Self-hating anti-Semitic Jews invited to elitist cultural event

Only in Norway… on the heels of world fame for terror-exporting town Fredrikstad, we now excel in inviting anti-Semites to freely spread their drivel among the chattering classes.

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Warns against acceptance of Jewish self-hatred
Tuesday 07 April 2015, at. 10:44 Updated: Tuesday 07 April 2015, at. 10:46
Tore Hjalmar Sævik
Controversial ex-Israelis shoulder Gilad Atzmon claims that Jewish power is a global threat and that Israel is worse than Nazi Germany. Author John Faerseth responds that he drops on Litteraturhuset.
Tuesday, April 14, there shall be foredag ​​and concert with author and jazzsaksonfonist Gilad Atzmon on Literature House in Oslo. Organizer is the association “Friends of Jerusalem / al-Quds”, which is headed by Trond Ali Linstad. The Muslim doctor and Palestinian activist will also be a presenter.

In 2012 Linstad deprived King’s Medal of Merit in silver before it was handed over. One reason was his “written statements which seem likely to discredit Jews as a people and memories of the special flora of stigmatizing conspiracy theories about the Jewish people,” stated a press release from the Royal Palace.
Author and jazzsaksonfonist Gilad Atzmon. Photo: Bryan Ledgard / CC / Flickr

Left Israel
Now the Linstad spearheading an arrangement with a debater who has gone considerably further in its claims about Jews influence and agenda.

– We think Gilad Atzmon is an interesting person who has many exciting things at heart, says Linstad Dagen. He describes “Friends of Jerusalem” as a loosely assembled group that is concerned Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Atzmon has denounced the Israeli citizenship and describe themselves not as a Jew, but Hebrew-speaking Palestinian resident in England.

– He has been a soldier in the Israeli army and dreamed of dying for Israel in battle. Then he starts to realize that this country is actually taken from the Palestinians, says Linstad.

Despise Jewishness
Although criticism goes much further than what is common in the Israeli left. The controversial standpoints to Atzmon is particularly evident in the book “The wandering who?” From 2011. There he writes among other things:

“We must take accusations that Jews are trying to take over the world, very seriously. Israel is our time Nazi Germany. Indeed Israel today worse than Nazi Germany, “according to the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

Atzmon declares himself as a “proud, self-hating Jew” and stressed that he “despises Jew in himself.”

– Jews who really helped mankind are those who hated herself. Jesus was a Jew who hated Jews, as did Spinoza and Marx, he said in an interview with the Israeli newspaper.

The Jewish Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz argues book contains a clear anti-Semitic message and is written by one of a notorious Jew hater, according to an article on the website

“Prophetic” forgery
Linstad believes that Atzmon not problematize Jewish faith or descent, but a “clan thinking” and ideology associated with Jewishness and Israel.

– It’s easy to lose perspective and balance. Everything that serves Israel is good. If this turns out in international situations, it becomes really dangerous. On this basis, one is partly to bomb Iran, says Linstad.

– What do you think about the claim that Israel is worse than Nazi Germany?

– He takes into sharp, but it seems I’m not so interesting. The point that one must not talk away from, is: Does the displaced Palestinians, says Linstad.

Atzmon awards the anti-Jewish publication “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” prophetic gravity. It was released in Russia at the beginning of the 1900s and describes an alleged Jewish plan for world domination.

– He says the very clear that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a forgery, says Linstad.

But he notes that Atzmon believes leaders in Israel today continues an old idea that Jews should rule.

– The bombs like today, they often starts wars. They bring understanding of this holiness, says Linstad.

Utøya allegations
Author and writer John Faerseth has worked extensively with antisemitism and conspiracy theories.

– Despite Atzmon itself is of Jewish origin, he represents one essentialises and racist form of antisemitism where Jews must cease entirely to be Jews to become part of humanity, which he himself has stated. In addition, he represents a conspiracy culture where Jews are blamed for being behind everything from gay liberation to Utøya massacre, says Faerseth Dagen.

He refers to an article on Atzmon own websites from July 2011 where he asks whether the massacre was a response to AUF requirement boycott of Israel.

Holocaust religion
In two posts in Aftenposten Faerseth challenged Litteraturhuset to ponder whether it is time to put a limit to whom they will rent to.

In a reply post in the same newspaper has Atzmon confirmed several of its controversial positions, including that the Holocaust has become a kind of “religion” that is harmful to the Jews and the rest of humanity.

Atzmon emphasizes that pointed “ideological and spiritual ties between Behring Breivik, Zionism and Israel” and states that he had “no information to point clearly towards Israel, its agents or its helpers.”

“I have recently come to the conclusion that the point of Jewish power not least to prevent discussion about Jewish power. Instead of facilitating discussion on one of the main problems in the modern world, will have Faerseth burnings and prohibiting debate “writes Atzmon.

Will not stop
CEO at Litteraturhuset, Andreas Wiese, emphasizes that it is the union Friends of Jerusalem that organizes lecture with Gilad Atzmon.

– Litteraturhuset are here only the landlord. We are an open house and rents out a thousand external events annually. If we were to advance check the contents of each of these, we had not managed to do so much. We believe in freedom of speech. As long as we do not suspect that someone will break Norwegian law, it is not natural to consider refusing any hire room with us, explains Wiese Dagen.

Palestine Committee out
Wiese emphasizes that Litteraturhuset responsible for the content of their own events. But he believes it could go on free speech loose if Litteraturhuset was only open to opinions that are widely accepted.

– Aftenposten has also printed a reply Posts by Gilad Atzmon. Believes Faerseth that the newspaper should not done so, ask Wiese.

Faerseth denies that he will restrict freedom of expression.

– Freedom of speech means that everyone has the right to express themselves, not that all shall be given a soapbox. I have little faith that trolls cracks in the sun, as some believe. Instead this event will help to make the attitudes Atzmon represents more housebroken, he says.

Palestine Committee relayed first invitation to the seminar with Atzmon. Later it was decided to withdraw it because Atzmon has a “vague relation to anti-Semitism.” They show including his statement that it “always poor Jewish behavior that brings disaster upon the Jews,” which was presented by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz earlier this year.

Israeli reaction
Israeli Embassy in Norway has reacted strongly to the event.

“While serious cultural venues would never allow themselves to be hosting racist or Islamophobic speakers, does not exist such restrictions when it comes to Israel. When it seems that every sentence, even the most hateful, disdainful and absurd, to be hypocritical protected by freedom of expression, “the embassy said in a statement.

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