The Israeli Ambassador attacks the boycotters

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The reason a boycott of Israel would be counterproductive

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Boycott does not promote understanding, better dialogue and peace. It promotes the opposite: radicalization and hatred.

I’m writing this about the decision recently taken by an Oslo-based documentary film festival to boycott the Israeli film The Other Dreamers. Man did not want to show the Israeli documentary film about children with disabilities, because the festival supports “academic and cultural boycott.” The subsequent arguments also apply in the ongoing debate on whether it believes a boycott of Israel is a good or bad tactic to exert pressure on Israel.

According to those who support a boycott; What should Israel do?

I guess most people would say that Israel must immediately withdraw from the areas that were taken over when the Arab countries lost in 1967. The problem with this “solution” is the actual regional circumstances: It will cause the right of Israeli citizens have to live in safety will be jeopardized.

How do I know this? For the simple reason that we have experienced similar situations twice over the last 15 years. In 2000, Israeli forces left southern Lebanon, and in 2005 pulled Israel out of the Gaza Strip. According to the logic of those who support the boycott, should these measures, based on the concept of “territories for peace”, basically lead to peace.

Opposite. In reality, the result was the exact opposite. The two areas were evacuated, evolved to become hotbeds for various radical groups equipped with weapons like those directed against the Israeli civilian population: In 2006, the artillery of Hezbollah in Lebanon, and almost continuously ever since Hamas and other Islamists in Gaza. Organizations that with both words and actions are dedicated to destroying the Jewish state.

Anyone who is familiar with the complex reality that characterizes the Middle East knows that the root of the tedious, Arab-Israeli conflict is not “occupation.” The essence of the conflict between Israel and its neighboring countries, is the denial of many of the inhabitants of the region to accept the Jewish people’s right to live independently within their own sovereign state, national area.

Those who support the boycott, takes little account to the hard facts, or the complexity of the situation that requires a nuanced view and approach. They have a “Weltanschauung” which is formed during a process of strong and continuous exposure.

Superficially. The result is a one-dimensional, superficial and simplified vision backed up by a “lie industry.” Two main products of this approach accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing and / or apartheid against the Palestinians. The tactic was invented by Goebbles – when the most obvious lie is repeated 1,000 times, it will eventually be accepted by some as truth.
In a historical perspective is not this behavior surprising. Most belong to the same mindset that once supported Stalin’s Soviet Union, Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge, as well as other mass murderers, assuming that he was the right color.

Hamas executes. On festival boss’s Facebook page justified Hamas their systematic attacks on Israeli citizens, by defining these war crimes as “resistance struggle.”

Not surprisingly, he ignores the hateful ideology against Jews, but “forget” also conveniently enough the criminal and despotic practices against the Palestinian civilian population.
For example executes Hamas political opponents, oppress women and arrest homosexuals. According to Palestinian journalists have freedom of expression virtually nonexistent. Festival boss ignore all this because his hatred against Israel, after thorough indoctrination is stronger than his commitment to human rights in general. When a person working for human rights, reviewing Hamas their illegal actions as “resistance”, the Newspeak as Orwellian as it can be.

Lying. Of course, criticism of Israeli policies legitimate, but lies are not. It is recommended all, boikottere included, to acquire a historical perspective. 70 years is not a long period in historical context, rather more like a moment.

It’s time frame since the Jewish people suffered its worst disaster on European soil. The fact that some Europeans ventures to promote a boycott of the only Jewish state should be troubling to digest for any history scholar person with basic moral decency. Israel, the homeland of the Jews, should not be a valve to relieve post-colonial guilt for white Europeans.

A critical and balanced discussion on Israel and the conflict should take place within a framework that takes account of the facts and the special circumstances Israel faced: Israel is a non-Muslim country in a region where the trend is moving in a negative direction – marked by violence, instability and one spiteful, Muslim majority that surround our nation.

Nobel Prizes. Even with these challenges, we want to improve and develop our society. We can point to achievements in academia and research with six Nobel Prizes over the last decade and a diverse number of scientific and technological innovations for the benefit of all mankind.

In this context should boycott forwards ask themselves if they are willing to give up the use of smart phones, tablets, or at all be examined by sophisticated medical equipment, since practically all these components based on Israeli innovation. If the answer is negative, which is expected, this is further proof of the hypocrisy.
After all, everything should boycott holders understand that their position is not only morally wrong, it is also completely useless.

Radicalization. Øystein Magelssen and Fredrik Glad-Gjernes from YMCA-YWCA argue in their posts in Our Country with the boycott “will not lead to a break in the dialogue with Israel and Israelis.”
This is incorrect. Boycott does not promote understanding or closer cooperation, better dialogue and peace. It promotes the opposite. It promotes radicalization and hatred. Trust between the parties, which is already fragile, will unfortunately only be weakened by such a method.

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    Exactly. If I do not return to the site prior to Rosh Hashana, a L’Shana tovah to the Prof and all our Jewish contributors and of course, well over the fast. Yes folks it is nearly 5776! Here in the UK, eben with a late sunny spurt, Autumn with the new moon on sunday evening certainly shows it is now autumn

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