Peace ring around Mosque – one of the sponsors, also sponsors wild conspiracy theories

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– Mosque Call organizer conveys jødekonspirasjoner
Writer John Faerseth thinks mosque ring approaches parody.
Turid Sylte

Solveig Staal was one of the sponsors when around 200 people Saturday afternoon formed a ring around the Central Jamaat-e Ahl e Sunnat mosque at Grønland in Oslo. On her Facebook page she January 27 Link to an article whose title said that 84 per cent among Palestinians believe that Israel was behind the attack on Charlie Hebdo. “So do I;)” wrote Staal post where she published link.

John Faerseth, journalist and writer, for Minerva and Free Thought, reacts.

– This is unfortunately just another example of how some in Palestinian activist communities allow their reluctance Israel go so far that it supports conspiracy theories. It is very sad, he says.

Faerseth emphasizes that he does not believe that this applies to the majority of Palestinian activists.


Faerseth have also seen that Staal on his Facebook profile has posted an article and comment saying that the Holocaust is a myth.

– Considering the mosque she and initiators have chosen, I think this is exceptionally unmusical. It approaches a parody of the great event that took place outside the synagogue a week ago, said Faerseth.

Main Imam Central Jamaat-e Ahl e Sunnat has previously stated that the Holocaust did not take place.

– If this event should combat Islamophobia, it opens with this for the opposite, namely to signal that anti-Semitism and Islam belong together, which I believe it does not, says Faerseth.


– My Facebook page is a discussion forum where I have 3,000 friends and 300 followers. I put things up there to debate, says Solveig Staal to criticism.

She says she will not be portrayed as an anti-Semite, because it is “far from reality”.

– I have never denied the Holocaust and support any kind of eradication of ethnic groups. It is a stance. I deny nor nothing compared to the attack in Paris, and does not support attacks on freedom of expression. It is important to think that I may have a way to express myself that can aim to provoke, in the same way as Charlie Hebdo, but in another form.

Staal says that she will not be opposed to someone’s belief.

– If I question the religion, so it is true of all religions, not just one. There has never been a goal to criticize Judaism, but Zionism, which many Jews ask critical questions.

About assertion that Israel was behind Charlie Hebdo attack, she says:

– It may have been formulated like afterwards when Netanyahu went to Paris and asked Jews to come home. It will lead to an expansion of the occupation with several settlements. Once again: This is critical questions and statements to create debate. I am often in discussions with Israelis, and they have always respected me because I never attack their faith, but actions, says Staal.

Faerseth encourage Staal to drive better source criticism before she shares things and others to be careful what kind of initiatives they meet up on.

Took distance

Lars Martin Dahl, priest in Greenland and Old Town church, participated in the commemoration at the mosque and held appeal.

– I have been asked why the mosque was chosen and the type of things. I think all appeals denouncing antisemitism. I think that Islamophobia and anti-Semitism is part of the same voices, says Dahl.

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He stressed that participants supported one case, discrimination against Muslims and probably disagree more. Dahl thought it was great that Ervin Kohn, head of the Jewish community, attended.

– I find it a bit ridiculous that in such marking shall be taken as what is said inside the mosque. Nor do I think that the Muslims who stood around the synagogue a week ago, are suspected to legitimize Jewish faith or preaching about Israel inside the synagogue.

– Looking at the criticism from Faerseth as an opportunity to question the conspiracy theories?

– Yes, I believe, is an important and fruitful conversation. We can not be silent when someone denies that the Holocaust took place, and these conspiracy theories must be killed, regardless of who espouse them. Unfortunately especially Jews such theories go beyond. But there are also conspiracy theories concerning Muslims, such as when Pegida stated that when Muslims struck ring around the synagogue, it was just to fool us, says Dahl.

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  1. motti
    March 3, 2015 at 4:17 am

    I came to the conclusion long ago that attempting to argue with facts or even to discuss reality with Israel’s critics in Norway is a total waste of time. Their inbred hate is so deep, it is impossible to eradicate.

    Just allow these filthy pigs to wallow in their own pool of hate. The stench from these awful people is enough to confirm just how they are so full of their own effluence. Disgusting people who dominate Norwegian society

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