Stavanger Socialist Left mayor candidate accuses Israel of genocide

(somebody, enlighten me on what the link between local elections in Norway and the Arab-Israel conflict might be?)

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SV Top accuses Israel of genocide

SV mayoral candidate in Stavanger believes Israel “in engaged genocide and systematic obliteration of the Palestinian people”.
Conrad Myrland
13/05/2015 3:05 p.m.

Wednesday 13 March reproduces Rogaland Avis from the debate in Stavanger City Council Monday 11 March. In connection with the annual report to the Industrial Development Company Greater Stavanger went SV Councillor Eric faret Sakariassen the pulpit. We reproduce all the relevant section of Rogaland Avis.
“Is Israel perpetrating a genocide?
SV group had more heart. He believes it is problematic that Greater Stavanger has interests in what he describes as “ambiguous jurisdiction circumstances” in countries such as Israel. It is naturally not go unnoticed in Israel-friendly politicians in FRP and KrF. Mats Danielsen believes it is totally outrageous that SV will destroy thousands of existing and potential jobs, while Marie Ljones Brekke points out that all conditions are clarified in areas where Greater Stavanger has interests. Faret Sakariassen nor fuel to the fire, and points out that it is not fitting for a so-called democracy to “engage with genocide and systematic obliteration of the Palestinian people.” SV-boss is now so far out on the plains that it is possible to be, according to Ljones Brekke and get a clear message about reading up on what genocide is. ”
Nothing suggests that Sakariassen not endorse the quote. “Good summary of Monday’s City Council debate from news editor Lasse Hansen in Rogaland Avis,” he writes on his official Facebook page. “I have  been faithfully reproduced, yes,” he confirms.
According to Wikipedia is Sakariassen nominated SV ordførerkandidat at municipal elections in 2015.

The Palestinian population, the Arabs who now live in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Israel has increased by a factor of ten [10] the last hundred years. In comparison, Norway’s population increased by a factor of two [2] the last hundred years. Population growth for the Palestinians has not been reduced, it has also increased, after Israel was created in 1948 and captured control of Gaza from Egypt and the West Bank from Jordan in 1967.
The Palestinian population has increased from about 600,000 to over 6,000,000 in the last hundred years. Marie Ljones Brekke (KrF) hit the nail on the head. There are obviously desperately needed in Stavanger SV to understand the word genocide.
To accuse Israel of “drive with genocide and systematic obliteration of the Palestinian people” is not only a gross and repulsive lie, it is also a dangerous message that may have anti-Semitic effect. Dragging comparisons between current Israeli policies and the policies of the Nazis [who just drifted genocide and obliteration of the Jewish people!] Can manifest itself as anti-Semitism, according to the working definition of anti-Semitism drawn up by the European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC).
In reply exchange between Ljones Brekke and faret Sakariassen went Atle Simonsen (FRP) on the podium. He pointed out how strange it is that SV responds to Greater Stavanger’s cooperation with players in Israel, but not in the same company collaboration with actors in Russia, Saudi Arabia and China.
– Stavanger should be no player in Norwegian foreign policy, Simonsen states. City Council representative is also leader of the Progress Party Youth.

Appeals to the SV?
If you want to complain to SV on mayoral candidate’s gross lie, send your objective and friendly protest to and party leader or via post at the party’s Facebook page.
When Labour leader Jonas Gahr Støre spoke to the Labour party conference in April, he warned against demonizing Israelis and Palestinians. There is obviously a great need for such a warning also SV.