Brilliant solution. Increasing antisemitism in your country? Then dont teach Judaism in school. Duh!

Why has not the world thought about this before? Obviously, if we want to have less antisemitism then surely the best thing is to not teach Judaism to high school pupils? At least this is so in Norway!


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One of religion books for secondary school only deals with four out of five world religions.

by Kaja Skatvedt

– I was shocked when I discovered that Judaism, one of the five world religions, hardly mentioned in the book that we use for teaching, says Marte Breivik, teacher of religion and ethics at KongsskogenHigh School in Oslo.

The book she is referring to is Faith and thought, published by Ascheougs publishing for third grade of secondary school in the subject Faith and Ethics. The other four world religions have their own chapter in the book. Judaism is mentioned only in tables and occasional text, preferably in comparison with Christianity and Islam.

With an increasing fear of anti-Semitism in Europe seem Breivik it is strange that textbook authors do not see the need to give greater attention Judaism.

Harald Scots, one of the authors of Faith and thought, believe it is not hard to explain why Judaism is no more discussed.

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Three Religions

– The curriculum provides guidelines for content. Previously Judaism a goal in the curriculum, but it was taken out. One can certainly say unfortunately, but the requirements are that students will learn about three religions: Christianity, Islam and an optional religion.

As religion number three authors believe it is important to emphasize an Eastern religion, to provide a broad selection of religions.

– Therefore we have with chapters on Hinduism and Buddhism, says Scots.

He does not agree that Judaism paid little attention. He points out that much of Judaism historical significance emerges in the chapters on Christianity and Islam. Terror and anti-Semitism, he believes the first chapters of the book covers, where the emphasis is on creating tolerance in a pluralistic society.

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– Is not it problematic to cut out one of the world religions in a textbook?

-Don’t Problematic

– No, you have to see religion in the high school in a larger perspective. Students have already learned about all five religions in primary and secondary schools. The subject at secondary is intended as an immersive subjects. Then we need to prioritize. It does not mean we do not take Judaism historical significance and antisemitism seriously, says Scots.

He has taught high school for over 30 years and was also starting Religion Teacher Association in Norway. His impression is that most teachers choose Buddhism as the third religion.

– Then also falls Hinduism, even though it is in the book, he says.

Faith and mind are not the only ones who have chosen not one of world religions. Gyldendals book has deselected Judaism and Hinduism. While CappelenDamm have with all five world religions.

Both Aschehoug and Gyldendal have the other world religions in books websites.

– Judaism and several other topics that did not fit in the book, is available precisely because we believe it is important that students be able to choose such Judaism as its third religion if they wish. We see online and printed as a single product, says Anja Zwicky, editor of Aschehoug.

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Prepared criticism

Zwicky says that only a few teachers have commented that Judaism is not in the printed book, and she points out that Aschehougs book is the market leader in high school.

Textbook Author Scots however, is not surprised that some react.

– But if a truly want Judaism into teaching and not only in the books, a correct criticism of those who make the curriculum, he said.

Education will not comment directly books and emphasizes that schools themselves choose which books and learning materials they will use. They emphasize that the students of the third stage of secondary should immerse themselves in a religion besides Christianity and Islam.

– Therefore, it is important that the teaching aids gives teachers the opportunity to undertake an independent choice, says Executive Vice President Erik Bolstad Pettersen Education Directorate.


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  1. motti
    May 5, 2015 at 9:46 am

    Without Judaism there would never have been Christianity or Islam.

    Norway become more and more anti Jewish, it is part and parcel of Norwegian teaching. They won’t burn the books anymore, just not keep them in Norway. so the ignorance continues to grow along with good old intolerance.

    Oi and I am actually returning to Norway for a holiday to visit the family after 15 years. Looking forward to the family but not being in Norway again. I hope to visit the synagogue in Islo where my wife and I were members many eons ago. I shall take the last photos of me in uniform prior to leaving Israel, along with my ribbon and dog tags. That shall piss off all the Jew hating swines in Norway.

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