Welcome to the new Oslo – Muslim teacher applauded pupil who binned a book about Israel

Wonderful times in the Oslo schools. Pupils are encouraged to throw books about Israel, with Muslim teachers praising them for “knowing who the real terrorists are”.



lifted from vl.no (very bad google translate) and Document.no (ditto google)

Israel asks minister to stop hate speech
Israel’s ambassador asks Minister to stop hateful utterances in classrooms. Also ask about check of Oslo teacher.
Bjørgulv K. Bjåen

The information put on the table to Israel’s ambassador to Norway was of such a character that he had to  sit down and wrote a letter to Minister Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (H).

– I am sure you will take this story seriously, writes Raphael Schutz to the minister of Education in the Solberg government.

Israel’s envoy to Norway says that the information he has received involving a named  teacher in the Oslo school. Schutz writes that she seems to have a “problematic behavior”. Vårt Land keeps her identity anonymous.

– According to the information that is known to us, has (name of the teacher) nyleg posted an image, writes the ambassador and explains about the image that is published in social media:

Boka Let Israel live by John solsvik, journalist of the newspaper Dagen, lies in a trashcan.

Ten interviewed

The image is published in a closed group, but the online magazine Document.no has published a screenshot matching the information in the Ambassadors letter.

In the text that follows images the teacher wrote this, said Schutz – in English, whereas Vårt Land will use the text published on social media.

– I taught my students about The Middle East confict today where the management asked us to use this book as an example. As I handed it out, the result was like this (picture of book in the bin). Even children know that these are the real terrorists.

After the last sentence, there is a graphic symbol of two hands clap.

Let Israel live came out on the Christian publishing Lunde in 2012. Here interviewed John solsvik ten Israelis  “on their view of the conflict with the Arabs,” write the publisher. Among the ten; Avner Shalev, director of Yad Vashem, the official Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, and Michael Melchior, ex-minister and rabbi in Oslo.

Looking into the matter

Raphael Schutz concludes his letter to Minister Røe Isaksen to explicitly trust that the minister will make “education free of gross politicization and hate speech of all kinds.”

Beate Mikkelsen, press and information coordinator at the Israeli Embassy in Oslo, explaining why the ambassador’re discovering it natural to write to the minister:

– The information given to us, is serious. We wish to find out what kind of education we are talking about and we are interested in to know how theeducation authorities will deal with this matter, says Mikkelsen to Vårt Land.

The Ministry of Education tells Vårt Land  that the letter is being considered and that Ambassador Raphael Schutz will get answers soon. Beyond this the ministry declines any further comment.


At the Education authorities in  Oslo municipality we are told that the matter is being looked into but that they cannot comment any further now.

Vårt Land has tried to  contact with the teacher, but she does not answer.

After NRK in 2010 uncovered that pupils in Norwegian school of Jewish background experienced Jew hatred from Muslim fellow student, the Oslo municipality conducted a separate investigation into the matter.

The survey what was submitted in 2011 showed that almost each tenth student in junior secondary had experienced negative events on the grounds of religion or faith.

One out of  three Jewish children said  that they became victims of racism often. Only 5.3 per cent of Muslim children reported the same. More than 50 percent of the pupils had experienced that “Jew” was used to depict something negative.

this is the document.no (with real rubbish google translate) story referred to in the Vårt Land article. It makes my hair stand on end. How is this allowed to happen in the Norwegian school system?

Norway’s future teachers Norwegian “kuffar Children»
HANNE Tolg 22.01.2015 kl. 14.15
She is young, she is a woman, she is Muslim. And she has recently completed her teacher training Norwegian. She worked as an elementary school in Oslo. She is the flagship for multiculturalists. She is EVERYTHING Max Hermansen not.

We salute in excitement. Finally, we see that the integration works! Everything goes to. She puts such a good example for immigrant children. She is one of us. Her foreign culture is an enrichment, she brings new exciting things and mixes it with safe Norwegian values. She is the future.


For we swallow it raw. Our own holy conviction that Norwegian Muslims are “becoming like us” are mostly built on a naive wishful thinking. Why would Norway be the only country that “got it”. What do Norwegians to believe that we are so special, so good and that we have something to share that nobody else has?

There are many Norwegian teachers who dislike Israel and all the country stands for. But I dare say that there are very few people applaud when the textbooks that will provide a more nuanced view of the Middle East conflict thrown in the trash can in the classroom. And what a teacher says that Israelis are the real terrorists?

Our young heroine let this photo on Facebook with the text: “When one of my students put the book where it deserves to be.”

fb-screenshot-israel-school [1]

It is not certain that author John solsvik agrees that his book deserves to end up in the garbage.

But it did not stop there. Our hijab-clad girlfriend, who also wants a separate prayer room at schools and seems to be an active member in IslamNet, is also a supporter of Fahad Qureshi. She turns to Facebook again (maybe just fine for her future job plans that she has a closed Twitter account)

So integral is one thus of college education in Norway. “They” are orthodox Muslims, and “we” are kuffar. And not only that: We are kuffar who allow themselves to be fooled by clever young Muslim girls. Some laugh loud and long somewhere, and it’s not in Education in Oslo municipality.

We do not need many such teachers until we have established our own Trojan horse in the schools, as they did in several public British schools. Everything in our eagerness pounce on teachers as Max Hermansen while we carry forward young Muslim girls on straight arms.

For there will more teachers like this to Norwegian schools. There is a demographic fact. And they will be smarter. Facebook and Twitter blisters are soon a bypassed stage. There are beginner mistakes.

But one wonders what would have happened if one of her students had complained about her. I wonder if she, like Max Hermansen, would have been reprimanded, frowned, sick and hung out to dry?


In a follow up article, Vårt Land informs us that the teacher in questions has quit her job. Note that she has left on her own volition, not been investigated, cautioned, fired or anything any other teacher who might have wanted to question the way the integration of Muslims actually is working out in Norway.

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  1. motti
    March 13, 2015 at 4:49 am

    Here in Britain, the establishment or at least parts of it ate beginning to wake up from their Islamic trance. In fact, it is not just the old style right wing supported news media but those in the centre and centre left now begin to see the light.

    Sadly, the Jewish establishment is still just as nervous as the Norwegian one. Scared shitless to excuse my Anglo-Saxon expression.

    I am sure that perhaps in 20 years or so, assuming that the “Kuffirs still are in control and not the Muslims, people there, too, will come out of their self imposed sweet nightmare.

    Assuming that the binning of Israeli books will be followed by books sympathetic to Israel (do these even exist in Norway?), the next item will be the public burning of all Israeli items, books, films, life saving or life aiding items etc.. And once again the cry of Slaughter the Jews will be heard once again the the fair streets of Oslo, to be copied in Bergen, Trondheim, Porsgrunn, Molde, all the way to the far dark north.

    How wonderful it is to be a Norwegian steeped in ignorance and hate

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