NRK Urix (foreign) magazine continues it unchecked hate campaign against Israel

The NRK foreign policy program Urix has it in for Israel and does not shy away from breaching the most basic of journalistic rules to present its propaganda as crudely as possible.

Now that Norwegian journalists have been exposed and shamed for their anti-Israel bias and inability to check claims before serving them as “truths”, the NRK program leaders think they have done a great scoop when they hire in the biggest slut of all, Gideon Levy, as some sort of truth witness (he’s so sore he didn’t get the political career he dreamt of in Israel and is instead a guy for hire for anybody who wants to hear from him (funny, here in Israel he can’t get much of an audience… even if he paid for it) whatever gross lies that oozes over his lips.

In Mr. Gideons world, all of us Israelis are die hard rightists, who couldn’t give a rats arse about Palestinians or their suffering, just because we prefer saving our own lives when you know who fire rockets, grenades, blow us up in our coffee shops, wedding parties, night clubs, schools, more us down as we walk about doing our daily business, call for our extermination with among other, Norwegian tax money. He calls us racists, tarring each of every one of us with his masturbatory filth. And the NRK is more than happy to host him, and refuse any other point of view, even putting words that were not said into the mouth of the Israeli ambassador.

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Netanyahu’s serious warnings against being naive in the face of Iran, was NRK Urix counterattacked by accusations that Israel has himself to blame for being subjected to terror. NRK selected “expert source” claimed the speech in Congress was “a circus” and claimed that Israelis most is racists with empathy deficiency.
Tor-Bjorn Nordgaard

It was not unnatural that NRK foreign magazine Urix Tuesday night chose to focus on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s controversial visit to the US Congress earlier that same day. What was striking was three things:
Firstly got viewers presented a distorted picture of the contents of Netanyahu’s speech.
Secondly did NRK nuclear threat from Iran to an elephant in the room by giving the main theme of the speech zero attention in the analyzes.
Thirdly got a notoriously antizionistisk journalist leeway as unchallenged “expert source”. He got dehumanizing majority of Israelis in line with classic anti-Semitic beliefs, and he was allowed to leave the viewers will be left with the sad and worrisome conclusion that the Israelis themselves are to blame for the attack by enemies. In Urix shall narrative of Israel as the aggressor in the Middle East apparently confirmed any cost.

Distorted image of the content of speech
In the introduction to the program tells Gry Blekastad Almås viewers that “Netanyahu warned the United States against signing a deal with Iran in a controversial speech in the US Congress.”
Then served a cross-cutting assembly where a voice beside security barrier in the West Bank first says: “They say that they are fighting terrorism. I think that they create terror. “So toggles randomly selected clips from violent demonstrations where Palestinian stone throwers stopped by Israeli soldiers, and pictures of Netanyahu before and during the US-stay. “He’s going to protest against the Americans are negotiating a nuclear agreement with archenemy Iran,” says reporter voice. After some extracted sentences from Netanyahu’s speech that because of reporter stem while misinformation perceived mad context comes Obama in the picture and says that “Netanyahu’s alternative is to have no agreement with Iran at all,” before we all things get to see pictures of housing construction in the West Bank, followed by subjective information that Israel has added some more homes out to tender.
The stage is set. Not only cross mowers in the editing room have taken all measures in use of such strong visual pathos as possible to both question the Israeli prime minister’s credibility, and hinting that Israel itself is responsible for ensuring that they have enemies. They reproduce not even really know what it actually was Netanyahu said. Everyone who saw the video feed of the speech, or whatsoever’ve read some of Netanyahu’s statements to the press lately, you know that he did not went to America “to warn the US against signing a deal with Iran.” What he did was not to “protest against the Americans are negotiating a nuclear agreement with archenemy Iran.” And Netanyahu alternative is not “no deal at all.” He warned not against negotiations in itself, but against naivete and appeasement of a regime ruled by extremist terrorist shavings send despots. He warned not to enter into an agreement with Iran, but against making a bad deal, which will put Israel and world peace in danger. He failed not to propose alternatives. He said specifically what he thinks one should demand of Iran in an acceptable deal. But this has both Urix and the rest of NRK so far omitted altogether.

