Norwegian People’s Aid supports groups that want to eradicate Israel, now claims Israel is occupying Gaza

The Norwegian People’s Aid can’t help themselves. So deeply are they entrenched with the Hamas terrorists in Gaza and Palestinian “artists” in Lebanon who instil in their youngsters a vision of a Israel-free Middle East, that, if a week passes and Gaza no longer is a place of interest, then you can trust them to concoct some wild story, ignoring verifiable facts and serving a smelly stew of half lies and accusations.

I wonder how much tea spoon feeding this woman needs, on basic facts:

1) Israel is not occupying Gaza.

2) The blockade is legal

3) Israel lets through truckloads of humanitarian goods on a daily basis, only holding back materials that can be used for weapons production.

4) According to the various agreements the PA choose to ignore, is that it is the PA that is going to be in charge of the Strip, yet they repeatedly refuse to live up to this task, much more preferring to hold Gazan civilians to ransom for their fight with the PA

5) Egypt is enforcing much stricter restrictions on the Gaza strip, and have outlawed the Hamas, which they see as a main cause for the smuggling of weapons and upsurge in terrorist attacks in Sinai. Do I need to remind her of the buffer zone?

Surely, the lady is not that thick? She just hates Israel, and has no problems serving filthy lies to continue to compound the problem of anti-Semitism in Norway (and the rest of Europe).

6) Only a small fraction pledged to rebuild Gaza has actually been donated, so little is the appetite to continue to pour money into a notoriously corrupt and dangerous Gaza leadership

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Lift the blockade – rebuild Gaza!
In practice, 1.8 million people, half of them children, collectively imprisoned by Israel. The humanitarian situation has deteriorated significantly.

Liv Tørres

Secretary General of the Norwegian People’s Aid

On 26 February the six months since the last attack on Gaza. 2205 people, including 521 children, were killed during the 51 days. People who had not had the opportunity to build houses from previous attacks in 2008 and 2012, got the little they owned destroyed. Now they live among ruins from one war on top of ruins from another. For many on the ground is the difference between war and peace is increasingly a matter of die quickly in war or die slowly under Israel harsh blockade.
Impossible conditions
UN said already before the last bombing Gaza would be a misery by 2020 with current developments. Since the war in the summer, the humanitarian situation deteriorated significantly. Six months after the ceasefire is still over 100,000 Palestinians in Gaza homeless. In January died five children of winter cold.

Reconstruction after the war are deadlocked. Israel, which determines what items to be transported into and out of Gaza, does not allow enough construction materials from entering. 7000 tons of cement needed daily if reconstruction should follow the schedule. 25,000 tons have conceded so far – enough to cement five day reconstruction in six months.

Collectively jailed
Israel shows no signs of easing the illegal blockade that has lasted for seven painful years. Fishermen and farmers are still shot at by the Israeli army when they try to secure a livelihood. The vast majority do not go out of Gaza to visit family and friends or study. Power is cut up to 18 hours each day. It is difficult for people to obtain enough food. 1.8 million people, half of them children, in practice collectively imprisoned by Israel.
World fails
Meanwhile, the consequences of the blockade exacerbated by a critical economic situation. UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees has run out of money. This has made the United Nations in late January was forced to stop the rebuilding of homes in the Gaza Strip. The organization has also used up all the money to hire temporary housing to the many who lost their homes in the last war.
In this precarious situation, Israel has not helped ease the crisis. As a response to that Palestine has sought and been granted membership in the International Criminal Court in The Hague, holding Israel back Palestinian tax money for the second consecutive month. This is money that the Palestinians pay to the Palestinian Authority and that Israel collects on their behalf. The consequence of Israel withholds money is that public employees are not paid and that the authorities are not able to cover basic running costs.

And there is no doubt that there is a need for money. At the donor conference in Cairo in October 2014 committed countries from around the world to providing a total $ 5.4 billion for reconstruction, development and aid to the Gaza Strip. Only about five percent of the money is sent. Brende shall have praise for him along with the Egyptian authorities have sent solicitations that donor countries need to follow up on their promises, but so far we see few results of this.

Growing anger and frustration
People in Gaza are tired of that nothing happens. We who work inside look frustration and mind increased every day. 28 January this year forced violent demonstrators into the office of the UN Special Coordinator for Middle East peace process in desperation after UN let down a utility program that gave some of the hardest hit some money to live for.

There are limits to how long it is possible for leaders in Gaza to urge peace if there is no improvement in the situation. Before the last war was the only future hope many Palestinians in Gaza had. Summer war and the events then made also this scarce. Unless people see real improvements in the near future there is a danger that extremist groups may have increased support.

Lift the blockade – rebuild Gaza!
The crisis in Gaza is a political created humanitarian crisis, and it has political solutions. There are several measures Norway and the world can do to improve the situation. It is urgent now, more than ever.

Norway and the international community must ensure that international donor funds arrive and reconstruction actually takes place, so that people get a little hope left for the future. We must put pressure on the government of Israel and Palestine to ensure that the agreement that regulates the importation of goods are complied with and contribute to the building materials come in. We must also ensure that Israeli companies do not benefit from reconstruction.

Norway should prepare summaries of the value of aid projects and infrastructure that was destroyed by bombing in the summer and send the bill to Israel, as the UN relief agency for Palestinian refugees consistently do.

Secondly, Norway and the international community to be clear in its support for the coalition government consisting of Fatah and Hamas. It must total Palestinian leadership needed to form the basis for a lasting peace with Israel. Coalition government must begin to act as responsible authorities and take responsibility for governance in Gaza. The world community can push for this.

Last but not least: The international community must put pressure on Israel to suspend the blockade and occupation. The blockade of Gaza is illegal collective punishment. Gaza has the right to a life of freedom and dignity. Blockade and occupation are illegal under international law and breeds in addition hatred and bitterness. For Israelis and Palestinians would have hope for a future of peace and security, must blockade and occupation to end.

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  1. motti
    March 3, 2015 at 4:08 am

    Are they aware that Egypt has formally condemned Hamas as a terrorist group?
    Either they wish to ignore it in any case, or perhaps they just don’t keep up with the news, also more than likely?

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