Items not covered in Norwegian main stream media

These are the small items that get little or no coverage in Norwegian mainstream media:

Israel suffers rocket attack from Gaza

Two Israeli police officers run over and injured a by Palestinian in Jerusalem

Gaza: Blast in Hamas training camp wounds 50, including children

Hamas security HQ in Gaza bombed after threat

When Israel retaliated and fired against training targets in Gaza, on the other hand, ALL the newspapers and other news organisations featured large head lines and dramatic pictures.

A reader of VG asked in a comment

Why do you write that Israel attacked, when it was Israel defending itself after being attacked? Ståle.

Answer: Hi Ståle. The press release from the Norwegian Press Bureau did state that a rocket was fired from Gaza on Tuesday. Regardless of the background it is still an attack, in this instance the training fields of Hamas was attacked.



Most Norwegian newspapers have published the damning report about war crimes committed by Hamas. Interestingly, they have passed over the allegations that Hamas indeed did use the Al-Shifa hospital, not only as their military HQ, but also as a torture center, in total silence. Not even one querying phone call to Dr. Gilbert who continues to deny any wrongdoing by Hamas or any other Palestinian entity, in any shape or form, against Israelis, or Palestinians.