More editors wake up to the ugly smell of anti-Semitism. Only not would be terrorist and pseudo-intellectual Gule, he thinks European Jews are arrogant and racist.

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Jew Hatred

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One is not an anti-Semite if you are critical of Israel. But in some circles exaggerations are accepted that moves into a dangerous gray area.

“We dont accept this. Denmark will not be this way,” said Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt after the attack on the synagogue in Copenhagen in February. But yet still there is harassment against Jewish institutions and against Jews in Denmark.

The Prime Minister herself has come in rough weather because it turns out that the security measures around the synagogue no means was stepped up immediately after the attack on Krudttønnen as she previously claimed. It was the synagogue who asked the guard several hours afterwards. Guarding was in place w

hen the attack came. But the Jews in Denmark needed defense, and it took a very long time before anyone took it seriously.

Also in Norway, the Jewish community had fight and push for safety for many years after it was fired at the synagogue. Cries of “Death to the Jews” has resounded in the streets of Oslo, but was long written off as a pranks.

Since there can not be transparency about such things, we do not know about preparedness around Jewish targets has been satisfactory. We understand that an understanding of this has been quite different. But safety from the police can never be an adequate guarantee. The big problem is the negative attitude of the Jews that are present in Norwegian society.

Some of this is old inherited beliefs about Jews still living, perhaps without recognizing. Part of it is imported from Muslim countries. Part of it is the result of an exaggerated criticism of Israel.


One is not an anti-Semite if you are critical of Israeli government policies. Also, many Jews are. Israel must be assessed on the same terms as everyone else. But in some circles exaggerations are accepted  that moves into a dangerous gray area. There is an implicit equality between Israel and the Nazi regime, which invites fallacies that hatred of Jews is not entirely unfounded and that the Jews are just as bad themselves.

The 1st May Parade in Trondheim has for years accepted  a poster that requires “an end to the whimpering about anti-Semitism.” It’s a fact that it is far more than “nagging” in question. The Socialist Left party mayoral candidate in Stavanger said in a recent debate in the city council that Israel engages in genocide and deliberate extermination of Palestinians. We hope that the Socialist Left does not accept that genocide stamp on the Jewish state.

Anti-Semitism is on the way back. We must not take it lightly.


So far so good. Talk backs are generally sympathetic to the call for care. Until our would be terrorist, now posing as an “intellectual” with a beard and a doctoral degree Lars Gule butts in (he may be many things, but eloquent he is not…)

It is interesting that Rimehaug has helped to plant a memorial forest in Israel. It could be nice to know just how Bratteli memory forests located.

It is planted many memory forests in Israel. Part of a large-scale afforestation program. Which also changes the landscape character. And hides the ruins of Palestinian villages – villages to displaced Palestinians, torn down that they would never be able to return to their homes.

Perhaps also Bratteli memory forest planted over such a Palestinian village? The chance is pretty big.

Thought Rimehaug on it when he planted trees? Were there any others of those who ran the plantation who said it? Poured some the displaced Palestinians a single thought that day? Or today / yesterday – which also is al-Nakba – the catastrophe – for Palestinians?

No, it is not anti-Semitism to stand up for the clear right to the Palestinians. It is not anti-Semitism to denounce a state that is based on ethnic cleansing ingested, who remained with a trade union movement which in its time was racist enough just to organize “Jewish” work. It is not anti-Semitism going against the colonial project that Zionism established on Palestinian expense. There is just as little antisemitic as it should be inversely racist to condemn apartheid in South Africa, Portuguese colonialism in Africa or British colonialism in India.

European arrogance, including European Jews arrogance, claiming that Europe’s people are so culturally or straight out racial superiority that one could (and can!) So-called Valter with other people’s territories at will, is to condemn. As racism.

So no, it is not anti-Semitism to denounce Israel as the colonial state with racial traits and apartheid political practice. It is consistently anti-racism.

Anyway, it would be interesting to know where exactly Bratteli memory forest is located.

Lars Gule


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  1. motti
    May 25, 2015 at 1:11 pm

    What a coward this pseudo intellectual really is. Like all big mouths particularly in Norway, he is let loose on the public as an expecrt and as a humanist. since when is it humanitarian to murder Jewish people?
    Not for nothing is this international socialist ridden with hatred for Israel. It is part of the real democracy that is missing in all so called socialist, read that as communist countries.
    This man was caught carrying explosives for the Arab terrorists in Lebanon and the Norwegian judicial administration took no further action. What does that tell you about Norway?
    The Ghoul carries no new message, just the same tired excuses

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