Aftenposten allows Nazi commentator on talk back

lifted from (very bad google translate but you get the gist) Go to the article to see screen shots of Nazi profile.

Aftenposten allows Nazi profiles in the comments
CHRISTIAN Borchsenius 02.09.2015 kl. 10:51
Harald Stanghelle revisionist and anti-Israeli comments Saturday (discussed here), accompanied by an equally outrageous comments section.

One reader, “Eva Hansen,” whose photo is a familiar face girl from Nazi Bund Deutscher Girl Scout Mädel, obviously inspired by Stanghelle’s comment:

Many of the key men behind the atomic bomb were Jews: Einstein, Oppenheimer, and others. Approximately half of the Nobel Prizes in Physics have also gone to Jews. Personally, I’m skeptical of the whole narrative behind the nukes, but it is another matter.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

This is such a clear message that it cannot be ignored. The picture leaves no doubt that “Eva Hansen” wants to flag that she is a Nazi. Who can get away with it in our days? Why does Aftenposten allow this? Could it be because the newspaper sees it in their interest? The name “Eva Hansen” is an obvious falsehood. To emerge as a Nazi in Norway today there are very few who dare and according to the rules of the it should never have been published. Anyway it has been published and it turns out that “Eva Hansen” has a history in several newspapers.

The danger with filth is that it attracts more filth. Was not the case that after 22/7 newspapers talk backs would be more policed? When objectiveness “above the line” is so lenient, it affects the comments “below the line” and serious voices withdraw.

“Eva Hansen” specifies in its Disqus profile that she is

“A Norwegian long scull woman battling the eradicating of us long sculls through mass import of non-Nordic DNA and bastardising.”

Nobody talks about “long sculll” anymore, this is language from the 20ies and 30ies in the last century, more than suggest that we are dealing with a provocateur. Equally suspicious is that this Disqus profile are allowed to operate in Aftenposten comment fields – and Dagbladet, Bergens Tidende and Adresseavisen – day after day, with neo-Nazi-inspired comments, without being banned. By reading the history we see that Eva’s comments have recurring themes of a race-mixing, the dubious nature of Jews  and the evils of the international bankingindustry.

Aftenpostens moderators delete reader comments if their content is “unfortunate” and deletes consistently all comments that do not use your full name. “Eva Hansen” has acted for a long time with a “transparent” name, with a Nazi portrait and with Nazi-inspired comments – but is still not deleted user. Extremely suspicious. Why do the “serious” newspapers tolerate commentators such as “Eva Hansen”?

Had such a profile appeared on an alternative web site would price has been high. Then you would have singled out immediately. But newspapers lets her words stand.

The moderating team at received one comment from “Eva Hansen” and threw her out immediately. Although the comment was relatively innocent, was the suspicion guard of the small profile picture (without swastika ) with combination blonde braids and brown uniforms. Strange about the country’s largest newspapers fail to see the same, after a long time.

Wolf, wolf!

PST threat assessment last week was that jihadists and extreme right nourish each other. we are not lacking in jihadists, but to balance the game maybe “rightist extremists”  need a little help? ABB was a “lone wolf” and it it is a long while since the murder of Benjamin Hermansen. Great efforts has gone into shaming  Pegida and Max Hermansen, but despite some missteps they fit not quite “template” right-wing. Maybe the “somebody” has decided to give the idea a little creative help?

Who could possibly want to “help”? There are several NGOs that will serve on such “evidence”. From Denmark we know that AFA people have created fictitious profiles. Norway has received Research Collective INFO, of the same type as the Danish Redox, who has been indicted for both surveillance and for having created fake profiles.

By accepting a fake Nazi profile makes the newspapers themselves complicit. Such provocation is a threat to free exchange of opinions. It is a threat behind. It appears to say “see what we can do, if you do not conform.”

A notoriously Nazi profile is a demonstration of power from the left side, and newspapers  join forces with them.

It is worth remembering Christian Høibo, PST informant who helped the founding of NDL. The story the media has not shown any serious interest for.


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  1. motti
    February 11, 2015 at 3:25 am

    This just keeps proving the fact that Nazis are not right wing at all. The official title of Hitler’s party was the National Socialist Workers party. No difference at all from the Socialist party of the Soviet Union, that called itself Communist. The left wing Nazi party went to war with the left wing communist party in Germany before the Nazis won by a democratic vote.
    The Nazis were only classified as right wing to differentiate them from Stalin’s communist Russia. I see no point in hiding the facts that Norway is traditionally a Nazi orientated land that admired Nazi Germany before it was invaded. How lightly the Norwegians were let off under the occupation.
    No wonder the Norwegians believe that the Israelis treat the “Palestinians as badly as the Nazis treated the Jews. Doesn’t that make sense? Add the lessons that the Arabs learned well from the Nazis, to tell the big lies enough and gullible people will believe them. In

    Why did people expect so much from a new government regarding its relations with Israel and the Jews? A few good people have no chance against the Nazi/Fascists establishment.

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