Former PM Willoch accused of spreading antisemitism in Norway

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Parliament Politician blames Kåre Willoch for hatred of Jews in Norway
Erlend Wiborg (FRP) believes Willoch must take a share of responsibility for anti-Semitism.

Byline Hilde Erlingsen
Hilde Erlingsen

NRK journalist Fredrik Solvang asked Tuesday for help on Twitter to find a someone to say something about where hatred of Jews among jihadists coming from. It was not long before he got a reply from Erlend Wiborg.
– People like Kåre Willoch must also take their share of responsibility. He has contributed to anti-Semitism in general and given legitimacy to it, the parliamentary politician from Østfold wrote on Twitter.
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NRK says Wiborg that he stands for what he wrote.

– I was challenged on what is the reason we have an increasing anti-Semitism in Norway. I then referred to several things. One is single events when Kåre Willoch stated a few years ago that now could not Americans working for peace in the Middle East, because Obama had employed a Jewish politician, he says.

– But can you blame Willoch for Jew hatred in Norway?

– Yes, I think he is a contributor to it, says Wiborg.
Willoch: – Completely erroneous

The former prime minister says to NRK that Wiborg has taken it all wrong.

– It is a rather crude misrepresentation of what I said. The point was that they chose a person to lead a mediation situation that had volunteered on the Israeli side in a war against Palestinians. Misrepresenting this as if I should have some general resentment against Jews is fundamentally flawed, says Willoch.

He also believes it is utterly false that he has contributed to anti-Semitism.

– I’m serious fear that parts of Israeli politics is serious harm to Jews, because many almost unconsciously equate Israel and individuals. But there are many Jews in Israel who disagrees with the policy that many, including me, criticize.

Erlend Wiborg explains that he has already received many reactions for his initiative.

– They have been both positive and negative. But I detect that there are very many leftists who of course are going to attack instead of discussing the problem of anti-Semitism, he says.


As many clever people have pointed out, Mr Willoch hasn’t got a leg to stand on: his claim that Emanuel Rahm was going to be leading, or involved in the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians is wrong. Mr. Rahm was appointed Chief of Staff, and it was this Mr. Willoch criticised years ago

Excerpt from an article in Aftenposten January 14, 2009:

– It doesn’t look very promising, because he has chosen a Jew as Chief of staff, and very many American voters look more to the Bible than todays realities….. and a patently wrong interpretation of the Bible, Willoch answers. Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm “rhumba” Emanuel, is an orthodox Jew. According to the Chicago Sun Times, he served a couple of weeks as a volunteer at an Israeli military base during the Gulf War in 1991.

Not only has he tarred an observant Jew with his ugly brown brush, but he also ridicules the American voters AND presents himself as some sort of oracle on the true interpretation of the Bible.

Maybe his ego is a tad too big for him?