More Antisemitic drivel from the Norwegian Labour party officials

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County leader for the AUF (Labour youth organisation) comes home from the West Bank with harassment of Jews in his luggage

(follow link to see screenshot from blog post to Kai Steffen Østensen, county leader for AUF Vest-Agder.)

Kai Steffen Østensen uses the word truth 13 times in a short article. But the image he conveys is far from the truth.
Conrad Myrland
10/04/2015 10:04

Kai Steffen Østensen is county leader for Labour Youth organisation in Vest-Agder. During Easter he was touring with Joint Committee for Palestine in the West Bank. It might not be a bomb that he comes home with a bit of Jew harassment in his luggage.
“Dad has taught me to hear everyone’s sides to be able to comment,” writes Østensen. Yet he renders accusations that Israelis deliberately and with evil intentions punched a Palestinian woman in the stomach so that she lost the baby she was pregnant with – not just one, but twice. “His two unborn children are killed. That is when I break down. They have murdered. With raw evil, ” Østensen pontificates. He does not seem to offer a thought that the picture might be more complex. He does not mention that this Palestinian activist since has received at least four children. He does not take, as activist himself admitted to a group in 2011, a court found that settlers was not responsible for his wife’s miscarriages. No, instead  Østensen claims that “Palestinian women experiencing it every week.” It is amazing that it is possible to lie as much in an article that mentions “truth” 13 times.

Lying about the wall
Østensen calls Israel’s security barrier in the West Bank  “Berlin Wall 2.0”. So blinded can a person be. The Berlin Wall was built by a communist regime to prevent their own citizens to flee thereby damaging the regime’s reputation. Israeli wall (which is essentially fence) is built to protect their own citizens, not least Jewish refugees from communist regimes and Arab countries, and prevent hostile elements from entering Israel to cause death
The wall takes away from the Palestinians’ freedom to live, “claims Østensen. He forgets that the level of violence in the West Bank has dropped dramatically after the barrier was built. The security barrier has given thousands of people who would otherwise have been killed freedom to live.

Lying about ethnic cleansing
Then follows ØSTENSEN most serious lie: “The truth is that the Jews who once were cleansed out of the Nazi society today are more of them behind the modern world’s biggest ethnic cleansing.” This is Jew hatred of the worst kind. The Palestinian population in the lands that today is Gaza, Israel and the West Bank has increased by a factor of ten over the last hundred years. The population growth continues at the same pace also today.
Østensen mentions not a word that Arab brothers and cousins ​​of the Palestinian activists they met has conducted a large-scale ethnic cleansing of Jews from Arab countries. In 1948, Jews who lived in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem cleaned away to the last man and woman. The Labour youth politician leader did not mention how Christians, in the latter half of his own life, has been chased out of Iraq by the millions. He seems unaware of the long list of ethnic cleansings in modern times, how many had death toll and refugee numbers that far surpasses anything that is seen in the wars between Israel and the Palestinian neighbors.
Østensen draws parallels to the Nazis and reviewing Jews “today perpetrators”. Some Jews fighting for the rights of Palestinians, he writes, but “the rest using tear gas, night raids and heavy machine guns as rebuttal.”
AUF leader claims Israel “systematically wanting” to cut the water supply to Palestinian areas. He does not mention that it is Israel that has built the water system in the West Bank after 1967, given the Palestinians vastly more access to water.
Hebron call Østensen for “ghost town”. If nothing else can reveal propaganda tone of the article, so it is well this. Hebron is the largest Palestinian city in the West Bank, with between 175,000 and 250,000 inhabitants.

Evil eye
The Labour youth politician concludes as follows:
“I have seen evil in the eye and I’ve seen how Israel uses the old testament to political, administrative and military colonize what once was a sacred place. Now the country Hell on earth for millions. I can say that, because I have seen it, and because I am pro-Palestine. ”
I do not know when Østensen believe this land was a sacred place. When it was conquered by the Jewish tribes and was the center of a Jewish kingdom through several centuries in the past millennium BC? Was it sacred when the Romans occupied the region? Was it sacred when Muslim forces occupied area? What makes it less sacred today, when Jews again have regained control of the area?
Obviously, the situation for many Palestinians in the West Bank is tough. Unfortunately they choose their leaders to continue the conflict for decades by rejecting that Israel should remain a Jewish state. It does not get better by the fact that the Palestinian Authority is thoroughgly corrupt and political freedoms and rights are meager. But one asks UN, which I reckon that AUF leader gladly helps the situation is not hell. In 2014 ranking of living conditions came “Palestine” on 107. place overall 187 countries. Indonesia, Egypt, Bolivia, Moldova, Philippines and South Africa are countries that are among the first eleven countries that come after “Palestine.”
In 2010 Forbes magazine ranked 155 countries for “happiness” (happiness), built on extensive polls on how people in individual countries themselves perceive their situation. Here lay the Israelis shared 8th place with Canada, Australia and Switzerland! Palestinians lay in place no. 96 – it’s the way they experience it when they do not crisis maximize the cameras to Norwegian visitors on solidarity visit. Turkey was in place 103, Egypt and Syria shared 115. space, to compare with anyone.
When will Østensen home from some of these countries and select “evil face” as a heading for his blog post? No, such headlines reserved enough only when an accusing index finger is directed against Israel and Jewish State.

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  1. motti
    April 22, 2015 at 4:13 am

    National socialists, International socialists, Communists, Labour party, Marxists, Leninists, Stalinists, PLO/PA, Hamas, IS, Islamic led countries, they all share a common bond. Hate the Jews and Israel. What terribly nice people. Not!

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