Israeli police entered holy mosque

Lifted from, by blogger Flora

this is how the events that unfolded on the temple mount on Tisha b’Av, the Jewish day of mourning over the destruction of the Temple.

Blogger Flora at has summed it all up in this stinging remark:

News from Israel
FLORA 26/07/2015 kl. 13.40
There are reports in bold headlines of addressees that Israeli police entered the holy mosque in Jerusalem. But in the body is this written:

– In light of the severe confrontation and the escalating actions of rebels, and with the aim of preventing further damage to the police, went a police force a few meters into the mosque to close the doors while the rebels were still inside, to restore order, it stands on.

The addition of “sacred” mosque says something about how incumbent it is to emphasize that a mosque is a place of worship. What about “holy church”, which newspaper would write this, or “the Holy Bible” as the BBC recently wrote about the Koran. It is imperative to underline the sacred Muslim places of worship and texts, as if we do not know it. In this case, to make the Israeli intervention to look much worse.