Norway in international media: anti-Semitic credit cards

I’m sure this is the way Norway wants to be portrayed in the world…

By the way, the only newspaper that I found covered this story online, was Somehow, the larger newspapers did not think this was newsworthy, whereas any slight, perceived or real, from Israel or Israel supporters, becomes front page stuff and emotional debates on radio and TV for days on end.

lifted from (click on link to see grotesque caricature deemed suitable to print on bank cards from DnB)

Norwegian bank issues anti-Semitic credit card, says sorry



09/01/2015 20:06

Norwegian bank issues anti-Semitic credit card, says sorry

The card features a centuries old trope of the hook-nosed Jew, wearing a kippah and a prayer shawl, rejoicing against the backdrop of gold coins.

An anti-Semetic credit card features a hook-nosed Jew, laughing gleefully against a backdrop of gold coins . (photo credit:Courtesy)

A pro-Israel advocacy organization demanded an explanation from a Norwegian bank after the company issued a credit card bearing blatantly anti-Semitic images.

The Hallelu Foundation, which aims to promote a positive perception of Israel around the world, came across the bank card after it was issued by one of Norway’s largest banking firms, DNB, to an Australian national residing in the Scandinavian country.

The card features a centuries old trope of the hook-nosed Jew, wearing a kippah and a prayer shawl, rejoicing against the backdrop of gold coins. The DNB logo can be seen beside the image.

Upon hearing of the anti-Semitic illustration, the Hallelu foundation immediately contacted DNB’s corporate staff.

The pro-Israel group passed the image to the company via email and within a short period of time received a response.

“We have been notified about a picture of a Visa card issued by us, with an anti-Semitic drawing of a Jew,” read the apology, which Hallelu posted to their Facebook page, “and found out that this was produced due to a system we have where clients can upload their own pictures and get them printed on their card.”

“We have, however, strict guidelines for what kind of pictures that are allowed, and this control is manual. Unfortunately, our manual controls have failed in this particular case, and we are deeply sorry for that. This card should never have been printed.”

“We will contact the client, block the card and issue a new neutral card to the customer,” Vastrwald added.

“Please note that this is not a mass produced card, and the picture has been deleted from our system.”

“We are very sorry for this, and hope you can convey our answer if you get questions about this.”


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  1. Eric R.
    September 2, 2015 at 6:08 pm

    What next? Norwegian credit cards with “Arbeit Macht Frei” and a photo of Auschwitz on them?

  2. motti
    September 3, 2015 at 5:23 am

    Hi Eric R., so pleased to see that you are still with us. I have really missed your caustic comments, as you so able show with the above caption. Hahaha. I should not laugh about it, as Norway’s record of profiteering during the Nazi occupation was huge. Amazing how quiet Norway is about it’s collaboration with the Nazis, whether, Norsk Hydro, Den norske Creidtbank, Fred Olsen Lines, Storbrand etc etc etc.

    The few honourable brave men and women who resisisted the Germasn occupation will always be remembered with dignity. I was honoured to meet quite a number. I was also honoured to rent a flat from two older sisters who had helped Jews escape to Norway. and yes, I knew one such Jewish family, which is ohw I met the two very brave women.

    This however, does not alter the fact that Norway was superb country to fight asn ongoing guerilla war against eh Krauts, as happened in the former Yugoslavia. This never really happened though,

    I have been explaining to Herbie, why I felt it necessary for Israel to break diplomatic relations with Norway. We agree on most things, but not this subject.

    So keep it coming Herbie, I always enjoy your posts, and Dov too!

  3. Eric R.
    September 3, 2015 at 2:41 pm

    Hi Marty, Hi McG:

    Yeah, I had to take a break from the blog, but am back now. Herbie, from what I can see from his writings, is the New York attorney who posted here previously under a slightly different name. Seems like a smart guy (and if I recall from his earlier appearances, well traveled, even in Norway), but I think being a lawyer, he is biased toward a more – well, lawyerly (and diplomatic) – approach.

  4. motti
    September 4, 2015 at 10:18 am

    As a matter of interest, after 15 years, I finally relented and took a vaction in norway to stay with family. The high standard of living, good quality of life and I still would not want to live there among Nazis!
    The synagogue in Oslo was as friendly as I remember when we were members – Not!
    I posted my Siddur to the Trondheim shul, as it is not used in the UK (it is in Swedish), having emailed them first, asnd asked if they would email me to confirm when it arrived. Long wait,emailed them to ask if it had been delivered and was told yes. No thanks.
    Had much nicer time with a few days in NYCity after visiting my daughter and her family in North Dakota. My wife’s first time and my last time there in the Big Apple was in 1968, when I stayed in Manhatten. Found a greta Israeli restaurant cheap, no friklls wwith lovely service and food called the Humus Place wuite close to Central Park. Yep, I wanna return. I still need to go to France again after Yom Kippur to finish off some business.

    Eric R., please keep ’em rolling!

