The Labour Youth Party and their wholehearted support of terror

One would have thought that after the horrific events 4 years ago, that saw the worst terror attack in Norway and cost the Labour Youth Party 69 lives and scores severely injured and traumatised for life, that they would strongly oppose any incitement and encouragement to racism and cold blooded murder. Not so, but then again, for the Labour Youth Party, Israel hatred is a requirement, never mind how many bodies you trample on in the process. So when their Palestinian partners make kids dance with assault rifles at a summer camp, this is all fine and at a level consistent with values one wishes to install in peace seeking Palestinians.

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Dancing with assault rifles at summer camp
Screen shot from television station Awdah 12 June 2015. (via PMW)

Organizer: The Labour Youth Party Palestinian partner.
Conrad Myrland
01/07/2015 11:07

It is not just the Islamist movement Hamas which organizes summer camps to provide children military training and indoctrinate them to fight against Israel. Also the Palestinian Authority, controlled by Fatah, organizes such militant camps for children.
On June 12th, the Fatah-controlled television station Awdah showed images from a camp organized by the PA National Security Forces in partnership with Fatah youth movement. In Norway, the Fatah youth movement is closely associated with the Labour .
In the pictures from the camp graduation ceremony, one can see children in military uniform dancing with assault rifles. In the audience we find several PA and Fatah leaders, including the governor of Nablus, the Fatah leader in Nablus and representatives of the PA national security force, Palestinian Media Watch reports.

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  1. motti
    July 10, 2015 at 4:11 am

    Yes and don’t forget the Norwegian minister who thought it okay to murder Israelis as they the are not worth the same as Norwegians.

    Having been to Norway recently and even though I enjoyed my visit to see family etc, I would never want to live there. Why live somewhere when you are despised, unwanted and cursed. No thank you. Norway has experience tremendous growth through one item only, the riches of the North Sea. Much like the Arabs with oil. No wonder the Norwegians are called the blue eyed Arabs of the North. They have the same murderous tendencies.

  2. motti
    July 12, 2015 at 5:01 am

    Thank you Herbie for the information. I have already used it by sending to friends re the Gaza War to sign the report. I suppose you are aware of Palestine Media Watch, too?

    I am familiar with Lt Col Richard Kemp. He is a real honest supporter of Israel and has been quite open about the help he received from Israel, which assisted the troops on the ground and to save British lives with real time intelligence on the ground.

    Happy hunting


  3. Herbie
    July 12, 2015 at 8:59 am

    Yes I am and my pleasure

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