Aftenposten’s manipulative smear campaign against Ayelet Shaked

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Aftenposten’s manipulative smearing of an Israeli politician
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Aftenposten “portrait” of Israel’s new Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked is much uglier than what appears at first glance: Is controversial Ayelet Shaked Israel’ version Sarah Palin?

The article is a study in poisonous political correctness served under a cloak of decency. The reference to Palin is taken from a blog post in Ha’aretz. Palin was portrayed as right-wing and silly in the liberal media. Ridicule is a powerful and effective tool. (Wasn’t hitting below the belt the sovereign of the right? Now all of a “sudden”  its the liberal’s. But heck, its all for a good cause!)

With Palin one can conjure up the image of an America threatened by a rabid right wing. Israel is different. Or was. The time Europe felt it had a particular responsibility for Israel. Israelis have long felt that this has changed. Aspunvik’s / Aftenposten’s article prove them right.

Context removed

Aspunvik claims that Shaked recommended an article on Facebook by a certain Uri Elitzur who called Palestinian children “little snakes” and that one should destroy their nest / home. She writes that Shaked deleted the post after a few hours, but the damage was done. The following day, the Palestinian teen Muhammed Abu Khdeir was assassinated in Jerusalem, which prompted Erdogan to say that Shaked resembles Hitler.

Readers are to understand: These right-wing Jewish politicians. They bring disaster upon their ownheads! Aspunvik and Aftenposten sound like an echo of Jostein Gaarder who in his infamous article wrote that “the Jews never learn.”

But Aspunvik distorts context. If she had taken the trouble to investigate what Shaked even writes about the case, she would be found out something completely different. Either she does not care about the elementary rules of journalism or is it propaganda regard weightier.

Firstly timeline wrong. Erdogan’s comments came two weeks later and then in connection with the outbreak of another war in Gaza.

Mohammed Abu Khdeir was kidnapped and murdered on July 2. On July 8, started Israel’s Operation Protective Edge.

Erdogan used the war as an excuse to compare Shaked with Hitler:

Ha’aretz on 15 July:

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has Compared Habayit Hayehudi lawmaker Ayelet Shaked to Adolf Hitler and accused Israel of committing “state terrorism” against the Palestinians.

Erdogan does not anymore attempt to hide his Jewish hostility. It is well-known. He has made a stream of statements in recent years, and several of them are of the paranoid, conspiratorial kind: Pro-Erdogan paper blames mine disaster on the Jews. The attack Shaked was mix of classic Israel-bashing, interspersed Israel-hatred.

Erdogan also addressed the latest round of escalation between Israel and Hamas, saying Israel has been guilty of “systematic atrocity and state terror” against the Palestinians since 1948.

“Israel continues to terrorize. Moving beyond individual terrorism, it’s now committing state terror,” Hurriyet cited him as saying.


And threatened retaliation:

“No country in the world, except Turkey, can stand against Israel’s attacks and urge it to stop. In recall, once again, that those Who commit Brutalities will sooner or later pay the price, “he said.

The decent antisemite

Aspunvik / Aftenposten endorse Erdogan’s scandalous attack on Shaked’s Facebook-like! Both as causal and moral responsibility: Her disclosure of a poisonous article may have inspired the murderers, we understand.

You need to read the entire paragraph to understand the context:

Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who today is president, compared Shaked to Adolf Hitler. The day after Facebook update the 17-year-old Palestinian Mohammed Abu Khdair was kidnapped and burned alive. Six Israelis were arrested and charged with murder.

Ayelet Shaked, who since 2013 had represented the ultra nationalist party Jewish Home in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, was put on the spot for having encouraged the killing of Palestinians.

Shaked told the website The Daily Beast  that she felt misunderstood. What she really meant was this:

– In Israel we are ashamed over what happened to Mohammed Abu Khdair. But Palestinians see those who murder our children as heroes, explained the politician.

– We ought not to conclude peace agreements with those who regard child murderers as heroes.

Aspunvik commits another impermissible “wrong” .. She fails to mention what Shaked means by “child murderers”. Three Jewish teenagers were kidnapped and killed when they  hitch hiked in the West Bank in early June. All of Israel went into shock. The murder of Khdeir was therefore a revenge killing. But Aspunvik conceals this fact.

(go to original article to see the picture of the three yeshiva students who were murdered)

Photo: It is the deaths of these three students that Israel’s new Minister of Justice Aylet Shaked refers to when she writes that the homes where murderers / “snakes” were brought up should be bombed and destroyed, when their mothers praise them and the Palestinian Authority names streets and squares after them. It is the militant website Electronic Intifada that interprets this as a call to genocide, when Shaked’s text clearly shows that she refers to the child murderers.

