Labour Party massively votes to recognise Palestine. Aftenposten celebrates by allowing a thoroughly antisemitic comment

It came as no surprise. The single-most important issue for the Labour crowd has been to favour the Palestinians and never question the hate-speech that emanates from Gaza and Ramallah on a daily basis. Although, to be precise… Israel too has recognised Palestine, but we are terribly reluctant to see Mr. Abbas, who enjoys the respect and loyalty of absolutely nobody (apart from European politicians who dream of becoming the peace maker of the Middle East, neigh – the entire world, at the expense of the Christian and Jewish minorities in the Middle East), being thrown off the roof in one of those bloody dingdongs that characterise the relationship between Fatah, represented by Mr Abbas, and Hamas, represented by Mssrs. Haniyeh and Mashal. Plus and endless list of other blood feuds that make the idea of a Palestinian people ready for nationhood risible. For this we can be sure of, unless we wait until we have 1) relative more quiet here in the region, i.e once Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya, Jordan, etc, etc have more or less been sorted out and 2) somebody to negotiate with in earnest, this whole Palestinian thing is going to blow up in all our faces, including the Palestinians themselves. I don’t know about the Labour party latte drinking elites, but I don’t particularly want to be slaughtered by neither the Hamas (they have our extermination in their charter FYI), Hezbollah (ditto), any other Iran supported terror outfit (ditto), ISIS (ditto), and a long list of other results of poorly thought out policies and “peace” initiatives. So I think it is fairly well understood around there: When things look like they are going to blow up, then it is best to be unpopular, but still alive….

Labour leader Jonas Gahr Støre implored his party goers – err, I mean to say delegates to the annual Labour Conference –  to see both sides of the story and to not demonise any one of the parties of the conflict, he was still lying through his teeth with claims that Israel has no intention to negotiate with the Palestinians (based on what PM Netanyahu said prior to the election here in Israel in March), but of course Netanyahu speaks to the home public and we are barely done licking our wounds after a very traumatic summer, and with more rockets than all of Europe has got piled up on the Lebanon border, right under the nose of the UN peace keepers, we are not exactly trusting that anything really hot is going to happen in the next two months. But in Gahrs universe, it is us Israelis who are in the wrong (he barely could restrain the howling wolves who wanted to make it official policy to punish Israel – yes, thats actually the kind of language thats being used about Israel in these circles), so even if he did minister to his minions to not demonise the Jews, the Labour party has been conspicuously silent when prominent members of their organisation have splashed their hatred of Jews on social media, in newspapers, on radio programs – oh and not to forget – one of the toy-boys now wearing a very big wig, spends time shaking hands with people like Haniyeh, who makes no bones about his desire to kill Jews. Perhaps Gahr Støre should make a little bit of an effort to rein in the hatred that runs so freely from his quarters?

Anyway, Aftenposten, almost coming it their pants from the excitement that a Palestinian state had been officially accepted by the Labour Party, published an oped on why they think a Palestinian state now is overdue and necessary (however, they also fail to clarify which Palestinian state they think of, the Islamic paradise presented by Hamas, or the thoroughly corrupt one managed by Abbas – for the time being)? Anyway, while claiming to be fully on the side of the Jews (but perhaps not the naughty Israeli ones, who didn’t obey the strict orders to not vote for Norwegian journalists – and politicians, pundits, snotty kiddos wriggling their way through the broiler factories that now make the politicians we suffer today –  favourite bogeyman – Netanyahu, they managed to let this fabulous piece of antisemitic drivel through their strict, but fair moderation…


It – in the words of a certain Mr. Inge Steenfeldt-Gjersøe- says something along the lines of:

The UN used the chop up land to divide Israel and Palestine after WW2. After the ensuing independence war, the Jewish State has gradually become enlarged and Israel’s newly established borders, they have themselves drawn up. As you can see from the attached photo, its fairly descriptive with regards to Israel’s actions. Israel has also not signed the Atomic Non-Proliferation Treaty. As was once said: Our race is the superior master race. We Jews are holy gods on this planet. We are so different from the other inferior races, as they are from insects. The truth is that other races are like animals, at most like cattle, compared to our race. Other races are like human excrements. Our destiny is to rule over these inferior races. Our leader will rule over our earthly kingdom with an iron fist. The masses will lick our feet and serve us like slaves. This was said by Israel’s prime minister, Menachem Begin (1977 – 1983) in a speech to the Knesset, quoted in a book by Amnon Kapeliouk ” Begin and the beasts), new statesman, June 25, 1982. This illustrates to me, with all clearity, that we are dealing with one of the most race-conscious nation in the world. And they are filled to the brim with hatred of other people. They tear down and break up the communities of people so that they might gather all peoples under the heel of Israel. The Bolshevik revolution in 1917 was the bidding of the Jews. And why was the Czarist Russia thrown? Not only to politically take advantage of the situation, but also as revenge against anti-Jewish laws. IN the same manner they tried to break down Austria and Germany and impose on these countries the Jewish-communist rule, and thereby pave way for their own fiefdom.


So welcome to the brave new world where Jews are being murdered on the streets of Europe, where politicians and editors alike are shocked by this violence and hatred, and swear to sort it out. Only to utterly fail to confront said hateful attitudes among their own, and  – out of frustration that their millions that they have thrown after the Palestinians, has not benefitted the ordinary Palestinians, but greased the pockets of the already very wealthy, demand of us who live here in Israel to take the bullets as helpless as the victims of the Hyper Casher massacre.



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  1. motti
    April 22, 2015 at 4:22 am

    Tut Tut,. After WW2 there was Transjordan which contained 78% of Palestine. Then the smaller are still named Palestine. Strange how history books and historians forget that the east bank was taken out of the question by Winston Churchill. all to placate a Hashemite bastard from what is now Arabia who became a king in Palestine.

    Only in 1948 when the Arab armies and the irregulars invaded Palestine west of the river and the Jews were ethnically cleansed from the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem and with many Jews being slaughtered elsewhere in the process did Transjordan take over the land it controlled and was renamed Jordan. This act was only recognises by the UK and Pakistan, naturally.

    As a matter of interest, regarding the l;ast above paragraph, does anyone have a close guestimate of how much money has been allocated the PLO/PA to the present time? How many £$€trillions?

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