The dastardly YMCA-YWCA of Norway aim for future without Israel

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Once more, the Christian elites in Norway show their true colours on Israel and the Jews. Once more, when they have been called out, they label their critics blind pro-Israel dunces.


YMCA-YWCA’s mistakes and defects

YMCA-YWCA leaders’ loyalty points toward a future in which Jews in Israel, at best, are systematically discriminated against under Muslim domination.
Conrad Myrland

Øystein Magelssen and Fredrik Glad-Gjernes YMCA-YWCA (20/8 in Our Land) claims it is only “the extreme elements in Palestine” who do not work for “a two-state solution”. There was no answer at MIFF questions (11/8 in Vårt Land). We asked for the names of Palestinian politicians working with the goal of a Palestinian state and a Jewish state – “two states for two peoples”.
Neither Fatah or Palestinians affiliated YMCA-YWCA works for this. They might say they want two states, but both should be Arab / Palestinian. It is evident when they are fighting for the need to move millions of Palestinians into the State of Israel, so that the Jews coming in the minority in their own country. YMCA-YWCA Palestinian collaborating partner, YWCA Palestine, are among the front fighters for this. Fatah leadership has made it clear time and again that they do not under any circumstances can recognize Israel as a state where Jewish majority and identity consists. We’re still waiting on some names from the YMCA-YWCA!
We also note deficiencies. YMCA-YWCA does not tell its members that the gated and patrolled areas of Israeli settlements cover only three percent of the West Bank. There is no other country in the world they will boycott – just the only Jewish state in the world.
Magelssen and Glad-Gjernes accuses MIFF for “blind Israel-loyalty”. We shall not describe the YMCA-YWCA leaders’ loyalty, but note in which direction it points: For a future where Jews in Israel are going to suffer the same fate as minorities today suffering in neighboring countries. At best, systematic discrimination and persecution under Muslim domination, in the worst case, hundreds of thousands killed and millions displaced.

MIFF posts in Vårt Land, August 11
Three questions for those who want to boycott Israel
Is there any other country in the world you will boycott (dozens of them are involved in territorial disputes), or is it just the only Jewish state in the world?

Øystein Magelssen and Fredrik Glad-Gjernes argues economic boycott of Israel (Vårt Land  30th July). At the same time they claim to give its “full recognition of Israel as a nation and to the international legal documents that add up to a two-state solution.”
I have three questions to the two leaders of the YMCA-YWCA:
Can you provide the names of one Palestinian politician who recognizes the Jewish historical, cultural and religious connection to Jerusalem and the land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River, and working for the sharing of this area into two states for two peoples, a Palestinian, Arab, Muslim state and a Jewish state?
Do they tell you, something, somewhere that the walled and patrolled areas of Israeli settlements only cover three (3!) Percent of the West Bank?
Is there any other country in the world you will boycott (dozens of them are involved in territorial disputes), or is it just the only Jewish state in the world?

7 comments for “The dastardly YMCA-YWCA of Norway aim for future without Israel

  1. Herbie
    August 27, 2015 at 5:52 pm

    Good Questions!

  2. August 27, 2015 at 11:40 pm

    Indeed. Lack of coherent answers – appalling!

  3. Dov
    August 28, 2015 at 12:48 am

    As usual, typical Norwegian Christian leftie one sided B.S. Anti Semites par excellence under the guise of anti Zionism. One and the same. With all the mouthings of the center conservative government not much had changed. These deeply ingrained attitudes make Norway one of the most anti Israel and Jewish countries in the world.
    Pity, it was once not like this, truth to day Norway I’d a lost case. MIFF and your site an island of sanity in the total hatred.

  4. motti
    August 28, 2015 at 1:52 am

    The InterNations Group (Expat Insider) ranked Israel 4th , behind Austria in first place followed by Finland and Sweden.

    Best if the Y keeps out of Israel otherwise it might lose its ranking

  5. Herbie
    August 28, 2015 at 7:58 am

    Bigots never have coherent answers

  6. motti
    September 1, 2015 at 3:49 am

    Back in the 1970’s and 80’s the boycott was a real factor governed by the Boycott of Israel headquarters in Damascus. such a model of democracy, freedom of speach, a quiet oasis in the midst of a maelstrom in the whole of the middle east. Forgive my sarcasm.

    The whole point is that every country in Europe succumbed t the primary, secondary and teriary coycott of Israel. Jews were forced to leave companies becaisuse of the fear of upsetting visiting Arab oil monarchs. The USA then decided to pass the bill that any country acqiesing to this practice would face similar actions aginst them by the USA. That is why Norway and other countries are unable to fully participate in this evil practice.

    Nice to see Dov making another appearance here. You might like to know, assuming that you are israeli that I mentioned long ago that even with a central government, nothing much will change. The extreme Fascist Jew/Israel/Zionism establishment is still controlling the way the country is run. It is called the civil and public services, dominated by the Nazis.

    I mention Nazis, because that is what they are. The German Nazis (National Socialist Workers Party) were socilaists who fought against other forces of socilaism or communis,m . Even in the Soviet Union forces were divided bwteeen various Socialist faction. These people wer classified as leftwing till Hitler invaded the Soviet Union and to contrast bnetween Stalin’s communism and Socialism the Germans became right wing. Prior to Operation Barbarosa in June 1941, the French Communists were calling openly for France not to go to war against their
    socialist friends because of the industrialists and Jews.

    By the way, you might like to look up the stablishment that Peres and Beilin etc were associated with to write the Oslo Acccords. Yuo will then understand why the whol;e situation has been a total disaster for Israel

    Dash m’ Motti

  7. motti
    September 3, 2015 at 5:33 am

    The Norwegian church should stop using Bible Scriptures completely. They must never use the term Zion, as in Mount Zion, nor the Hebrew name of Jerusalem. They can use the Latin term when mention of our city was punishable by death. Alternatively, to keep their Islamic persecuting froiends happy, they should name the city of David (oops a Jewish name) El Quds instead. They should not utter “Amen” again, as that is Hebrew, too. All biblical and Jewish names, such as Michael, Eva, Jacobsen etc must be banned in the church and Christians not allowed to have these names, as they “Fascist Jewish names!

    Yes, Nazism whether it be Islamonazism or just plain good old fashioned Aryan Nazism is alive and well in Norway and sanctioned by the church!

    Wew could go on about not using Israeli inventions in technology, medicine, science etc, but that is a bridge too far for the ignorant goyim!

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