  5. Eric R.
    September 5, 2015 at 10:41 am


    With oil at $42/barrel and production declining, I would think that the fat years for Norway are coming to a close.

    What do you think of this immigrant crisis in Europe?

    I am of two minds about it. The first is that this is truly the “Camp of the Saints” crisis that Europe deserves. As has been said — Europe is now getting the (non-integrating) Semites it deserves.

    On the other hand, it means more Islamo-Nazis to beat up and kill Jews (which actually might make the Euros accept these Muslims). If you think that the end of Jewish life in Europe is inevitable (and I think Jews will be pretty much gone from Europe by 2040), then all this influx will do is hasten the inevitable.

  6. motti
    September 6, 2015 at 4:16 am

    Eric R., certainly the Norwegians are seeking to invest elsewhere to continue their oil producing revenues. The black gold has made Norway probably the richest country on earth financially, but common as shite and poor socially.

    The immigrant crisis in Europe? As I am fonmd of pointing out to those who have a certain negative attitude towards us, or to whom I beliebve might share their view; Europe slaughtered 6,000.000 Jews including one and a half million innocent babies and children. We don’t know how many of those so brutally murdered migth have become world renowned in their potential chosen fields. Most would have led productive lives without sponging off the states. On the other hand, those 6 million have been replaced (with the current problem) by over twenty million Muslims in Europe. Some hold responsible jobs, but if the UK is anything to go by…… a majority will be on benfits to pay for them and their families and costs £millions every year.

    The problem has been blamed on Bush and Blair in this country for their efforts in destroying Iraq and Libya (I must add that Blair is probably one of the most hated ex-politiciand by the left and right alike). I believe this to at the very least partly correct. It was Saudi Arabia which had been resposnible for 9/11 and even today is backing ISIL along with Iran (Naturally Barak Hussein Obama Kerry, Biden et al have stabbed Israeli in the back, abley supported by the other G5+1 members.
    The other problem od course is the Schengen agreement which means open borders. I can well understand that when the Common Market was open to a small number of original states and even the € to some extent. as apart from Italy, all countries had a similar standard of living. However, the EU is not a democratic satae in waiting. The original plans as envisaged by the political architect Monet was to finally have a USE with it’s own army, police force, bank etc. It has since destroyed the fabric of Europe with the only real victor being Germany. Even in handing out all the money to Greece, Germany financially improved its bank. To include those countries on the periphery has been a total disaster.

    If the UN and the Islamic world really cared about people other than itheir hatred for Jews and Israel, this crisis would have been solved. Where are the Arab nations in fully combatting ISIL? Where are the UN forces to combat ISIL? Where are trhe variousd UN proposals condemning ISIL and Assad of Syria?

    You will see most of these “refugees” are clearly “illegal immigrants and nothing more, as the vast majority are young men! The few with families have already found safety in Turkey, a vitasl Islamic country and member of NATO! These people are being used by government media, most of which are leftwing in any case. The only people I feel empathy for are the Yazidis and the Kurds, the latter in Israq and Syria helped Jews to escape to Israel and elsewhere. That is why Israel is helping the Kurds much to the annoyanc eogf the State dept and your “liberal Arabist” President. By the way, I know nothing of his mother. however, his father was a convicted member of ht e Mau Mau terror group in Kenya which sl;aughtered and and blacks prior to independence. The bust of Churchill was returned to the UK and returned to the UK and replaced by one opf Mandela. He too was responsible for the slaughter of black and white though today especially the liberals have made him another hero!

    I understand that the UK will imprt 15,000 Syrians, well hopefully they will be Kurds at the very least and Christians who are being ethnically cleansed the same as the nearly one million Jews from the Islamic lands.

    It means more than just beating up of Jews. The Muslims become very politically orientated and make their views known regarding Jews, Zionism and Israel quite openly once they feel secure enough. These feeling have been openly welcomed, accepted and used by their miore “European” partners and allies. So yes, Europe has become politically “liberal” read left-wing, which means the equally obnoxious Hitler supporters will fight against it and , yes, sadly the Jews will be in the moiddle of it and used by both sides in their fight to gain ascendency. Europe for Jews will be finished. Euroipe will no longer be a Christian site and no Martell is in site. The battles at the gates of Vienna and Poitiers will be a distant memory and be forced to erase those defeats by the Islamic majority.

    To those poundits who will disagree, I ask them for any proof or staistics that this will never happen! I give it till 2050. “2040, might be a little early. Sadly Eric R., I have to tell you that I understand there are now more Muslims in the USA and are more committed to theior “cause” than thhe Jews, especially those on the left-wing. Again, when these Muslims will feel more confident of themselves,., as their numbers increase, so will the problems faced by the Jerwish population and for Israel . It has taken about 35-4-0 years in urope, hopw long in the USA? More importantly, what will America do oncew it finds out how they been betrayed by the House of Bush (and the Israel/Jew hating Baker) and the Decmocratic party?

  7. Herbie
    September 7, 2015 at 2:50 pm

    Yes I am the same Herbie. Thank you for the compliment

    True, Motti, we agree on most things except cutting ties.

