Lefty rag with a bee in its bonnet over Israeli embassy quitting their subscription

The ridiculous little rag called Ny Tid, perhaps the jewel in the crown for some obscure persons crawling from underneath the ruins of the Socialist Left party, suffered a near hundred per cent reduction in the number of subscribers when the Israeli embassy decided to upgrade its media package and get more and better from another source. This caused an immediate implosion of the poor editors brain leading him to hiss and spit feathers and trying to actually reach high enough to wee on the embassy’s front steps.

In thinking that if he attempted to shame the Israeli embassy in public they would take great fright and hurry up to renew the subscription, he posted a most bizarre rant on the magazine’s Facebook page, and his own.

Instead he was humiliated by a stinging remark from Ambassador Schutz, and now hiding from public view (although I dont think anybody actually would know what this gnome looks like?)

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– We try as best we can to live up to the cliché about Israel the propaganda machine

Israeli Ambassador Rafi Schutz hits back at Ny Tid’s unworthy and demonizing customer service with biting irony.
Conrad Myrland

Wednesday, 12 August the leftist monthly magazine Ny Tid published the following message on his Facebook page.
“This week the Israeli embassy cancelled its subscription to Ny Tid and asked to be reimbursed for the residual amount. We, who constantly publish Israeli Jewish citizens views on the state, as Uri Avnery? Some do simply not tolerate criticism, revealing therefore totalitarian traits, just as what another Jew, Hannah Arendt, has written extensively about. See the August issue (20.8) what also another Jew, Shlomo Sand, writing in the monthly newspaper Ny Tid. “
The message to Ny Tid published. (Thanks to Facebook user Kjetil Hope for screenshot)

Two hours later  the Israeli ambassador in Oslo, Rafi Schutz, launched a counter attack with the following message on the embassy’s Facebook page.
“Rather than commenting on the total lack of professionalism of the editor Truls Lie, the Israeli embassy would rather like to thank the editor for his sterling example of how easy it is to write anything negative about Israel, without bothering to check the facts.
The truth is that we have decided to terminate all of our newspaper subscriptions, to adopt a more effective and advanced media monitoring service that includes many more news sources (including Ny Tid). That way we will have more time to produce statements for the next time Israel is doing something wrong. We try as best we can to live up to the cliché about the  propaganda machine Israel, which one hears so much about. “
There are two big questions in this case. How many other cancellationsby customers has Ny Tid published in the public domain in recent years? How many other times have they in such cases speculated about the customers’ motives for cancelling in such  a demonizing way?
You can be assured that the answer is zero on the first question. You can be absolutely certain that the answer is zero on the other.
Wednesday night many Facebook users placed bets that Ny Tid’s update would be gone by Thursday morning. Which it was. But the stench from this disgraceful and demonizing customer treatment lingers with a heavy whiff.
Chief editor Truls Lie has evidently not understood that yet. 20 hours after the update is still the text of his open Facebook page. 54 of his friends seem to like this kind of customer service …
The Ny Tid Facebook message is deleted.


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  1. motti
    August 21, 2015 at 4:12 am

    Ha ha ha. seres the hateful idiots right. at last, Israel hitting back where it hurts, in their pockets. This is their usual retort against the Jews, to hurt them by hitting their pockets. They don’t like the taste of their own medicine.

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