1st of May parole in Trondheim: Stop this whining about antisemitism. As usual, sponsored by NTNU professor Trond Andresen, vigorously defended by the unions.

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Antisemitism in the 1st May Parade
FLORA 29/04/2015 kl. 08.34
Assistant professor at NTNU Trond Andresen has for several years been a private poster on 1st May Parade in Trondheim. Poster content is entirely consistent with the man who two years ago called for (believe it or not) to boycott marking Kristallnacht. In 2009, eager Andresen for a boycott of Israel, and his name was at the top of a petition to the boards of NTNU and HIST about a cultural and academic boycott of Israel. A petition that completely invalidates Israel’s right to exist. The man goes straight to 1948.

Since 1948 the state of Israel has occupied Palestinian land and denied the Palestinians basic human rights.

On May 1 sounds Andresens private message: “The continual whimpering about anti-Semitism is a diversion tactic.”
Art historian Daniel Johansen has responded to Trond Andresen antisemitic poster in the 1st May Parade and has written op-ed Racism in the 1st May Parade (Adresseavisen, 28.04.2015. Payment Items).

– For several years, a person in Trondheim borne a private poster with the text “The continual whimpering about anti-Semitism is a diversion tactic.” I mean this is a poster that promotes hatred against Jews, and that must be expelled from the train. I find it odd that the organizing committee opens for someone getting quiet with such private slogans in such an event, says Johansen.

Johansen believes poster also violate official slogans, and that it is incompatible with the commemoration of International Workers.

– You have an official slogan that has the text “Fight Anti-Semitism and Islam-hatred.” Why is not a poster with the text “The continual whimpering about anti-Semitism is a diversion tactic” – which Andresen be decided – a violation of parole basis?

Leader of May 1st Committee, John Peder Denstad, said that the committee will allow slogan because it is not considered a breach of parole foundation for the day. Danielsen think this is a cowardly approach.

– I think the organizers of the May 1 in Trondheim are cowards when they let a fool be allowed to get acquired with this turbid on a poster. It helps to destroy the seriousness of the event, and helps to promote anti-Semitism at an event that should account for completely different values, says Johansen.
Trond Andresen responds to Adresseavisen:

– The poster says something that many are aware of but which few dare to express clearly: “Antisemitism” misused and overstated to scare people from criticizing Israel’s conduct. But it says nothing more than that. The poster does not express – Danielsen who tries to twist it – “anti-Semitism”. The claim nor that resentment and hatred against Jews does not occur. By its excesses and intimidation demonstrates Danielsen in his article the point that poster points out – presumably without his realizing it herself, writes Andresen in an e-mail to Adresseavisen.

– I’ve been LO member for 40 years, and passed in Palestine section the last three years with just this poster, without the slightest problem and without any displeasure from other participants. Some have nodded and smiled and agreed, according to counter-Trond Andresen have sent Adresseavisen.

Without the slightest problem and without any displeasure !? You know why, Trond Andresen? For the first, most of us Israeli friends manners, and certainly no desire to stir into trouble. It has never occurred to me to come with displeasure against you and your poster. That some of us however have talked about – is to bring the Israeli flag to the city on May 1 to show a silent support to the Jews and their homeland. But you know what, Mr. Andresen? We could not stand or dared, because we are afraid of trouble from you and your nodding minded.

John Faerseth have taken issue with people on the left who are beginning to express opinions is generally associated with Nazism.

Andresen and Galtung are examples of a trend worldwide where ideas from the far right finds its way over to the left side, and justified resistance against Israel’s policy incorporates the traditional anti-Jewish prejudice. An example is Andresens posts in the class struggle in January 2009, in which he argued that Jews lacked empathy. Another is when Andresens weapon dragons Hans Olav Brendberg recently defended protocols and Johann Eisenmenger book entdeckt Judentum (1700) in an article which was rejected by the class struggle but reproduced on Andresens facebook wall. This is a book including accusing Jews of ritual murder of Christian children.



2 comments for “1st of May parole in Trondheim: Stop this whining about antisemitism. As usual, sponsored by NTNU professor Trond Andresen, vigorously defended by the unions.

  1. PeaceKeeper
    April 30, 2015 at 3:51 pm

    It is funny to notice the comment about that the far right is turning left in politics.
    National socialism (Nazi) are left side politics. It is only the left side of politics in Norway and for that matter most of Europe that wants to call it Right side.
    And if you look closely towards the left side of Norwegian politics you will notice that there are tremendous amounts of anti Semitism among them so where is the gap between far left Norwegian politics and the old national socialistic politics – the national vs. the international. They both wants hegemony of the world and they both are Jew haters.

  2. motti
    May 5, 2015 at 10:00 am

    Peacekeeper, I am in complete agreement with your post, which spells it all out correctly.
    It was only after Hitler’s attack on Stalin that the German National Socialist Party that it became known as right wing to differentiate it from the International Socialist Party ie Marxist usually, and now incorporating all forms of leftwing socialism Stalinism, Maosts. Trotskyite etc.

    Peacekeeper, I have been stating for many years the only difference between the extreme right wing German National Socialist Workers Party’s hatred for the Jews and the extreme left wing International Socialist Workers Party’s hatred for the Jews and Israel is the term Inter.

    For this reason Eric R and I have long posted that Israel should withdraw all diplomatic connections with a rabid Nazi country like Norway. It is shameful that Israel would have anything to do with Norway. Thanks to the schmuk Peres and his left wingers Israel is in the mess it finds itself today. He and his ilk are traitors for selling Israel down the Swanee with his rabid Nazi friends in the Norwegian establishment. The bastards should have been tried in a court of law knowing that his Norwegian “colleagues” called for the destruction of Israel to be replaced with a secular democratic Jew free state of Palestine.

    Only the Norwegians can be so duplicitous and only the leftwing in Israel can be like Janus. An absolute disgrace and I only hope that one day Peres will have to pay for his treachery.

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