    Eric, The Camp of Saints is becoming real. Europe has never sought to integrate Muslims and, in turn, Muslims actively refuse to integrate. The picture of the drowned baby which has motivated European guilt is really a fraud. The mother and children went ahead to seek asylum. Then the father was to come. Does anyone wonder how it was possible for the body to be shipped back for burial? The answer is they did not leave a war zone. Who can ship a body back to an active war zone? This attempt was not for safety but purely economic

    Whether America will still support Israel is an open Q. in my view. Obama has permanently changed the relationship. The first call to a foreign official he made on assuming office was tho Abbas. While the Democratic party has become less supportive of Israel, the Republican party and the population, at large (in poll after poll), are strongly supportive of Israel.

    Anyone need an easy recipe for chicken stock? :-)

  8. motti
    September 11, 2015 at 4:22 am

    Herbie, I do not eat meat. I don’t even miss a thick T-Bone, or chicken thank you.

    I must say that in the mid west USA, it is not easy.
    However, I found a terrific Israeli run place in New York named The Humus Place. The food was great there.

    To keep to the matter regarding Europe. Merkel is a softer, feminine dictator, and the EU is a dictatorial, unelected, corrupt organisation. It’s accounts have not been accepted for 19 years and are still open for investigation. If a company had traded that long (that is imposssible I know in the UK) witthout having it’s accounts audited and finalised , would you want to trade with it?

  9. Eric R.
    September 12, 2015 at 8:49 am


    May I ask when you deem it appropriate for Israel to:

    (a) Break diplomatic relations?

    (b) Recall an Ambassador?

    (c) Declare an envoy to Israel persona non grata?

    (d) Expel NGO workers?

    (e) Expel journalists (non-Israeli)?

    For example, when the EU announces (as it will soon) the labeling law for J & S (note they have no similar laws for Northern Cyprus, Tibet or Western Sahara), does that merit at least step (a)?

    If a European nation bans brit mila (as Sweden might do), does it merit a retaliatory step?

    If a nation bans import of kosher meat (several ban its production in Europe, but Switzerland came close to banning even the import of it), what type of retaliation does that merit?

  10. Eric R.
    September 12, 2015 at 8:54 am


    One other thought – cynical as it may sound, do you believe (as I do) that the shared Jew-hatred of the Muslim “refugees” and the EU elites is the real bond between them, and the primary reason they want them in? That the influx of these Muslims will help to speed the exodus of Jews and thus create Hitler’s (and the EU’s) goal of a Judenrein Europe?

    Even on the (mistakenly called ) “far-right” – It is interesting that while the center-to-staunch rightist Victor Orban in Hungary has been the most visible in opposing these migrants, the neo-Nazis of Jobbik have actually not been so vocal, as they see the Jews as a greater threat.

  11. motti
    September 16, 2015 at 2:38 pm

    Eric, may I offer a little explanation to the question raised to Herbie?

    When you look at the atrocities committed by the Muslims against the Europeans, americans, well really all over the world, the Muslims are usually disliked by tolerated – till now. however, the hate for the Jew is paramount regardless of whatever the Muslims do.

    Just look at the church, under attack by the Muslim world and what is the response? To siude with the Muslims against the Jews! Can you imagine what would happend in Europe if the Jews had been responsible for the barbaric acts committed by Muslims? Pigrams would start all over and violence on a totally different level, with some countries taking no control of the problem. Others, would not just tolrate it, but would also encourage it.

  12. Eric R.
    September 18, 2015 at 4:16 am


    With the Jew-hater Corbyn being elevated to Labour Party leader, and the LDP full of Jew-hating cranks, and the BBC continuing its unremitting Jew-bashing, and the Muslim population reaching 4 million in the UK, have you given any thought to leaving or going back to Israel — or even seeing if your daughter can get you into the USA?

  13. motti
    September 26, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    Eric R

    Excuse the delay in responding, as I have been without broadband/internet for nearly a week.

    I believe the official number is around 2-3 million Muslims in the UK – too many.
    I am 74, which is a little too old to start thinking of returning to Israel. Unfortunately. however, in January we hope to stay in eilat and then later in the year to visit Israel again.

    I had hoped to see Herbie answer your questions.

    To be honest, I am not sure that I would want to live in the USA.. Yres, I see many wealthy people live there alongside some real terrible social problems./ Ot perhasps I watch too much of Judge Judy! No, I am a Zionist and I always speak up to attack those who besmirch Israel.

  14. Eric R.
    September 27, 2015 at 6:13 am

    “Yres, I see many wealthy people live there alongside some real terrible social problems.”

    It would not be too difficult to avoid most of those “social problems” — stay out of inner city neighborhoods. Given that your daughter is in “Middle America” – North Dakota is not exactly known for having poor minority ghettos – I would think you are familiar with some of the safer, more stable parts of our (getting less) great country.

    Now the North Dakota winters — that’s another story….

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