The Church of Norway continues its hata parade against Israel

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As usual the great people over at Miff deliver precise analysis and correct the many and right out wrong ideas about Israel and the Palestinians.

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The Church week for a future without Israel

Also in this years Church week angry fingres are wagging accusations against Israel. In “specialization material” included a letter signed by a Palestinian accused by the Economic crimes unit for handling stolen goods and laundering of over a hundred million NOK.
Conrad Myrland
07.29.2015 6:07

From 20th to 27th September, “Church week for peace in Palestine and Israel”. In 2012 pointed MIFF that the Church week  was held without Israeli voices. In 2013 the organizers’ agitation against Israel were, if possible, even more evident. “They say peace, but there is no peace,” concluded MIFF in 2014.
The Norwegian organizers for Church week YMCA-YWCA Global, Norwegian Church academic, Norwegian Church Aid, the Quaker, Ecumenical Council for the Norwegian Church, Norway’s Student Christian Federation, Sabeel Friends Norway and Foundation Karibu. Most of them support a boycott of Israel in one form or another. Most work for the millions of descendants of Palestinian refugees get “right of return” into Israel, so that Israel ceases to be a Jewish state. In this year Church week the ambition is primarily to make it harder for Israel to defend itself against jihadists.

“The wall promotes hatred and intransigence”
this years Church week joins the shameful succession we have seen in recent years. Monday 28 July the MIFF wrote about prayer that organizers encourages churches to pray. Where the priest will declare that Israel’s Wall “is not for the defense but to isolation and separation, ignorance, discrimination and killings”.
When the Norwegian organizers formulates himself on this year’s theme, they are a little more restrained than the Palestinian former Catholic Archbishop of Jerusalem who formulated the prayer. But only slightly.
“The wall promotes hatred and intransigence,” the apostles of the Church week assert.
“The churches in Norway can not stay indifferent to the consequences of a separation barrier that violates human rights massively every day. They can not stand behind the lack of will for peace and reconciliation that the wall expresses. ”
Organizers admit that “separation barrier was constructed with an explicit mission to prevent suicide bombers from entering Israel,” but they think Israel’s security can be ensured through “alternative methods that stops terrorism”. There is no mention some examples of alternative methods. They think of arrests and targeted liquidation of terrorist leaders which the Church representatives also have condemned? Do they think of the anti-terror operations that the Israel conducted in the West Bank in 2002, when priests and bishops stood in line to condemn Israel?
The truth is simple. The barrier was built because of hatred and intransigence, not to promote it. Because of the violence from jihadists built similar barriers across the Middle East. In Belfast there are also walls. Where they are called “peace walls”. But there is perhaps a difference between walls built by Jews and walls built by Protestants?

Error on border
The Church week claims: “The barrier does not follow the Green Line, the border between the West Bank and Israel, but goes deep into the occupied Palestinian territory.”
The Green Line is not a border. When the line was clarified – in ceasefire talks between Israel and Jordan in 1949, was expressly emphasized that this was not a limit. It was the frontline between the two warring parties. It is only in negotiations it can be determined what is “Palestinian territory”. This area has never been part of a Palestinian state, but in modern times – before it was conquered by Israel in 1967 – has been annexed by Jordan, administered by the United Kingdom and part of the Ottoman Empire.
The barrier is constructed so that about 10 percent of the West Bank is west of the barrier, primarily to protect Jewish settlements that Israel plans to retain in a peace settlement. The choice of route should suggest to the Palestinians, and their Norwegian friends, that Israel does not intend to retain control over the entire West Bank, but finding a clarification with boundaries that include land swap. The day the Palestinian Authority stops oppvigling to hate and oppose and punish attacks against Jewish targets can barrier described.
“Every individual is created in the image of God with equal right to be respected as full human beings. Therefore, the wall must be demolished, bridges built and security must be safeguarded through measures directed far more precisely against those who threaten it. ”
Does the church week promoters preach with equal boldness against Shiite neighborhoods in Baghdad that build walls to protect themselves against Sunni extremists and vice versa?