Politically correct hate-speech


Photo: Israel new Minister of Justice is a beautiful, secular woman who belongs to the right wing. She is also sharp and clear and does not mince her words. It’s too much for the liberal and leftist media that must resort to dirty tricks to discredit her.

But the most serious in my eyes is that Aspunvik / Aftenposten completely ignore and deny Shaked’s refutation of the Facebook story. In an article in the Jerusalem Post on 16 July 2014: Exposing militant leftwing propganda Shaked says that whole story is a forgery. There is a journalist named Gideon Resnick in the Daily Beast that has completely distorted what she wrote on Facebook on July 1 and he got it from the notoriously militant pro-Palestinian Electronic Intifada.

Let’s start with my July 1 Facebook post. It was written some 12 years ago, but never published, by a dear man, the recently departed journalist Uri Elitzur. The gist of his article was that once one side in a war attacks the other side’s civilians, they can no longer morally claim a special status for their own civilians.

Go ahead, ask a Hebrew speaking friend to translate it for you, they’ll confirm this is what my Facebook post was about. But you’ll find not a trace of that in Resnick’s account. Perhaps it’s his own ignorance of the Hebrew language. After all, he got the text from Electronic Intifada, a website dedicated to daily and hourly vilification of my country.

This is something we recognize: An attempt to discuss the implications of asymmetric warfare in which civilians are included as legitimate targets, being branded as racist. This is nothing but hate-speech in politically correct lingo.



Aspunvik / Aftenposten write that Uri Elitzer for many years was a close associate of Netanyahu. Thus, everything has been said. But if one reads the obituary in  a different picture emerges. Elitzer became a sort of unofficial spokesman for the settler movement, albeit with an unorthodox twist:

In recent years, Elitzur shifted his positions to become a vocal supporter of a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, calling for annexation of the entire West Bank and the granting of equal rights as well as citizenship to all Palestinian residents in the area. In a series of articles, Elitzur explained that such a move would guarantee Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank, and would quell international concerns over Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

This reflects the fact that Israel is a vibrant, dynamic democracy. Aftenposten prefers to place its bets with Electronic Intifada. The title says it all: Israeli lawmaker’s call for genocide of Palestinians gets Thousands of Facebook likes


Three Jewish teenagers were killed and Shaked asks: A leadership that defines its counterparty civilians as legitimate targets, does it not open up for its own populations to be targeted in the same way?

It is a serious and legitimate question, and one that springs from the Israeli reality, but one that completely has been suppressed by a Norwegian media that only talks about Israeli lack of proportionality.

Shaked writes on July 16, one week into Protective Edge, that Hamas by its rocket rain not only threaten Israelis, but also their own population and does it intentionally.

In Israel we protect our citizens from incoming Hamas missiles.

Hamas, on the other hand, positions its missile launchers in the midst of civilian enclaves, using women and children as human shields against Israeli raids.

But also te fact that Israel protects its citizens is being used against Israel by Norwegian media and politicians. They cannot demonstrate much clearer that they have adopted a Palestinian perspective – however not the ordinary Palestinians perspective, but Hamas’s perspective. This is a shift that has happened imperceptibly.

Crocodile Tears

One must ask: There is more realism and more information in a right-wing Israeli politician’s analysis than the combined effort of the Norwegian media. Who is it that is lost up a creek without a paddle?

Shaked’s views make sense. If you shoot rockets at a military superior power, you know it will retaliate. Ergo we use civilians as shields.

The new anti-Semitism characterized by its proponents claiming to understand and defend the Jews. The proponents add a conciliatory sugar layer over their anti-Semitism. One has to dissect away their good intentions to see what they’re doing.

All Resnick had to do to make Elitzur’s sober, legally minded discussion sound like a speech made by Hitler himself, was to cherry pick words out of context. A call for the indiscriminate killing of children is a terrible thing. But what if the statement was that any time you kill our children, you’re exposing your own children to the same fate? Still unsettling, but rational when you consider that they purposely use their kids as human shields. It’s not a call for indiscriminate murder.

Reversing an Israeli / Jew’s words against himself and his people is in my eyes the definition of the new anti-Semitism. When you subsequently shed crocodile tears over the corruption of Israelis / Jews the cup floweth.

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    Erdogan is the real Nazi, without any doubt at all.
    He is nothing more than a Jew hating bully.
    He denies the real genocide of the Armenians and of the holocaust

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