Evil Church of Norway priests and bishops want to punish Israel more

Although I no longer am surprised by the extraordinary venom that is spewed against Israel by Church of Norway clergy ( a good few number of them are actively involved in BDS activities, and a small number dont feel ashamed to appear alongside well known sponsors of terrorists whom they invite to “dialogue meetings in Norway, however without inviting even one Israeli)

I have written about the hateful priest at Svalbard, and it seems the rotten summer in Norway has further addled his brain and he’s busy at it again, demanding full boycott of Israel, without – obviously – making even one tiny little mention of the almost weekly terror attacks perpetrated against Israelis here, or even reflecting how his hate filled drivel helps fuel anti-Semitism in Norway.

Lifted from vårtland.no (google translate)

Priest demands Israel boycott
Leif Magne Helgesen uses his summer holiday to guard over a ‘Palestinian village on the West Bank, as Israel threatens to demolish it.

By Bjørgulv K. Bjåen

– The time is right to use stronger means against Israel. Just as the world community pressured South Africa to scrapping the apartheid policy, Israel must be pressured to end the occupation of the West Bank and give the Palestinians a state.

The Svalbard priest now wants his employer to help implement a boycott, The Church of Norway. The Church of Norway’s policy is to not purchase Israeli products produced in the West Bank. Now, the time is ripe to step up boycott against Israel  as the country shows little willingness to end the occupation of the West Bank , says Leif Magne Helgesen

Boycott goods

– What scope should a boycott have?

– Just like with the boycott of South Africa there should be a political, economic and cultural boycott. But the political boycott should should be managed so that there is a channel open for dialogue with the Israeli authorities – there must be a channel open for this.

– What impact should a economic boycott have for Norwegians?

– One  should stop buying Israeli varar, says Helgesen.

Monitoring the situation

Naturally he uses the summer months in the Palestinian village of Susiya on the West Bank together with nearly ten other international observers.

– Israel has torn down Palestinian settlements in the West Bank previously but Susiya has been a symbol of the hopeless  situation for Palestinian in the West Bank. Therefore the world community is closely monitoring the village to see if israel will demolish it. This is why there are many diplomatic delegates here to send a clear message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to demolish Susiya, says Leif Magne Helgesen.

Being Watched

He and the others observers who are there as witnesses to show what is happening and to show that the international community  Israel’s conduct i the West Bank.

– Our presence is closely watched by Israeli combat soldiers who hold us under surveillance, says Helgesen.

In particular, the United States and Britain have been very clear in their condemnation of Israel tear plans in Susiya. Even if the Israeli supreme court is set to review the Susiya controversy on August 3rd, Israeli authorities have given the green light for demolition.

Illegally built

In June, 350 inhabitants, who live by farming and animal husbandry, were informed by Israeli authorities that the village is illegally built and will be removed.

Yesterday Norway’s envoy to the Palestinian Authorities, Hans Jacob Frydenlund, went on a field visit to Susiya. He says that Norway, like many other western countries strongly protest against Israel’s plans to demolish the small village.

– The Palestinians who live in the village are living on their own land, they have lived here since the beginning of the1800s – and they have documents to prove this, Frydenlund says.

Israel decides

The Israeli Embassy in Oslo says in a press release that the Palestinian village Susiya has been built illegally  on an area Israel administers. They refer to the Oslo Accords from 1993, giving Israel the responsibility for sector C of the West Bank.


The Bishop of Borg, Atle Sommerfeld, previously leader of the Norwegian Church Aid (another Church sponsored anti-Israel organisation) says in a comment to Vårt Land that he does not support a boycott of Israel, but that tougher sanctions against Israel is in place. The reason he lists for this is gobsmacking: It is because Israel is staunchly opposed to the Iran deal, a deal we suspect is going to give Iran the go ahead to develop atomic weapons, while lifting the sanctions will funnel even more money towards the many terror outfits sponsored by the evil priests in Teheran. Has the bishop not hear about the bombing of the Israeli Embassy and the AMIA community center in Buenos Aires? Has the Bishop never heard about the Hezbollah? Does the Bishop condone the Devil in Damaskus, and does he not pity the Yemenites who now have their land torn to pieces in a bloody internal war between Shia and Sunni Muslims?

He is obviously not well informed on the reason why reconstruction in Gaza is slow in picking up. It is widely acknowledged, by among others by the  UN appointedGaza Reconstruction Mechanism, that the reason for this delay is first and foremost the internal power struggle between the Hamas and the PA, secondly because much of the money pledged – by Arab states – has yet to materialise. It is patently not so, as incorrectly claimed by the Bishop, that it is Israel that is stalling the development. He might want to update himself on the facts before committing to even more lies and tarnishing about and of Israel.

lifted from vårtland.no (google translate)

Bishop opens for tougher sanctions against Israel
But says no to a full boycott.

By Bjørgulv K. Bjåen

Svalbard pastor Leif Magne Helgesen asks the Norwegian Church to expand the boycott of Israel not only to deal with Israeli goods produced in the West Bank.


But he does not get the support of church leader Atle Sommerfeldt, one of the Norwegian Church 12 bishops:

– I’m still of the opinion that an effective boycott of goods from the occupied territories must be implemented efficiently first, says Sommerfeldt, who is bishop of the Diocese of Borg.

Tougher measures

Although the bishop adhere to the Norwegian churches stance just to boycott Israeli goods from the West Bank, he opens the door for yet stronger measures:

– But the current regime with several parties and ministers with extreme attitudes, hampering the reconstruction of Gaza and the Prime Minister’s attempt to destroy the nuclear agreement with Iran, highlights the need for new sanctions.


– Can you understand that Helgesen believes that boycott weapon must be used wider?

