Manfred Gerstenfeld: The Norwegian government should put together a committee to scrutinize the Norwegian anti-Semitism

lifted from Norge i dag 7/2015, pages 28-29, not online (google translate)

Manfred Gerstenfeld:

The Norwegian government should put together a committee to scrutinize the Norwegian anti-Semitism

– I consider it very important that there is now a single document in English that provides an overview of the anti-Israel attitudes and Israel Hatred rules the ground in the Norwegian Labour Party, as well as organizations that are closely related to them, like AUF and LO.


Specialist on terrorism and anti-Semitism, Manfred Gerstenfeld, said in an interview based on the publication of his latest publication. The manuscript, which he has written together with a Norwegian academic who wishes to remain anonymous user pseudonym Orna Orvell, titled (translated into Norwegian): “The Norwegian Government: Antisemitism and anti israel policy (2005-2013).” The booklet is published by Vidal Sassoon International Center for the study of anti-Semitism at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

You have recently published a monograph with Orna Orvell about the Norwegian government and anti-Semitism. What do you hope to accomplish with this release?

– It began with a lecture that I was invited to hold in March 2013 of what is probably the world’s foremost center when it comes to the study of antisemitism, Vidal Sassoon Center at the Hebrew University. They asked me to do a presentation of anti-Semitism and anti israelism in Norway. Slowly but surely, it has become known among experts when it comes to a number of aspects of these hateful topics that Norway was a European pioneer in the Labour-controlled governments under Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg from 2005 to 2013, says Manfred Gerstenfeld and mentions as an example an embassy employee at the Norwegian Embassy in Tel-Aviv who had been invited to come with counter-reactions against my lecture. She spoke and shared a page in English that was full of misleading claims that anti-Semitism in Norway is very low.

– She did not even mention the study of Norwegian anti-Semitism which was published in 2012 which stated that 38 percent of the Norwegian population expresses that Israel treats Palestinians as bad as the Nazis treated the Jews.

– I rebutted and corrected her erroneous remarks and explained that we can not limit ourselves to statistics about classical religious antisemitism. We have data on anti-Israelism is the third mutation of antisemitism – and this must also be taken into the equation.

Gerstenfeld says he received many questions during the lecture and that he, after the lecture was finished was requested by the Head of Department Robert Wist Rich to write a monograph on attitudes toward Israel and Jews in Stoltenberg Governments.

– Since I do not speak Norwegian myself, I asked a Norwegian scholar in comparative politics to assist me in the work. I had heard many bad experiences from people who had dared to write against Labour Governments. Therefore I recommended that she used a pseudonym. She chose the pseudonym Orna Orvell.

– I consider it very important that there is now a single document in English that provides an overview of the anti-Israel attitudes and Israel hatred in labor, as well as organizations that are related to them, as the party’s youth organization AUF. Another place in Norway where Israel Hatred grows and becomes practiced is the trade union LO. Their May 1 demonstrations in many places not only the standardized workers rights banners but also a uniquely Israel hating character, emphasizes Gerstenfeld., Who points out that the monograph also examines the activities within the Socialist Left Party, which was junior partner in the red-green government coalition.

– We have made all this material available in an orderly form for foreigners who can not read Norwegian, he says.

There is a strong possibility that the Labour once again comes to power after the next election. It will then most likely to be led by Jonas Gahr Støre. He was a key figure when it comes to anti israel attitudes of both governments. Therefore, this monograph also to get a secondary use in the future. Foreigners will then see Labour’s ambivalent attitudes Islamofascists Hamas, the largest Palestinian political party says Gerstenfeld and says that the former US ambassador to Norway, Benson Whitney wrote to the Foreign Ministry that Labor at several points supported Hamas.

– We have already received responses to the monograph. One of the readers wrote that Minister backed anti israel agitators as Gilbert, Fosse and Butenschøn much greater extent than we have mentioned. We have been told that Støre also falsely founded accused Israel of breaking international law when they attacked the so-called Gaza flotilla.It was pointed out to us that we should scrutinize Støre erroneous reactions when Syrians illegally tried to break down the border fence between Syria and the Golan. Other remarks pointed out the close relationship between Labor and the anti Israeli Prime broadcaster NRK.