How to stop the wall?
It is of course tragic that it should be necessary to build walls between people. But the violence that makes some feel it is necessary with a wall is surel more tragic than defense measure?
MIFF reminds what newspaper editor Odd Myrland wrote about security barrier as early as November 2003 in the article The shame is the Arab side:
“We can tell that it is a simple matter to get the Israelis to stop construction of the security fence. It is also very easy to get the Israelis to remove what has already been built. It happens in the following way:
Arab leaders in general, and the Palestinian in particular, clearly states that considering how  Jews have been treated throughout history (not least in the Arab countries), it is reasonable that they have a country where they are the majority and can control their own destiny . They will agree that a country with a Jewish majority will live in peace and security for centuries to come, basically within the boundaries before the war in 1967.
They declare that all armed groups (terrorist groups) should be disarmed fully and dissolved so that only official police officers who have weapons, and act in accordance with it.
They go in for open relations between Jews and Arabs, with trade, tourism and full freedom to travel in each other’s area of ​​safety.
These measures (which it is not unreasonable to demand) would have created a revolution in attitudes in Israel. Polls over many years has shown that at least 70% of the population is willing to a peace that generally goes along these lines.
But only if it becomes a permanent, real peace. It is the core of the matter. As long as the Arabs want a “solution” to have a better basis to continue the war in order to get Israel removed  most Israelis  will voteSharon and other “hawks”. (See article Will continue war for “peace”. There are lots of similar material clearly showing that Arabs do not envisage that a state with Jewish majority should be a lasting phenomenon.)
As long as the Palestinians insist that they have the right to kill Israelis, the fence is a logical and reasonable measure. And the shame is on the Arabic side. The Arab countries have behaved in ways that almost all the Jews have fled from them. It is reasonable that the Jews finally once and for all can live in peace. ”
Had the organizers of the Church Week worked for such goals, they could rightly called themselves “Church week for peace”. Now they work for a “peace” that will initially make life intolerable for Jews (Palestinian terror is not directed against Israelis, of them are about 20 percent Arabs, but only against Jewish Israelis) and who, around the next bend, will remove the world’s only Jewish state .
MIFF thinks it is tragic that Palestinians who want to live in peaceful coexistence with Israel suffer the consequences of the barrier on a daily basis. Israeli soldiers who behave like scum bags at checkpoints are a shame. But despite all the shortcomings and the negative sides of the barrier, it continues to save lives both on the Palestinian and the Israeli side.

Money laundering  “lawyer”
In-depth material for Church Week contained a letter to the Norwegian government which can be found on the website of the Norwegian Church Aid. The letter was sent on 9 July 2014 with support from, among others, Norwegian Church Aid, Ecumenical Council for the Norwegian Church, YMCA-YWCA Global Foundation Karibu, Quaker, and Sabeel friends in Norway.
The five-page letter is signed by seven people, six who present themselves as lawyers, in addition to Kathrine Jensen, the leader of the Palestine Committee.
Loai Deeb is one of the lawyers. Since he wrote the letter has Deeb and the organization he heads, GNRD, have been charged by the IRS for receiving stolen goods and laundering of over a hundred million NOK. It was the newspaper Dagens Næringsliv who first wrote extensively about  this on the 12th of June. Deeb’s organization has responded by levering a lawsuit against Norway at close to 20 billion NOK.
Deeb’s Norwegian lawyer, Kjell M. Brygfjeld, another of the six lawyers who authored the letter with accusations against Israel. NRK reports that Brygfjeld have sent out a list of alleged Egyptian organizations supporting Deeb. NRK writes:
“NRK has examined the list with the Egyptian human rights organizations. Several of them had no activity on the network or any phone number that was obtainable. Others had Facebook pages with very few followers, and the sides were not updated in a long time. Several organizations had very similar sounding names as famous Egyptian organizations. Three of these did not know they were on the list. ”
Norwegian media have questioned also by Deeb status as “lawyer”. Although he claimed in an interview with Aftenposten in 2008 to have a doctorate in international law from 2006. That same year he participated in a job search training course under the auspices of the social services in Norway, NRK can reveal. A former Palestinian contact says Deeb could not speak English.
Let us hope that the government has taken the letter with the necessary pinch of salt. Let us hope that Norwegian Church Aid, the Council on Ecumenical and the other organizers of Church week eventually discovers what powers they have made themselves into cheerleaders for. Imagine if they could work with their Palestinian friends in order to achieve a genuine peace!

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This map was rejected by PA President Mahmoud Abbas in the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in autumn 2008. Abbas refused to sign an agreement under which the Palestinians relinquishing all future territorial claims. (go to original post on Miff to see this map)

A large majority of Jews in Israel supports a two-state solution if it means a real peace where a state with Jewish majority is preserved.


Jan Benj Rødner, one of the leaders of Miff, expands on the issue of the green line in a comment to post above (google translate)

January Benj RØDNE · University of Oslo
It says in the article that “The Green Line is not a border. When the line was clarified – in ceasefire talks between Israel and Jordan in 1949, was expressly emphasized that this was not a limit.” This is absolutely correct, but needs clarification. Israel went into the hallway for that line should be a limit. But this was denied by the neighboring Arab countries because a limit would ever carried a de facto recognition of Israel and weakened the demand that Israel should be eradicated from the map. It is only now, 66 years later, that the Arab side reviewing lines as boundaries. The point is this time that thereby they can score political points against Israel, including by claiming that there are violations of international law that barrier goes beyond the Green Line. However, there is no violation when one considers that there is a ceasefire line that was violated by Egypt, Jordan and Syria attack Israel in 1967. There is also no violation of UN res. 242 allowing for adjustments when the borders will ultimately be determined in negotiations between Israel and its neighbors.
It is tragic that the Norwegian Church etc. actually doing everything they can to thwart the possibility of a real peace with Israel. With its one-sided propaganda encourages the terrorists and enemies of peace by giving them hope that they may be able to destroy Israel instead to enter peace negotiations and really mean it.
The Norwegian Church has not had any luck hand to combat discrimination on religious grounds in the Arab world. They thought they could hide behind propaganda against the Jewish state of Israel and thereby protect their Christian friends in the Arab world. They have not understood that it tends to begin with Jews but that it never stops there. It is no coincidence that the Arab world today is in the process of being emptied of Christians. It is only a matter of time before the Arab world is depleted, not only for its Jews, but also for its Christians.