– I understand Helgesens point of view, and hope that it contributes to the Israeli government keeps calm in the present case, says Sommerfeldt with clear reference to the situation in Susiya.

8 comments for “Evil Church of Norway priests and bishops want to punish Israel more

  1. Herbie
    July 26, 2015 at 7:44 am

    I don’t have a reply so much as a question. What is it about Norwegian religious authorities which makes them so anti-Israeli and unbalanced in their views. They seem to uniformly ignore anything negative about Palestinians?

  2. July 26, 2015 at 8:52 am

    One eyed Lutherans. Self declared do-gooders. Intellectually lazy. Group think in echo-chambers. Lefties. The Church of Norway is now mainly a left of center organisation with majority of bishops either card carrying Labour party member, Socialist Left members or with strong leftist bias. This is a problem for the church as an organisation as many ordinary Norwegians who mainly identify as cultural Christians, do not identify with the political bias of the church in many issues ranging from climate change, economy, refugees and other hot political topics. As a result, many opt out of membership (which is automatic if you have been christened in the Church of Norway).

  3. Herbie
    July 27, 2015 at 8:00 am

    Ok What is it about the Labor party and social left in Norway that makes them so anti-Israeli if not put right anti-Semitic? I am struggling here

  4. July 27, 2015 at 11:34 pm

    Why indeed? why are all leftist organisations anti-Israel? My theory, worth perhaps about 5 cents, is that leftists are in love with a theory that says that anything the US says and does (with the exception of leftie pressies like Clinton and Obama) is bad. Israel is a smaller version of the US – No, I’m not kidding, I still remember vividly the annual high school show way back in the 1980, when class mates of mine, with a certain appreciation for Mao, Marx, etc, presented a number where they actually referred to the US as the big Satan and Israel as the smaller Satan. I have also participated in political work shops for youth politicians (also back in the 80’s) and was aghast at how similar we would all have to be. There was very little room for questions – other than the ones that you were encouraged to ask, mysteriously always echoing the greater vision of whatever the main speaker had to say. Uniformity, group think, and some pretty weird ideas how the USA, and by extension, Israel, influence anything from the weather to the acceleration of the Universe. several years before, lefties with a quasi academic bent, took over large swathes of the academia, mainly in the social and humaniora subjects from where they have spewed hate for at least 40 years. Of course that is going to influence young people’s mind, especially in an environment that does not allow for any intellectual dissent (eg. any Pali or pro-Pali speaker is heartily welcome to all Norwegian Universities, whereas academic and intellectual giants like Alan Dershowitz won’t be tolerated. Also since the 70’ies the theological institutions have undergone the same trend, with the astonishing results that more and more Norwegians feel estranged from the Church, which has veered to the left.
    A personal pet theory of mine is that part of the leftist credo is that they are the GOOD GUYS, on their way to save the world. They see victims everywhere, victims who must be helped, victims who must be frozen in their victimhood and made dependent on the GOOD GUYS. The success of this attitude is evident in that all the GOOD GUYS make handsome salaries on their goodness industry, whereas the victims remain impoverished, continue to live in brutal dictatorships (Hamas is an excellent example) where aid money disappear into private pockets (all the Hamas guys are multimillionaires), arms, drugs, etc. An grim example (apart from Norway’s abysmal record in the Israeli Palestinian conflict) of this is the case of South Sudan, where the African Union, in a report BLAMED Norway for meddling and causing more harm then actual help.

  5. motti
    July 28, 2015 at 1:06 am

    I can add my tuppence worth too. Look at those communists (what else can you call extreme lefties?) who were responsible for the disastrous Oslo Accords. and that bloody Peres is still swooned over by the left..

    If it helps, before the present head of the church of England, the head then was a real leftie, with his bedraggled look and full beard. The Quakers are at the top of the list when it comes to anti-Israel and the BDS movement. Of course one needs only look at the so called New Testament to see how blatantly Jew hating it is. Two thousand years of persecution by the church aided and abetted by the present World Council of Churches (a real anti-Zionist group if ever there was one).

    Prof, I agree wholeheartedly with you regarding the USA. That country is too powerful for the extreme left so they pick on what they consider a smaller tempting figure to replace the USA and of course that is Israel. Just look at how they fawned over the first “black” (well 1/2 black and 1/2 white) left wing president. We can only hope that the Republicans do get in . I don’t trust them but, I trust the Democrats far less.

    Let us not forget the massive influx of oilrich $ frm the coffers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and other bastard dictatorships in the Arab world into the western economy. Just look how eagerly the P5+1 accepted Iran’s world. Appeasement continues in the western democracies. In particular to demonise and delegitimise Israel and sow hate for the Jews and to corrupt and convert losers in the western world.

  6. Herbie
    July 28, 2015 at 11:50 am

    I guess the oil price decline and massive layoffs in Norway will be blamed on the Jews as well. I can’t wait to see how Iranian oil will undercut Norway’s prices.

  7. motti
    July 30, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    American oil is gushing, particularly in North Dakota and best thing of all for the USA = no dependency on Arab oil anymore! Costs in the USA are a fraction of Norwegians.

    I don’t believe the blame will be blamed on the Jews directly when prices remain slow, t will be placed on Israel. After all, Moses did make the correct decision after all with the fields in the Med. Even Norway wants a piece of that action. Of course, Israel should have declined and said “No. anti-Zionism is anti-Jewish, keep your hands off. you will not trade military items with us, we will not trade oil with you. so buggar off!”

    Unfortunately, I doubt that will happen.

  8. Herbie
    August 2, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    While written in England to the Bishop of Westminster, it is hard to see why this is not just as applicable in Norway because of the questions raised

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