Do you have any real hope that this is going to be read, and perhaps more importantly – understood – by Norwegian politicians?

– I have not the slightest doubt that the monograph is going to be read abroad. There is very little material available when it comes to antisemitism and anti-Israelism Norwegian available in English. The monograph will be made available at Vidal Sassoon Center’s website in their extensive data banks on anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism, says Gerstenfeld.

Gerstenfeld says that it is likely that the monograph  also will  to be published on other websites.

– In light of the increasing problems when it comes to anti-Semitism in Europe is a also a growing interest in this field and Norway is known as a problem source. The second edition of my book: Behind the Humanitarian Mask (Behind the humanitarian mask); which was published in 2008, is also available on the internet – for free. As I studied the numbers a few years ago, the sides had 15,000 visitors. Since then I am sure that many more have visited.

Whether monograph is going to be read in Norway – I can not say anything about. Nor was the main purpose of publication. Maybe I’m lucky enough that some institution or other is going to translate it into Norwegian?

What is the main thing Norway can do with this situation – and how it can be done most effectively?

– The most important is to examine how such a terrible view of Israel has gained a foothold in Norway – that 38 percent of the population see Israel as a Nazi state. The Norwegian government should establish a committee where at least international experts participating to study this scandalous perceptions and how it has become. If someone accuses someone of being criminals and these allegations are lies it testifies cruel people who are behind these lies. Naturally Stoltenberg governments, Labor, AUF and LO all played a significant negative role in promoting this hatred, but there are also many per-zones within the media, church, non-governmental organizations, academics and more emphasize, Gerstenfeld.

– It is all very easy to understand. If one promotes extreme criminal charges of others, it suggests to you yourself have a criminal attitude, says Gerstenfeld and dishes finger saying “In themselves know one.” I suppose it’s about-broadcast four million Norwegians who are older than 16 Where-as taking 38 per cent of these one must conclude that there are about 1.5 million Norwegians with a criminal attitude. Once you have such an attitude is the not limited to Israel alone. This should worry the Norwegian government, he said.

– A completely different matter is the Muslim antisemitism and the Muslim anti Israelism. In all countries that have been investigated, this hatred among Muslims is significantly great. Therefore these attitudes should also be studied in Norway.

– Finally, I would say that if the Norwegian government is interested in following up this monograph should I more than happy to help with detailed proposals on how they can do it, says Manfred Gerstenfeld accommodating.

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  1. PeaceKeeper
    March 18, 2015 at 2:12 pm

    Palestinakomiteen with its members in LO – Arbeiderpartiet – Rød Valgalianse together with NRK and most of the Norwegian media has since the 60 – 70 been anti Israel. They even tried to make a myth about that Norwegian UN soldiers became anti Israel after serving in Lebanon. The truth was, and is, that they were anti Israel before they even touched Lebanese soil, and most of them did not have a clue in regards to what was going on. Odd Karstein Tvedt served as a media liaison in Lebanon, and would never cover anything the Palestinians did against the mandate, but he would blow up unproposional whatever Israelis were doing, and nobody opposed it, If you tried you would be become very “unpopular”.
    Jewish swear words used by Norwegians are not even commented upon when uttered. Circumcision debate died because “some people” discovered that it was not only performed by Jews.

  2. motti
    March 22, 2015 at 6:33 am

    So the new government has not really changed anything, as I forecasted long ago. The establishment will not allow it to do so..
    Although the left parties here are just as bad, at least a responsible attitude is now taken by the right wing. Including funding now of ~Jewish establishments protection. Still denied in Norway?

    Really. Israel should have cancelled all diplomatic ties long ago. who the hell needs Norway? Only the Muslims. No doubt in 50 years time, allowing that most iindigenous Norwegians are still the majority might question what has happened in their name??????

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