Israeli Embassy disgusted by boycott calls

As it emerged last week, that the PalCom in Norway has a “fun and low threshold” activity to attract future pro-Palestinian activists: To “audit” shops for Israeli goods, and if none found, issue a “certificate” that praises the shop for not having any Israeli goods, and telling would be customers, that they can “buy their dinner here with good conscience”.

The Israeli Embassy retaliated on their Facebook Israel i Norge, and compared the shameful posteres with Nazi era Jew-hatred. This has caused the PalCom to get water up their nose, and are howling how do these Jews dare hit back?

nazi propaganda

palcom propaganda

Efforts are under way to identify this shop, some observant readers have suggested this poster could be from the KIWI shop in the predominantly Muslim neighborhood Grønland in Oslo. Others have pointed out that the shop in question is located in Trondheim, since it is the PalCom there who appear to have launched the initiative.
Miff has as usual provided the details, you should follow this link to see the information they have compiled, complete with a link to the PalCom bulletin where they are bragging about this.

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  1. motti
    September 13, 2015 at 4:32 am

    Excellent! This si so much better than it was. The new ambassador must be congratulated for having baytsim

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