The actual content of speech
It may look like state channel like people mood in Norway at the end of the 1930s thrive better with ane peace and no danger, than to take seriously what it would mean if an Islamist terrorist regime gets nuclear weapons. Is that why they analyze a speech on this subject by making the actual topic of an elephant in the room?
– The alternative to a bad deal, is a much better deal, Netanyahu said.
Specifically he says no to accruals in the freezing of its nuclear program, and requires that facilities must be dismantled adequate and monitored sufficient that one can ensure a period of longer than one year from that any breach of contract to it will be possible for the regime to have produced finished nuclear weapons.
He put forward three minimum he believes the world community should ask to Iran before highlighting the international sanctions against the country:
– Firstly, they must end the aggression they show towards their neighbors in the Middle East. Secondly, they must stop supporting terrorism worldwide. Thirdly, they must stop threatening to destroy my country Israel, the only Jewish state, he said.
Can NRK journalists really consider this as uninteresting against the run of negotiation period?
NRK first of two “expert sources” who were interviewed in the program was the scientist Sigurd Neubauer. He explained that the speech in Congress must be seen in light of the alleged personal conflict between Netanyahu and Obama. Netanyahu was simply looking for “to crush Obama legacy issue, namely to improve US relations with Iran.” The speech was “a game where everyone got badly out of it.” Yes well. Then.

“The expert” as dehumanizing their own
In the last 11 minutes of the 20 minute long program, it Ha’aretz columnist Gideon Levy is in focus. He presented as controversial and hated among many of their own, and stands NRK light as someone who has paid a high price for being a kind of hero in truth service – one that “reveals what really happens in Israel backyard”. In an interview with he refers speech in Congress as “a circus”. Although he created a bit of a performance in Urix.
– Netanyahu not talking about the real issues, he began.
– If he will do something about terrorism, he must do something with the Israeli occupation. It is the biggest impetus for terror against Israel, postulated writer who is known to accuse Israel of both war crimes and apartheid from their antizionistiske standpoint.
First he rejects therefore that Iran poses no serious threat. Secondly he lays the blame on terror and the threats victims of the terror performed and stubborn threats performed. It is serious enough.
But the gloves come his earnest when he unleashed statements that are dangerously close to the old antisemitic mindset that stamps “other Jews” unless human characteristics than the “rest of us”.
He says straight out that the vast majority of Israelis during the Gaza war last summer faced reports of deaths on the Palestinian side “apathy”.
– You did not care to even the most compassionate level, he claims.
– They believe that Jews deserve all this land, and the Palestinians nothing. It is unacceptable, he says generalising.
And most of Israel is racist, must know.
– The majority of Israel’s right-wing, nationalist, and to a large extent religious and racist, he claims.
– But the majority often mistaken, it history has shown, says Levy. Implied is good we have such as him, who can demonize the rest.

– People hear only one narrative
In a short clip right in the interview with Levy, get Israeli ambassador Raphael Schutz get to say a few sentences. He does not refute Levys allegations, but he gets to tell “what he thinks about Levy”.
– In a way he does an important job for the Israelis, because he conveys knowledge about everyday life in the Palestinian society. It is something we will not know as much about from other journalists, said the ambassador.
– In Israel Gideon Levy important because we also have other voices. But the problem around the world is that we often only hear Gideon Levy, and not the other voices that we have in Israel. When you hear them, they come from people like me who previously suspected to be propaganda agents of the government my, he explained.
– Why is this brainwashing, ask Geoff Blekastas Almaas. That ambassador thinks it’s brainwashing, is a premise she added, the word was not mentioned by Schutz.
– Because people do not get to hear the narrative I try to bring out Schutz says.
It got neither Urix viewers. No need to be in doubt about which narrative is important there.

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  1. March 5, 2015 at 11:06 am

    Guess what the big issue on the news here in Israel? Norway! Not because of Norways extraordinary results at the Ski world championship, but for the refusal to extradite a known terrorist!
    Good work Norway!

  2. Eric R.
    March 8, 2015 at 3:11 pm


    With all the talk of Jews leaving Europe, do you have any idea how many have left Norway in the last 15 years, and how many are left? (I know there were less than 1,000 to begin with).

    Any guess as to when all of the Jews will be gone?

  3. Eric R.
    March 8, 2015 at 3:12 pm


    And given the refusal to extradite these terrorists, along with 1000 other things, can you please tell me why Israel continues to have diplomatic relations with Norway?

    Because I cannot think of a good reason.

  4. motti
    March 9, 2015 at 4:11 am

    Bibi accepted an invitation to make his address due to the concern of virtually all right wingers and many on the left who are more than worries about Iran and it’s actions in exporting terrorism and support to the organisations, its threats to wipe out Israel and slaughter the Jews. It’s efforts to obtain nuclear weapons in order to make their dream or nightmare come true.

    I blame Barak Hussein Obama and his far left cronies who refuse to accept facts and onlt show a lack of commitment towards its real friends in the Middle East. The Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan are all worried by Iran’s threat of force and see the USA’s climbdown and being taken out od the mis deats by China and Russia,

    As the late Margaret Thatcher said to the late Ronald Regean now is not the time to start wobbling, or words to that effect. There again, Obama is no Reagan and Cameron is no Thatcher.

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