Dagbladets level of debate: Its difficult not to compare Israel’s policies to Nazism

OK this is not penned by a drugged Dagbladet journalist, but by a hateful writer named Hege Ramson. Nevertheless, Dagbladet should know the limits of hateful lies that you can publish in the name of enlightened debate. Ms. Ramson seems to be utterly ignorant about facts on the ground, such as Israel did not murder over 2000 Palestinians last summer. Unfortunately, due to Hamas indiscriminate attacks against over 5 million Israeli civilians, Israel engaged in a lawful war against Hamas and other terror outfits, Hamas subjected its own population to crimes against humanity by placing weapons and other lawful military targets in the middle of densely populated areas. If Ms. Ramson would be just a little bit interested in facts, no matter how inconvenient for her hate filled venom she likes to spread around, she could spend her ample spare time by reading Amnesty International’s and Human Rights Watch’s reports about Hamas’s conduct. Her allegation that despicable calls to murder Arabs is commonplace in Israel is a dangerous twisting of facts; perhaps a handful of d***heads spend their time shouting hateful rubbish, but they are promptly put in their place by the majority of Israelis, who have no time for such nonsense. However, the brainless yet hateful Ms. Ramson can write whatever rubbish she likes, but Dagbladet should under no circumstance allow barefaced lies to soil the public debate. As yet another proof that Ms. Ramson lives with her head safely tucked up her tuches, is evidenced by her lack of knowledge of the little chat Netanyahu had with EU’s foreign secretary last week. Perhaps it does not fit her narrative? Her take on Eyelet Shaked beggars belief…

It would also be helpful if Ms. Ramson please could provide evidence for claim that Israel sprayer poison over Palestinian crops?

Shame, shame, shame on Dagbladet for facilitating yet another blood libel against the Jewish state.

lifted from dagbladet.no (poor google translate)

You must not sleep
Associations to Nazism is inevitable.
Published on 1 June 2015, at. 6:00 of
Hege Ramson


This was the title of Arnulf Øverlands apocalyptic poem (1937), about the Nazi march. Disabled, gays, Gypsies, Jews, Africans and others, faced terrible dangers in their capacity as subhuman. Many did not see the writing on the wall. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Soviet leader Josef Stalin signed the non-aggression pact with Hitler. My Jewish uncle perished in Auschwitz. The rest of the family salvaged over to Sweden.

Why did not he, I wondered as a child.

He did not think that it could be so bad, replied my mother.

The era of Human contempt is not over. Some believe it is taboo to compare Israeli policy of Nazism, but associations are inevitable when Netanyahu declares he will never accept a Palestinian state, but rather expand settlements is undermining the Palestinians’ livelihoods.

His new Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, believes that the enemy is the whole Palestinian people. Older women Palestinian towns and villages, estates and infrastructure must also be disposed of, claims Shaked. They are well underway. In summer assassinated Israel according to UN 2257 Palestinians. 70% were civilians and 547 were children. In the winter cold has malnourished children died in ruin mounds. The required cement to rebuild will not be released into the besieged area. On April 20 announced Middle East Monitor that Israeli planes sprayed toxic chemicals over vegetable crops in Gaza.

Some experts have argued that it probably will not be livable in Gaza in 2020. Previously prolonged Likud member Moshe Feiglin, urged Israel to exterminate the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip during the massacres summer 2014. Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon laws attacking the whole civilian neighborhoods under future attack Gaza and Lebanon. Moreover, he will nuke Iran when he thinks it is needed. What should the West with enemies when they have that kind of friends?

Monthly marching the young Zionist mob through the Palestinian areas of East Jerusalem and shouting slogans like “Mavet la’aravim” (Death to the Arabs). Israeli police and military makes sure that they get to go in peace even though the Palestinians have curfew during the march.

Palestinian suffering is endless if Western leaders simply sticking their heads out of the sand to howl with the wolves: Israel has right to defend itself!

Russia was promptly sanctioned by overtrampene in Crimea. But Israel will die in sin because of the West’s unnfallenhet-

This year there has been much focus on Nazism and World War II. Have we learned anything? Brent children shuns not fire. Sometimes it smells just hurts


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  1. motti
    June 1, 2015 at 2:56 pm

    Those hot heads who cry out death to the Arabs are letting off steam after another Arab atrocity. Unlike the Arabs who call out death to the Jews and actually mean it by attempting to carry out their chants.

    I met with the very charming Conrad Myrland from MIFF when I was in Norway recently. although he and I disagreed with about Prof Gerstenfield, he is in no doubt about these Jew hating ignorant idiots.

    Does one see any future for Norwegians in learning the truth? No, no and no. The hate towards the Jews really is as bad as the Nazis had for us during the Hitler reign. Norwegians who condemn Israel really are practising the pot calling the kettle black. Their Nazi minded ideology is so deeply ingrained, it is no wonder that Hamas is an active ally of Norway whose sole intent is to murder Jews and destroy Israel.

    Change of government or no change, has there been any real difference? Absolutely not! I spent two lovely weeks with family in Norway and I really am in no hurry to return to that bastardised country again. I explained that although I had worked many ears ago in Germany which showed some form of regret, Austria always denied her Nazi past and for that reason, I chose not to cross the border.

  2. Eric R.
    June 13, 2015 at 8:46 am


    What is the nature of your disagreement with this MIFF person over Mr. Gerstenfeld?

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