Bloodbath in Yarmouk, Pal friends no where to be seen.

apparently its not only me who thinks the silence from the Palfriend camp is rather worrying. Perhaps their commitment to the plight of Palestinians is only limited to bashing Israel? Jerusalem Post journalist and writer for the Gatestone Institute Khaled Abu Toameh has put it very succinctly in this post, but lo and behold! Even persons who are quite critical of Israel and frequently posts comments to this effect on various debate forums…


Lifted from, posted by Arne D. Danielsen (bad google translate)

Where are they all?

Where is Mads Gilbert, where is the Palestine Committee, KKV (record label Kirkelig Kulturverksted, avid boycotter of israel) and bishops and where is Audun Lysbakken and the press and others who wish the Palestinians well?
Yes, where are they all who protest furiously, demonstrate and write angry comments and crowd radio programs, when there is conflict – in Gaza and the Palestinian territories?
In the flow of news from all Middle East wars, conflicts and bestiality we have in the last few days been informed of the tragedy in Yarmouk – while it lasts. About another few days will probably other tragedies have media and thus everyone’s attention.
In Yarmouk lived until 2012 150.000 people – predominantly originally Palestinian refugees. 130,000 are now displaced, thousands are killed and 18,000 are trapped in the IS has now turned into a bestial slaughterhouses.
Yarmouk was established as a Palestinian refugee camp outside Damascus in 1957. The area has developed into a well-functioning district. This writer was in the Syrian capital  just before the Civil War broke out in 2011 and wanted then to visit precisely Yarmouk. The area didn’t look very different  from other neighborhoods in the metropolis. There were hospitals and schools, shops and small industries, cafes and marketplaces and 3 and 4 storey residential building which is typical for most districts.
In 2012 fighting broke out between the Free Syrian Army and PFLP-GC which was supported by the Syrian army. This meant that most had to flee. Most of these again are now in refugee camps in neighboring countries, and some are internal refugees. Those who remained have, like the rest of the population in Damascus lived with rationing and restrictions. Electricity is supplied one hour each afternoon and small gas rations that barely suffices for cooking food. Winters in Damascus are cold. Without heating means is it an ordeal. And then came the IS in early April. And thus all hell broke loose again.
NRK reports that “… the death squads and snipers raging in the bombed-out streets. Grotesque images of severed heads and shattered bodies have received the UN and aid agencies to raise the alarm, and the fear is that the Yarmouk camp will be a new Srebrenica ”
On behalf of the embattled in Yarmouk is impossible not to ask this most natural and timely question:
Where are you all? These poor souls had used attention and support of all who have a heart for the Palestinians – if that is what they really have, a heart for the Palestinians? This appears to be rhetorical, and so it is, but it is also a real problem.
It may seem that what is a global reality emerges as a disproportionate commitment to the Palestinian cause, albeit after what we understand, only in the Palestinian territories in the West Bank and Gaza, and is dependent on another component. The trigger seems to be Israel. Without Israel would probably have been more involvement proportionally, ie almost absent, as compared to all other of the world’s constantly shifting and conflicts.
Here, some surely parry with that without Israel would not be any suffering to engage in. If we know nothing. The vacuum, as the British left in 1948, it would undoubtedly be filled by neighboring Egypt and Jordan, and maybe even Syria would have demanded his? To Palestinians would become subject to Egyptian, Jordanian or Syrian control. A separate Palestinian state would not at all been the topic.
As we know, Israel has received considerable attention in the Western press and public opinion since the state’s creation. Meanwhile, conflicts have prevailed in neighboring countries. And if there has been no conflict, then there has been rule of brutall oppression, terror, violence, torture and murder. And if there has been no political conflicts, then it has been religious. Chances are that there would have been enough to be engaged in on behalf of the Palestinians without Israel’s existence.
But would it have  happened? Had western public opinion involved – without the crucial component Israel? Hardly. For it is at all times too many conflicts in the world, and conflicts that are far worse with more repression, higher homicide numbers and worse suffering.
But right now it’s Yarmouk thats the epicentre of evil and suffering So where’s Mats Gilbert, where is the Palestine Committee, the KKV the bishops and where is Audun Lysbakken and the press and others who wish the Palestinians well? The question is actually not meant rhetorically.