not very cheap to be Jewish in Norway, community hit by staggering customs charge for kosher meat products

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Listhaug gave Jews customs shock
A kilo (2lbs) kosher minced meat would cost almost NOK 300 (£25), according to minister of agriculture Sylvi Listhaug (Progressive). Now the measure is being reconsidered.
Bjørgulv K. Bjåen

– Is the Norwegian government interested in having Jewish life in Norway, ask Ervin Kohn, leader of the Jewish community.

When minister of Agriculture Sylvi Listhaug presented the new tariffs on imported kosher meat – meat from animals slaughtered by Jewish traditional slaughter method – Kohn was very upset:

– We are not allowed to use the Jewish slaughter method, so we must import all of our kosher meat. As a result, 2 pounds of minced meat costs almost NOK 200 in our community shop. With the new customs tariffs, the price would soar to an eye watering NOK 300,  says Kohn, and adds:

– It is expensive to be a Jew in Norway.

Same price

Kohn believes kosher meat should have the same price as all other meat that is sold in Norwegian grocery stores.

– Why should it be more expensive to be a Jew? We think state here should subsidize kosher products so we get normal prices, Kohn says.

He points out that at around Christmas the last years there has been a shortage of pork ribs for the traditional Christmas dinner in Norway:

– What has been done then? Indeed, the  government has opened to cut tariffs on imported pork meat so that Norwegians can purchase cheap pork products.


The new price list shows how the ministry of agriculture expects jews to accept a price hike by 30-40 to 80% on basic food items.

Vårt Land has asked minister of Agriculture Sylvi Listhaug why there was such a steep hike in tariffs on these products, however, the minister was not available for comments.

Listhaugs secretary Hanne Maren Blåfjelldal (progressives) writes in an e-mail to Vårt Land that the Ministry suspends the measure until further noticetrekkjer return rate until further:

– We have received reactions on the level of tariffs on kosher food. On this basis, the ministry of Agriculture and Food is requesting the Directorate of Agriculture that they reconsider this tariff hike.

Zero tariff

Ervin Kohn expects the tariff on kosher products to be reduced to zero.

– If this is impossible the state should go back to the old scheme with a tariff of NOK 2.40 per kilogram in customs duty on imported kosher meat items.

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  1. motti
    April 4, 2015 at 3:36 am

    Jew hating bastards that is all they are in the Norwegian establishment.

    Why doe the Jews remain where they are unwanted, despised, hated, spat upon, assaulted mentally, physically and socially? What idiots they are. I am sure the reports from Dr Gerstenfeld alone will confirm the anti-Jewish mentality and laws that exist in Norway. Even with a supposed more “civilised” government, the situation has not changed

    Even if they don’t want to go to Israel, they should seek political asylum in any other western country where Jewish values are still valued.

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