Harald Stanghelle – now seriously concerned about antisemitism in Norway/Europe

After having contributed, year after year, editorial after editorial, sickening cartoon after sickening cartoon, with spectacular, albeit murderous results, Mr. Stanghelle now is concerned about the resurgence of antisemitism.

A better breed of Human? Drawing by Ulf Aas, accompanying an article by Magne Skjæråsen in Aftenposten, June 6, 1992

A better breed of Human? Drawing by Ulf Aas, accompanying an article by Magne Skjæråsen in Aftenposten, June 6, 1992

Better late than never, but judged on past performance, probably a passing feeling.

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Harald Stanghelle: Its serious now!
Defeat. We never thought Jew hatred would again flourish in Norway.
Harald Stanghelle

We’ll just say it like it is: My generation has not seen it coming.

We were overly confident that the settlement with Nazism once everyone had vaccinated us Norwegians against antisemitism insidious poison. Therefore, we have not taken worrying signs acting seriously. Now we are in danger of losing our own inalienable tiny Jewish minority, while we are left with the ugly hatred.

It is our loss and our responsibility.

Catastrophic failure
In the near future should Parliament decide a proposed action plan for combating anti-Semitism. Last year was the Christian Democrats standing alone behind the same proposal. Now provide enough fateful events for wider support. It looks as if it must terror before seriousness clarified.

For it has not really happened anything new in the last year. We have long known more than enough that the ancient undercurrents that still exist in Europe’s collective consciousness, now flourishing in the face of a new and terrifying form of Jew-hatred. Tragically represented by young, angry Muslims with family background from countries where hatred of Jews and Jewish contempt is a natural part of the way of understanding the world.

The old ghost has found new and sinister vigorous forms. And we have failed disastrously to conjure it back in the political  cupboard.

And from letting it enter the saloons of the chattering classes .

The Jews’ responsibility?
In recent years, anti-Semitism once again been put on the Norwegian agenda. One minister after another has assured seriousness and effort. Lite and nothing happens. And meanwhile wins Jew hatred forward on one front section after another.

It is now 11 years since the teens Amitai and Julie told in this newspaper what it’s like to grow up as Norwegian Jews. A story about being proud of their own identity and origins, but also about being systematically harassed.

Yet, tragically, there was also the story of how Norwegian society reluctant to confront anti-Semitism manifestations. As when a principal at one of the capital secondary schools advised 19-year Julie not to wear the Star of David as necklace because it seemed “provocative.”

In lurid plaintext: Visible Done Jewish identity, the individual must bear responsibility for the consequences.

The sneer
It is nine years since the then Minister was challenged in Parliament to take the initiative to identify Norwegian students’ understanding of the Holocaust. The starting point was a report in Dagsavisen which showed that more young people do not believe that the Nazi regime mass extermination of Jews really took place. Antiracist Centre could tell of desperate parents and teachers felt that children and young people denied the Holocaust existence after devoured network neo-Nazi propaganda.

It is five years since anonymous Oslo teachers stood up in Dagsrevyen said students’ sneer when I talk about the Holocaust. ” Powerless told our youth coaches for a school day where “Jew swine” and “Jew fuck” is used as an insult and that “Hitler was right” hurled into the classroom.

There has been no shortage of signs of the times. There has been no lack of warnings. There has been no lack of concern. And there has not been a shortage of promises that the new anti-Semitism should be taken seriously.

Long-term implementation force is the only shortages.

The large vacuum
In 2009, the Holocaust center Harald Sysendammen all history books that are adopted after 2006 in both lower and upper secondary schools:

“A weakness of all learning works is that everything virtually stops at Auschwitz. Afterwards, it is just a big vacuum, “he concludes in an article in the journal Prose.

In 2012 came three researchers at the Holocaust Centre with clear recommendations for action in the report “Anti-Semitism in Norway.” Unanimously let Parliament proposal follow “to the protocol.”

Since little has changed.

Irresolute and woolly
In Oslo secondary schools, many teachers that it is difficult to teach assault on Jews, reads, in Our Country this week.

“We have a tradition of White Buses here at school. … But it is quite difficult with a trip that the should address the Jewish case, while perhaps a majority of students feel that it is the Palestinian cause is the most important today, “says a teacher in a report from the Institute for social research.

Ministry and school probably think they do their best. It’s just not good enough. It made for awkwardly splayed and woolly. For example writes Our Country that antisemitism is not mentioned in the competence objectives in the current curricula for our increasingly achievement-oriented and goal-oriented elementary school.

All prejudice’s mother
In the Norwegian debate we have had a tendency to equate anti-Semitism with racism. There are and will be incorrect. Jew Hatred is all prejudice mother. It frames with killing intensity a minority that ever since antiquity – some believe even earlier – has been chosen for contempt, persecution and scapegoat. There is no other prejudice which has proved so devastating, resourceful and tenacious as antisemitism.

Now haunt the once our battered continent. With renewed vigor it lives in Europe countries and cities. And unfortunately without Norway and Oslo is no exception.

The terrible it is true: For the first time in many decades means a visible Jewish identity an independent risk for the individual.

Breaks the self-image
In my first year as Aftenposten journalist, I wrote that “an incipient wave of antisemitism felt in Europe,” Norway is not an exception to this. It is 24 years ago. Then I had no imagination or pessimism large enough to sense the forces that were given growth conditions.

The growing hatred of Jews is met with recumbent resignation and public paralysis. Maybe all this is an expression of collective repression in a country where a vibrant and growing hatred of Jews breaks fundamentally with our national self-image.

The Norwegian story has no room to showcase Jew hatred ugly face. When we live better with a kind of quiet indulgence, interrupted only by the occasional moral indignation backlash after bursts method. To clean we increasingly place for anti-Semitism infectious expansion. And so moved imperceptibly limits in the wrong direction.

All glory to the brave Muslim youths who a week ago formed peace ring around the synagogue in Bergstien. We can not get enough of them. For if we look out over the rest of the landscape, it is due to fear. A deep seated fear.

It’s serious now!


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