Dan Uzan – זכרונו לברכה

What a tragedy that is unfolding before our eyes.

After the brutal murder of Ilan Halimi 2006 by a gang of blood thirsty Muslims, the police investing the crime and other people in power tut-tutted and said, nah, this ain’t no anti-semitic crime. But we knew better. All the Jewish congregations and communities pricked up the ears and felt that old fear stepping out of the shadows.

Then followed, attacks against Jewish house of prayers, including the synagogue in Oslo ( the perpetrators, all of them of Muslim Pakistani origin, were later let off, although one of them, the terrorist Arfan Bhatti, did serve some time in jail), anti-Semitic attacks against Jewish cemeteries (also in Oslo), then we had the horrible pogrom in Oslo in 2009 (where nobody has been held accountable for the crimes committed). Meanwhile in Malmø, the crazy, evil mayor Ilmar Reepalu, denied that anti-Semitsm was on the rise, but to be safe, blamed it on the Jews anyway, for the alleged crimes committed by Israel. So, to avoid any problems, the Jews packed up and left.

In the era of the politically correct, we have heard politicians call for boycott of Israel (yes, again in Norway), share platform  and shake hands with people who openly call for the destruction of Israel (i.e. all the Jews) – yes that was the Labour party once more doing the double talk. With this, so-called leading academics and artists felt free to call for a cultural boycott of Israel.

Then, after the greatest tragedy in Norwegian modern history, the terror attacks of July 22, 2011, apparently it seemed perfectly logical for leading researchers at prestigious institutions to suggest Israel was behind it all (yes that was a Norwegian researcher).

After Toulouse, again there was a great reluctance to admit and appropriately act on the fact that the terror attack was perpetrated by a Muslim, with only Jewish victims. There was the expected hand wringing and teary speeches and all of that, but reality soon followed with more lax attitudes towards increasing vilification of Israel (Jews) that has become the norm in European newspapers (with Norwegian news papers leading the way), while more anti-Israel NGOs, with loads of money from – you guessed it – Norway, collaborate with whoever it takes to remove Israel.

And so on, and so on. But at one point it just became to bloody obvious. Anti-Semitism, dressed up as anti-Israelim, anti-Zionism, is in full flourish and people are not ashamed to show their true colors. Priests, politicians, researchers, academics lead the way, therefore, it is understood that it is correct to be against Jews. They can be killed in droves, in Brussels, in Paris or now, in Stockholm, but all who hate us have since long understood, there is no punishment for hating the Jews.

It is the politically correct thing to do



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  1. motti
    February 16, 2015 at 4:35 am

    Oh Prof, I honestly believe that since you have been in Israel, you do now understand the evil hate against us doesn’t just continue but has long been propagated by the establishment in most countries.

    I will be in Norway, against my judgement and awful feelings, just in order to see the family there. Sadly, I will not be there for 10the May when MIFF is holding their pro Israel rally in Oslo. I will be there for the 17th and will refuse to join in any celebrations whatsoever for their shitty independence day. A pity the Russians left Norway, they should have stayed there after the war. Perhaps then the Maoists, Leninists, Marxists and Trotskyists who run the country might have benefitted from the realities of life

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