Professor Henriksen Waage’s wild imagination

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Does Hilde Henriksen Waage believe her own words?

Wednesday 30 September, VG wrote about the speech that PA President Mahmoud Abbas held at the United Nations. In this context, they have interviewed history professor Hilde Henriksen Waage at the University of Oslo.
– I’ve been to Israel recently and it is still the same story going on there. There are constant confrontations between Palestinian youth and the Israeli police. The youths throw fireworks and stones and the police fires back. They shoot and kill every day, but the world’s attention is now on other conflicts in the Middle East, for example in Syria and Iran, says Henriksen Waage to VG.

Fact Check
According to B’Tselem 19 Palestinians were killed by Israeli security forces in the West Bank between January and August 2015. The Israel-critical advocacy group lists the names and details of each episode. The yearly average for Palestinians killed in the West Bank in the period 2009 to 2014 is 20, with the lowest level in eight in 2012 and the highest 47 in 2014. According to the Israel-critical website Mondo Weiss the death toll of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in 2015 had reached 25 Wednesday 23 September, .
We leave to the reader to figure out how grossly professor exaggerating when she accuses Israeli forces of daily killings.
But the errors do not end there. The Palestinians who confront Israeli forces do not merely throw  “fireworks and stones”. Also here B’Tselem provides reliable statistics. Of the 19 killed there are only five who threw stones at Israeli forces.
Six were killed after they attacked or tried to attack with a knife. According to a report from the Norwegian Marines Special Command, any attack with a knife within a radius of 6.8 meters is considered a deadly attack. The command also notes that the Swedish police bodyguard section considers any attack with a knife within 10 meters as a deadly attack. The report concludes: “Attacks with the knife is one of the attacks that are most difficult to defend against. This is then such an attack that involves high risk and often creates a very high stress level in the person who is attacked.
Four were killed after they threw firebombs (molotov cocktails).
One was killed after he fired on Israeli forces.
Two were killed when they tried to escape under arrest and one was killed in connection with a confrontation during a demonstration.

Professor of history
The professor’s exaggerations and inaccuracies follow a pattern. In 2009 MIFFs editor Odd Myrland wrote:
“The research-based “knowledge that scholars that Hilde Henriksen Waage type stands for, consists of very thorough research in anything that can be used against Israel on one side, and  simply ignoring the substance that speaks to Israel’s advantage on the other. “Read the full article.
– Israel “carpet bombed” Gaza in January 2009, said Hilde Waage according to Nettavisen in November 2012. When a MIFF member confronted her with this, she replied that she “probably had been misquoted or misunderstood.” The professor’s quote is still there.
In 2012 did MIFF a thorough fact check on an article Hilde Waage wrote for NRK Ytring. We found error upon error. The following year she was fantasising wildly in her criticism of the Christian Democratic Party’s new Israel policy.
How long will the Norwegian media continue to use her indiscriminately?


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