Suspected terrorist of Paris deli Jo Goldenberg has found a safe heaven in Norway – Norway says crime too old and won’t extradite to France

Yesterday’s semi-surprise: Terrorists are hiding in Norway (they must have heard about how easy it is to hide as a war criminal in Norway). The French authorities have finally concluded their investigation into the 1982 terror attack on a Jewish Bistro in Paris (which reminds me to not call them if I need to put out a fire!).

The story was generously splashed about in the Norwegian media, but with the unusual twist that, rather than focus on the victims of the terror attack, they let the suspect in question reassure us all that he had nothing to do with it, and had never been to Paris. So, that is settled then in Norway, if the bloke says he didn’t do it, then of course he didn’t. Brings Clinton to mind. He also didn’t do it. OJ Simpson too says he didn’t do it, so perhaps they should ask for a retrial in Norway?

However, there is another reason why our own little Palestinian terrorist can sit comfortably in his home and claim his innocence: His adopted home land isn’t going to extradite him, so he never needs to man up and stand trial and to be thoroughly investigated.

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Terror accused Norwegian gets away with murder- because he is a Norwegian citizen and killings are obsolete
56-year-old who is wanted for terrorist killings in Paris, escapes prosecution. He became in 1997 a Norwegian citizen, and the matter is under Norwegian law obsolete.

The 56 years old Palestinian resident of Skien, and wanted by the French authorities for terrorist murders in Paris in 1982, will avoid prosecution. Under Norwegian law is terrorist killings obsolete and Norway will not hand over Norwegian nationals to other countries.

– Safe haven?

The man who French authorities now believe they can prove was involved in the bloody terrorist attack on the Jewish restaurant in Paris in 1982 – where six people were killed and over 20 injured – can probably enjoy freedom in Norway. Despite that French authorities should have secure evidence linking 56-year-old to terrorism.

The problem for Norwegian authorities – who are not interested in Norway to become an international haven for terrorists that 56-year-old Norwegian citizen for almost 18 years, and it takes a lot for Norway extradite its nationals to another nation. The crime is also obsolete in Norway, making it legally impossible to extradite 56-year-old France.

Communications Director Trond Hugubakken in Police Security Service would not comment on the case itself.

– On a general basis, I can confirm that Norway does not extradite its own citizen to another nation. Last year limitation period for murder cases changed. But the new law has not retroactive, says Hugubakken.

Norwegian citizen
56-year-old came to Norway in 1991, and got Norwegian citizenship in 1997. The French government and terrorist judge Marc Trevidic and his special investigators must have evidence that shows that 56-year-old belonged terrorist group to the dreaded Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal.

In August 1982 sent to the group toward the Jewish restaurant Goldenberg in the Jewish Quarter in Paris. The terrorists threw a grenade first, then open fire with automatic weapons. Six people were killed.

After almost 20 with investigation got terrorist hunters a breakthrough in the investigation in 2011. When he French authorities to tie the dreaded terrorist Abu Nidal – who himself was killed in Baghdad in 2002 – for terrorist acts.

French investigators have identified three people who should have been involved in the terrorist assassination. Two of the men, today reside either in the West Bank or Jordan. Third parties shall be identical to the 56 years old man who lives in Skien.

Dagbladet gets confirmed that Norwegian authorities several months ago was notified by the French authorities that a feared terrorist hid in Norway. And the French authorities would have the man extradited.

The 56-year-old claimed yesterday that he has never killed anyone. His Norwegian wife said in a telephone interview with Dagbladet that man has never been in Paris and that he was innocent.


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  1. motti
    March 9, 2015 at 4:03 am

    How bizarre, but then again, so predictable of the Norwegian establishment

    The USA finds out that a naturalised American citizen lied to obtain citizenship and or charged with complicity during the holocaust is expelled and citizenship is rescinded.

    Of course the answer ill be that friends of Obama are Zionists/. If only!

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