection.

But it was still fought hard to avoid nuisance nuclear power Israel:

“I am absolutely convinced that Israel has used heavy water on an Israel sensible way,” said Carl I. Hagen in a parliamentary debate in February 1987. “I trust obviously fully on Israelis and do not want to help throw some suspicion cutting Israel … “, followed Kjell Magne Bondevik up.

None of them were concerned with the embarrassing fact that peace nation Norway was responsible for the Middle East also had nuclear weapons in addition to its many other ailments.

cleverly compromise
Kompromissmakeren Thorvald Stoltenberg tried as Secretary to gain acceptance for a clean laundering operation that would not reveal anything, inspection outside Dimona plant. It was probably the most embarrassing moment in Stoltenbergs otherwise hederskronte career.

The proposal was then also very effectively shot down by the mildly unusual alliance between Conservatives Kåre Willoch and SV Theo Koritzinsky. None of them liked bluff. And least enjoyed the Israeli bluff.

The case became more and more inflamed. When Sysendammen government came to power in 1989, was Kjell Magne Bondevik and Foreign Minister Vollebaek his secretary. The shrewd diplomat Vollebaek quickly realized that it was impossible to get the Israelis with an effective inspection. Therefore, this requirement dropped. Instead claimed Norway back heavy water, such agreement from 1959 gave opening.

And so it was. 10.5 total of 20 tons of heavy water purchased Norway back in 1990. The rest had supposedly on strangely evaporated. This saved a show faces both in Tel Aviv and Oslo. In any case, it was now finally rest. Vollebaek negotiating partner was otherwise a young deputy foreign minister named Benjamin Netanyahu. His creative maneuvers we have heard more later.

A dangerous place
Through six Sundays battle for heavy water enthralled Norwegian television viewers. Vemork action has once and for all placed heavy water sinister possibilities in our consciousness.

There are also the story of heavy water sales to Israel home. It is the story of Norway made the world a more dangerous place. We failed as a nation of peace because someone put their private cynicism higher than the nation’s obligations. And Norway failed because no one had the courage and strength to stop this expansion of the world’s nuclear club.

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    Prof are there any respectable figures on the number and percentage of officially recorded figures of those registered as insane and criminally insane in Norway?

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