While the IS slaughters people all over the world, Norwegian elites continue their bizarre onslaught against Israel

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Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) spreads lies about Israel

On which planet does Jan Egeland and the NRC live on?
Conrad Myrland
19/06/2015 24:06

June 18 launched NRC their refugee accounts for 2015. MIFF has already pointed out how the report mixes a 67 year old refugee group in the current massive refugee crises and blows it up 7 times larger than it once was. But there are also other serious errors in the report.
On page 98 writes NRC an entire page about Israel with the headline “At odds with the outside world”. The most serious flaw in the article is a pure lie:
“Israel is the only country in the world where full civil rights is based on religious identity,” writes NRC.
It is far from the truth. All states in the area, including the Palestinian Authority, has an official religion – Islam – and discriminate both in law and in practice against non-Muslims in general and Jews in particular. Jordan has a law that expressly forbids Jews to become citizens.
– Despite the imperfections of the Israeli government’s approach to religion, the country is more accepting of religious pluralism than any other country in the Middle East, some Muslim state in the world and most Christian states throughout history, and even today, writes law professor Alan Dershowitz in his book The Case for Israel.
– To unilaterally criticize Israel because it is a Jewish state is a clear form of international anti-Semitism, especially when this criticism is not accompanied with similar or more powerful, critique of Muslim states who practice a much more discriminating form of state-sponsored religion, adds Dershowitz.

Jews directly to immigration
NRC notes that Israel gives Jews a legal right to settle in Israel. Nor is this as exceptional as the NRC apparently thinks. Russia has welcomed millions of Russians after the Soviet collapse. Germany received millions of ethnic Germans after World War II and had long its own “Law of Return”. Other countries have similar laws and relations with its diaspora.

Puzzling refugee numbers
NRC maintains that it is 45,274 refugees in Israel from other countries. This is mainly African refugees, many of them Muslims, who have chosen to flee to the “racist” Israel, “the country which is at odds with the outside world”, rather than any other Muslim state. The reader is not invited to ponder such reflections.
The NRC forgets to mention that Israel has received over three million Jews from around the world since 1948, many of them have come as mere refugees. Also in 2015, the refugees to Israel, for example, from the war in Ukraine and the war in Yemen. Do not count Jewish refugees into account? Apparently not.

There are several errors in the NRC article about Israel.
“To strengthen the country’s Jewish foundation approved government autumn 2014 a controversial proposal to amend the Constitution that” Israel is a Jewish and democratic state “to be” a nation state for the Jewish people ‘. ”
Wrong. Firstly, Israel does not have any constitution. Secondly, Israel has been a nation state for the Jewish people since 1948. It was the UN General Assembly envisaged in its resolution in November 1947. The British Mandate area would be divided into an Arab and a Jewish state. Second, the law was not passed. Israel is a democracy with separation of powers. It’s the Knesset that adopts laws, and the law has not yet been submitted to parliament.
Finally: Those who support a solution of two states for two peoples should not have any problems that Israel is a nation state for the Jewish people, so Palestine intends to be a nation state for the Palestinian people, a state with a Muslim identity. That Israel should remain a national state for Jews is not disputed among Jews in Israel (although timing, formulation and whether one should legislate it can be disputed). Israel as a nation for Jews is contested by anti-Zionists, whether they are Arabs or Norwegians. US President Barack Obama says it is equally obvious that the Jews should have their national homeland that African Americans should have equal rights.
“Religious differences have become key words in all the armed conflicts in the Middle East,” the NRC writes in the introduction to its Middle East section. With this knowledge, they do not understand why Israel must be preserved as the world’s only Jewish state with the opportunity to defend themselves in terms of safety barriers, blockades and armed forces?

Yet another mistake
The NRC argues that the Palestinian and Bedouin minorities in Israel “has always been banned from numerous professions and welfare”. This is not true. Can the NRC mention what professions Arab citizens of Israel are barred from? Arab citizens are exempt from military service, and that is why jobs related to the security industry that they can not have because of lack of security clearance. Minorities in Norway face similar obstacles . Naturally there is racism against Arabs in Israel, but there is no country in the world where the major share Arabs have correspondingly high standard of living and freedom.

More mistakes
Another quote from refugee accounts:
“Racism is becoming a growing problem in parts of the Israeli society. It is expressed among other things, the country’s non-Western Jews. In 2013 it was revealed that authorities had exposed Jewish women from Ethiopia for compulsory chemical contraception. ”
Wrong. Israeli health system has offered the contraception injection Depo Provera . The case from 2013 was based on interviews with 35 Ethiopian Jewish women. In some cases, these women have received injections without fully understanding the effect. In other cases some of the  Israeli staff have used such strong persuasion that it approached, and perhaps in some cases exceeded, the limit of coercion. There is reason to believe that there has been little more than well-intentioned actions and words in this matter, wrote MIFF then. There is no evidence that this was set in  system, at worst had some health workers violated patient rights. Israel is a society where such events are exposed, confronted and corrected. Israel remains the only Western country that not only has opened the borders, but also actively encouraged black Africans in large numbers.

How the NRC rationalize Arab antisemitism
If some readers, after all this, would be in doubt about how the NRC regards Israel and the Jews: Learn how to explain away Muslim and Arab anti-Semitism:
“Israel was established in the aftermath of World War II, and is regarded in the Middle East as the prime representative of the colonial powers . The anti-colonial struggle is directed therefore against Israelis rather than against Jews, and it is an expression of political opposition rather than religious contempt. When dressed in a religious Muslim language, the cards become mixed . Jews were a dominant and powerful group in the society Prophet Muhammad lived and worked in, and in the Islamic sources can “Jews” interpreted alternately as reference to the religious community of Jews and to the powerful social group that Jews represented. Such contextualization in interpretation is not popular with the more extremist factions within Sunni Islam. The consequence is an interpretation where no distinction between faith (Judaism) and politics (Israel). Anti Colonialism in jihadist ‘language costume and interpretation is thus confusingly similar to classic European anti-Semitism, just in a religious language. ”
Let it be clear: The Jews are not colonists in the Middle East. When a minority that has lived under Muslim oppression and discrimination for centuries win back control over a small area of ​​land where their religion and culture was born, is not it colonization.
“Jews were a dominant and powerful group in the society Prophet Muhammad lived and worked in …” It is true that at the time of Mohammed, Jewish communities in the Arabian Peninsula. But already at the time of Mohammed, these were subjugated or wiped out by Muslims. Maximum a few generations later there were no Jews left on the Arabian Peninsula, and so it has been until today. The hadith version of what happened then is not only patriotic historiography. Also today we refer to those traditions as an example of how Jews should be handled.
If anyone should be in doubt that the Muslim and Arab anti-Semitism is a main factor in the Middle East conflict, they should read the statements of the Sunni Muslim top theologians who gathered at the Fourth Conference on Islamic Research Academy. Too many desire that the Jews in Israel will suffer the same fate as the 1400 years ago suffered in the Arabian Peninsula.